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Surrender, Acceptance, and Gratitude--Required With Inspiration

Updated on March 13, 2013

We're all for getting inspired, and this tends to be the primary focus of many New Age and spiritual authors, but it's only one part of the equation to improve your life and reach goals.

The understanding and application of additional key spiritual perspectives (some would consider it to be hidden knowledge) can make your life a lot easier.

The following information is from our new e-package, Direct Your Destiny (tm) which contains the equivalent of over 230 standard 8 ½ x 11 sized pages of dynamic ancient wisdom and spiritual insights, a powerful combination of unique metaphysical techniques, an exclusive collection of tools like audio meditations and effective subconscious personality assessment methods, and invaluable recommendations to help you become a shrewd and sensible sage and reach your most cherished goals.

Our Mystic's Magic Formula, which is a key component of Direct Your Destiny (tm), is a time-tested system that includes potent mystical methodologies to help you deal with life challenges and ultimately get the results you seek. It's too extensive to cover in its entirety here (we give you more detailed instructions in the e-package), but we'll give you a basic introduction to the information.

If you apply each step of the Mystic's Magic Formula, you will more quickly and effectively let go of the past and what isn't working, and reach your goals in time if they are part of your destined path. If they aren't, your efforts may be more for a learning experience. Remember, the journey is often more important than the destination.

While we agree that everyone has free will to influence their reality and even create as they desire to a degree (if it's within the boundaries of their personal destiny), we are convinced it's impossible to skip karmic conditions without having to directly balance them.

Sure, we would love to tell you the opposite, that you have a completely clean slate upon incarnating, and that the sky is the limit no matter what in relation to anything you want. But that would only serve us, not you, and we've found it to be false.

For example, if we told you that you could succeed in any profession you wanted, even the toughest if you just really believed you could, and then you did everything you could to reach that goal but then failed, it would potentially cause you deep despair and could upend the momentum of your progress. You would feel like there was something wrong with you for not being able to reach your goal, especially if we had erroneously convinced you that the problem is your lack of focus or intent, or whatever, rather than a faulty "you can accomplish whatever you want no matter what your karma and fate" philosophy.

Instead, we help people be more realistic by sharing, among other things, that we've found the idea that "anyone can be or do anything" to be myth. However, if being an actor, for example, is your destiny (and we can delineate and predict levels of recognition and fame, and the timing of such through our work) it will happen for you. We hope you benefit from our perspective which is derived from thousands of hours of extensive empirical research since 1992.

The first step (of 9) of the Mystic's Magic Formula is to make time to consider your situation from a spiritual perspective. Review your assumptions and expectations and let them go. This may have to do with your current relationship or about your fears or even illusions about the type of career you want. Yes, we know, it's not always easy to just let go of fears. But it pays dividends to stop focusing on what you didn't get or about the future and consider the spiritual reasons for your situation. It's likely things are as they are so you'll learn what you need to.

Also, examine your hopes and expectations. Do you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals? Have you outlined the steps in detail? Do you feel you have the drive to accomplish it all? Will you enjoy the journey as much as the destination?

Step 2 (of 9) of the Mystic's Magic Formula is to accept what has happened, what is (what you can't change), and where you are (essential in order to move on). Surrender to your inner wisdom. Resisting instead of accepting and, or appropriately dealing with a situation or person will only cause you stress.

When you begin taking steps to reach your goals, accepting where you are and being in the moment will help alleviate fears of failure. Accept and learn to enjoy where you are, especially if frustrated.

Also, if you already know what you want, make sure to be open to better paths or possibilities. Perhaps your current interests will lead you to another option that you will like even more.

Step 3 (of 9) is Gratitude: express it for where you are, everything rewarding in your life that you have, and the good that will be, and strengthen your faith by continuing to emotionalize the desired, end result. More information can be found in the e-package.

We'll relay more steps of the Mystic's Magic Formula in a future article. In the meantime, get in the healthy habit of regularly expressing gratitude for everything in your life and watch things change for the better.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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