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Sursum Corda--Lift Up Your Heart!

Updated on August 9, 2012

Sursum Corda:

By Alexandra B. Clark

Lift up your hearts!

This is the secret of how joy imparts.

Be of good cheer

And know that the Lord is near.

In the warm rays of Divine Light

Doth the heart take deLight.

What lifts the soul above

Is His great unending Love.

Above the winter’s gloom

Beyond the worker’s doom.

Above the world void and dull

Doth the Spirit of Joy make thee more than full.

This joy is so sublime

That no pain can take it in time.

From every evil and great harm

Thou wilt be safe in His Loving Arm.

From the darkness of the night

Into the joyness of the Light.

The heart can cry: “Thy will be done”

For its joy is found in the only Son.

From His radiant Divine Face

Flows every little and great grace.

From the deepest grief

Will this Great Heart bring relief.

When the heart is beating in humble prayer

No world or devil can sets its lair.

For the heart is lifted up on high

Far above the earth and sky.

Oh such a deep and holy joy

Which no man or devil can destroy.

It never departs over the years

Even amidst a valley of tears.

A life of great holiness

Is nothing but a life of deep joyfulness.

The cloak of humble joy it wears

Its heavy burden now lighter bears.

Raise your hearts and take flight

To the Triune regions bright!

No greater Love is ever seen

Within that great celestial Beam.

The heart then must continue to pray

In order to be raised to the Divine Ray.

Oh how thy heart will glow

Purer and whiter than fresh snow.

Nothing ever to make its joy lost

Even amidst evil frost.

Nor ever can it kill

A heart within the Divine Will.

Profound patience is the key

To keep joy within thee.

Turn thy eye to His Heart

Never from there to depart.

For it is He that makes thee radiant

Filling thy heart with a Light so brilliant!

Safe from the world’s sharp shore

All evils thy heart too will ignore.

To all doubts say farewell

For in Truth do thee now dwell.

Say good bye to all thy fears

As reality now appears.

For as the heart upward flies

Every evil, fear, and sorrow dies.

And hence my mere body of clay

With heart and soul will often say:

Sursum Corda,

Sursum corda.

My heart hast been raised to the Heavenly clime*

To the Triune’s Love and Joy sublime!!!

*Clime = Region.

Does joy begin in the heart?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "Does joy begin in the heart?"

      Nay, for the stain of guilt and the debt of punishment overwhelms the hearts of men, itself severed from its Heavenly inheritance by the scar and sting of original sin. It is, by itself, indeed flesh without life, without joy.

      From whence, then, does his elation arrive? From which arousing sense, what sweet aroma does bring him joy? Of the world there are many, though for the hearts' thirst, never enough to satiate its divine calling.

      But if we are to mean His Saving Grace, Life Everlasting, the purest Fire of which men receive only from His Sacred Heart, then we allude, in truth, not to "joy," but rather Joy. Yes, His Joy, which through the Communion of His Holy Son, we may come to celebrate as our Joy, in unity with the Holy Spirit!

      This Joy, therefore, does not dwell in us, but rather arrives at us, delivered by the Grace of God. It cannot be found in the heart itself, for it is a divine gift, a Flame which must be merited, which must be received, and which must be kindled and embraced!

      Joy may well begin in the heart, but not of flesh, but of spirit. Indeed, it is not our heart from whence this Joy begins, but from His Sacred Heart!


      Alexandra, know that I wrote this from my own heart, the same heart which you have inflamed! My heart was once cold, I often recounted its many scars, and I distracted it with toils of the world. It was, indeed, without Joy.

      Until, of course, He brought you into my life!

      And I remain eternally grateful to you for having brought to me the Flame of His Sacred Heart. It has purified my impurities, and inspired my just passion for The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

      I will treasure this Holy Gift always, and do all that is called of me to defend, preserve, and nurture the Fire that you have set inside of my heart and soul. Where before I could sink no lower, I can now climb through this life to someday be received by God. I am thankful.

      I pray that you might always be there next me. I Love you.

      In Christ,



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