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Swami Vivekananda's Inspirational Quotes

Updated on December 5, 2017


Swami Vivekananda was an Indian Saint born on January 12, 1863, in West Bengal, India. His real name was Narendra Datta, who became Swami Vivekananda after meeting Indian Mystic, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa whose teachings dazzled his thoughts and changed him from an atheist to a theist. He was an extraordinary spiritual leader, who motivated millions of people through his speech. Furthermore, self-confidence, motivation, inspiration and spiritual knowledge are the essences of his quotes. We are going to see Two of his inspiring quotes.
1.Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached:
The above quote was taken from the "Katha Upanishad. It contains universal thoughts and suitable for the younger generation till now. Swami lived in the period when the British ruled India. He asked to fight against the British Imperialism. This quote also signifies the spiritual meaning of life progress.
Arise- get up from the sleep (from darkness, ignorance) and know the truth(wisdom) that the Soul is the most powerful thing in this world. So, Soul is from the sleeping state into the form of enlightened mind and reaching the knowledge of the Supreme is known as Self-realization.
How to arise the soul from ignorance?:
Swami asks the mind to rise from evil thoughts like jealousy, pride, selfishness and when the thoughts change into good, empathy, universal brotherhood and Selfless motive, it becomes infinite. By doing meditation, we come to know who we are? what are our strengths and abilities? and which one is right? Hence, self-realization is an ultimate goal of our life.
What is Meditation?
Meditation means concentrating vigorously on one object, like Watching ourselves before the mirror or the picture of favorite God or Goddess.
Chanting "Om" enlightens the spirit from the sleep (here refers the awakening of the subconscious mind -IE oneness with God).Auto-suggestion to the mind such as "you are eternal, all-powerful, can do wonders and magic, crack even the mountain and drink the ocean, enhance and boost the soul.
What is the meaning of Om?:
Om -the word stands for the Brahman-the creator of all living and nonliving things. Om is known as Moola- the root of all, has no beginning or end which frees from birth and death-(immortal).
The soul is immortal:
According to Hindu philosophy, the soul is indestructible.Therefore, when the physical body decomposes to death, the spirit doesn't. Swami addressed every Indian as immortal to fight against the British without fear.
What is the use of self-realization?
Knowledge about self is the biggest gift from God to men by which they shine in their life without any external help, hence one can reach the target. It helps not only to have success in this world but also supplement our good thoughts.
2.The world is a great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong:
Meaning: Today man enjoys more physical pleasures and happiness. But Swami suggests otherwise. Struggles, sorrows, pains aid men to make them as Genuine humans. Life is not a bed of roses, the world is not the place for luxury and comfort. We are born here to furnish our mind with experience.
What is Experience:
Experience is an improvement of thought when a man immolates himself by doing the regular duties properly. In Bagavath Githa is acknowledged as KARMA or right actions.Learning from the fault or mistake and doing the things perfectly is a life experience.
Humans can learn from the smallest creature of the earth Ant - the symbol of discipline, hardworking and energetic bees to the crows which share the food to the fellow-beings.
Thoughts are first, actions are next, in order to get mental strength one has to read Vivekananda's quotation and drink it as medication when we have troubles.

OM-doing meditation


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      V ANAND 4 months ago

      The Article looks so good and we must follow the principles of Swami Vivekananda as per the above post by Lakshmi..

    • profile image

      Karthik 4 months ago

      Well articulated. Great work and well done Lakshmi.