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Synchronicities: What Are They?

Updated on May 11, 2017


Have you ever had a synchronicity? Most people think of the times when they are thinking of a friend, and that friend calls. This is a common synchronicity that many people experience. But synchronicity goes much deeper.

There are two types of synchronicities. One is the meaningful synchronicity, and the other is the non-meaningful. In general, a meaningful synchronicity is intended, while the non-meaningful is a leak through of the formative realm into the material realm.

Sometimes the Universe is giving you information, and sometimes just trying to get your attention. Meaningful, such as the friend calling, yet non-informative, is the Universe trying to get your attention. Informative synchronicities usually involve esoteric information. Information that you may know a little about, but the Universe wants you to know more. These are rarer synchronicities, and do not happen for most people.

I experience synchronicities daily, and have been receiving meaningful, informative synchronicities for the last six years. One example is a synchronicity that happened a while back. I read in a book about pendulums acting erratically during solar eclipses. This was a book on Albert Einstien. Later that day, I was watching a video on a totally different theme (weights and measures) and once again, they talked about the pendulum during the eclipse. Different media and topic, same information. This I believe was my prompt to research the phenomenon.

This is one synchronicity from yesterday. I was thinking about canonical numbers, and I thought about the number 42, and how I wasn't sure if it was canonical. Then later that night, I was watching a video by SGD on youtube, who talks about canonical numbers. He did a whole section on the number 42. The Universe wanted me to know this number was indeed important.

These are just a couple examples, but there are many more. Often I get synchronicities that are meaningless to me. This is when the formative realm is leaking into consensus reality of the material realm. It happens more often to those who get a lot of synchronicities. I don't believe these come from the Universe.


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