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What am I ? Symmetry, Spiritual Alignment and Your Life Purpose

Updated on February 21, 2015

A recent photo of the writer enjoying life at seventy-eight.

This photo was cropped to make it a portrait.    It was taken in side a darkened auditorium, hence the quality.  Not a lot of symmetry here.
This photo was cropped to make it a portrait. It was taken in side a darkened auditorium, hence the quality. Not a lot of symmetry here.

True balance and symmetry in the human face is rare indeed

The thought occurred to me that perfect symmetry of the human body is rare because people are not aligned with the Hara as depicted in Barbara Ann Brennan’s book, Light Emerging – the journey of personal healing. By this I mean that if you look at a person’s face, for example, one side of the face is different from the other. If you were to draw a vertical line down the centre of the face, one side would be distinctly different from the other. For example, one eye might be slightly higher than the other. The nose might be off centre. Or perhaps one cheek bone is more pronounced or the face slightly wider on one side. This being ‘off centre’ would also carry right through the whole body.

Life Purpose -Not just our faces but our whole bodies are usually not quite in proportion. Perfect symmetry is rare indeed

The accepted explanation for a body being more developed on one side than the other is that we use one side of it more than the other so the muscles are more developed. The bones below those muscles might also be of greater density and thickness in a small way as well. And, of course, as many a shoe retailer will tell you, one of our feet is often a little broader and longer than the other. And you only have to hold up your hands to notice that the dominant hands is a little larger.

The same man at twenty; fifty-eight years makes a difference

Our whole physical symmetry is dependent upon Hara alignment. Look it up!

Up until my teenage years I had twenty-twenty vision in both eyes. I was an excellent rifle shot, a marksman, and could see everything very clearly at a distance with both eyes. But by the time I’d reached my middle twenties I was becoming short sighted in my right eye – but only my right eye. By the time I reached thirty-seven I needed glasses for driving because of the short-sightedness of this right eye. But there were advantages, and they continue. I can thread a needle without much trouble at seventy-eight and can read very small print. So what has happened is that a sort of gap has opened up between the natural left-hand progress of the left eye’s focus and that of the right. Glasses were prescribed for computer work because of this gap, but this hasn’t caused me any great troubles. But to get back to symmetry per se.

Life Purpose - I suspect our intent affects our hara alignment

Barbara Ann Brennan says that we are out of Hara alignment because we often miss the mark when it comes to carrying out the task or tasks for which we were born; our life’s mission or purpose. That we are born for a purpose came home to me quite a number of years ago and I will explain how that came about below. But before doing so I’d like to mention what Eckhart Tolle has to say about our life purpose. This refers to us all.

The writer, a 'selfie' taken into a mirror in 1977.

Here the writer is forty-one years of age.   Perfect symmetry?   I don't think so!
Here the writer is forty-one years of age. Perfect symmetry? I don't think so!

Our main purpose in life: to know who and what we are

In his books The Power of Now, and A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle is adamant that our main life purpose is an internal one: to find out who we are, and then to get to the point where we can remain in that state. At least, that is the way I interpret his meaning. He saying that our normal ‘default’ should be to be in The Now. We are to accept what is and decide what to do about it from there. It is also apparent that the Buddha’s admonishments about not clinging or craving, that is, not longing for the past, or living for an imaginary future, also needs to be heeded. So we have a main and primary purpose which is internal. It is spiritual. We also have a secondary purpose: what we will do with our lives; our physicality; our service. This can change over time.

I mentioned earlier that I would explain how I came to find out about my own particular purpose for being born and I will do so now.

I undertook my first ten-day Vipassna course in 1986. Try it...

Back in 1986 I undertook my first ten-day Vipassana Meditation Course. It was the first of many such courses. Between April 1986 and 2002 I undertook no fewer than fourteen of these, plus a few of shorter duration. I became very well established in the technique and practice twice daily to this day. But if was after my third ten-day course (I undertook three within a period of eight months within that first year) that I received this revelation. It came about thus:

On growing a full beard at seventy-five. Gawd! I look old in this one!

After the silent treatment from my wife for the duration of its growth, I eventually succumbed and shaved it off.
After the silent treatment from my wife for the duration of its growth, I eventually succumbed and shaved it off.

I attend my one and only Rebirthing session at 50

I finished my third course on a Saturday morning and went home. My mind was still, peaceful. Also my attention remained sharp, and I felt very sensitive. On the Sunday morning I went along to my one and only Rebirthing session in the Sydney suburb of Balmain. The rebirthing session was so effective, though it took several hours of painstaking help from those running the show, that I went right back until the day I was born. I was actually experiencing being born though, in retrospect, very little of it was clear to me except the anguish,discomfort and pain.

Life Purpose: I regressed right back until the time I was born

My then fifty-year-old body, lying on its side on a mattress, curled up in the fetal position and a baby voice – mine – came out of its throat. The words uttered were: “I want my Mummy.” Then there was a lot of childish crying and a conversation went on between me – as a tiny baby – to the sixty-five-year old, ex World War Two nurse who happened to be looking after me. The dialogue went like this:

“Why are you crying?”

“It’s hurting.”

“What is hurting, dear?”

“My elbow…oh…oh…it’s hurting!”

“What is happening?”

“I’m being borned.”

(note the word was borned, not born) Then crying again, followed by me then saying with a lot of chagrin: “Oh, why am I so mean? Why am I so miserable? Why do it treat people the way I do when all I want to do is make them happy – that is what I was borned for.”

Hard to believe, but I was fifty when this shot was taken. No grey yet

At fifty I have my general purpose for being born revealed

So it was out! I knew when those words came out that they were true for me. My general purpose was to “Make people happy.” The specific way in which I was to do this remained open, but the inference was clear: to serve in a way or ways which would make people’s lives easier and happier.

I spent decades following a false premise: “happiness can be found in a particular job or vocation.” I chased one career after another. I even journeyed to other lands thinking that happiness could be found there. It wasn’t. What I had neglected was Eckhart Tolle’s observation that our internal purpose of finding the truth which lies within is primary. Once it becomes primary the outer is just the ‘icing on the cake’ as we find our way towards the service which brings both ourselves and others joy.

For each of us, the primary purpose is the same. Work on that. Then you'll be led to the those purposes we all feel will fulfill our lives

So my logical conclusion is that we do choose to incarnate with specific tasks in mind. We lose sight of these sometime after we are born; but they are still buried deep within our psyche. By endeavoring to understand ourselves at this deep level we are undertaking at least a part of our primary purpose. If we consciously decide to take on this work of finding out what and who we are we are on the right path towards our own inner joy. Moreover, as we do this, we are led towards the various outer reasons and purposes for which we arrived on Planet Earth. To quote one great teacher: “Seek and you will find.” Seek where? Seek within. “The kingdom of heaven lies within.” Yes, seek within. You will never find that illusive happiness we all yearn for unless you do.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Hi, Donald. You're joining an ever-increasing number of people, so welcome. It is, of course, a lifelong undertaking. However, the further along you travel, the more enjoyable the journey.

  • Donald Ogba profile image

    Obinna Donald Ogba 3 years ago from Los Angeles

    A good insight for a new inner Truth seeker like me!