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Synchronicity Validates Where Our World is Headed!

Updated on August 14, 2012

Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences, will not only mirror what will materialize in our personal lives, but also in our collective lives. If you desire confirmation that our world is going through a major shift of epic proportionsand I say that with much excitement and anticipationjust watch for the signs. Indeed, synchronicity has validated for me where the Earth is headed through a string of countless signs about the Titanic, of all things. It also showed up via a particular song I kept hearing, again and again, while writing my book I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives.

I describe these in great detail in this book, but to sum them up... it began when I heard the song “Kiss from a Rose,” written and performed by Seal, and soon after a very warm memory came into my awareness of when my grandma took me to see the stage musical, The Unsinkable Molly Brown. As you may know, the production was about that famous Titanic survivor, of course. This memory led into my awareness that my grandma (who passed on decades ago) was with me. I had a vision of her floating above me sprinkling snow flakes on my head and I knew to connect it to the song “Kiss from a Rose.”

In this song, Seal refers to a lighthouse and how when it snows the light that you shine can be seen. I made the connection to all lightworkers, as there are tens of thousands of us incarnated now to shine the light and be “lighthouses” as we move through this shift. Seal sings the following words: “Now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the gray.” Synchronicity also reminded me that Mary Magdelene is strongly identified with rose symbolism. And it was mirroring to me the profound message that the energy of the Divine Feminine that is transmuting our world into a higher vibration is here. The rose is indeed in bloom. We are being kissed by the Divine.

Several good ol’ Molly Brown signs kept surfacing, one after another. The Titanic exhibit was in Denver, suddenly we learned of the Molly Brown House Museum as well, and my kids and I visited both. There was even a talk about Molly Brown at our local library. Molly was everywhere and, of course, I spotted a personalized car license plate “TITANC” at this time, and never before nor since!

This is how I interpreted these amazingly auspicious and connected signs... the Molly Brown and Titanic synchronicities are truly about our salvation. The world is indeed being saved from the disasters we have collectively created—the wars, the hatred, the famine, the exploitation of and irreverence toward the environment and people—all of it. We are unsinkable just like Molly Brown. We are being saved by surrendering to God and, ultimately, surrendering to love. These signs showed me metaphorically the window to our new and chosen destiny.

Now months after I completed this chapter "What's with Molly and the Rose?" in I Can See Clearly Now, I learned about the ship that struck ice off Antarctica and began to sink, but passengers took to lifeboats and were amazingly rescued by a passing cruise ship. I quote from my book:

“All were saved from the sinking ship! Just like the Titanic, this ship hit ice. I consider this to be an astounding metaphor. Here is yet another synchronistic connection that supported this monumental message I kept receiving in many ways—except this is with real people being saved from a real sinking ship!”

“After reading the article, I shared this news with my daughter. She told me that her teacher talked about the sinking ship during class today. She went on to explain, 'He said it’s like the second Titanic except that everyone was saved.' Yes, and so shall we all be saved.”

Now let me interject something here and share with you a synchronicity that absolutely knocked my socks off! It happened one morning at Starbucks in early February of 2012. I was working on a speech I was to give in Maine the following month, about where our world is headed, and was specifically writing about these Titanic synchronicities and the 'being saved' theme. Just as I was moving onto the next subject, and I mean the second I went to the next subject for this speech, an older man had just sat next to me and started to talk. At first I thought it was my cue to leave because he’s a regular there and likes to talk, and I had a lot of work to do. But oh how wrong I was. And clearly the angels were working through him to deliver Divine validation!

This man immediately showed me a picture on his iPad and my eyes went wide. He said, “Do you remember when this happened?” It was a picture of that plane, U.S. Airways flight 1549, that went down in the Hudson River and all 155 people were saved. "Oh yes," I said, "I remember 'The Miracle on the Hudson River' very well." I was obsessed over that story, totally relating it to this same message of salvation, regarding the Titanic synchronicities.

I strongly felt this was another metaphorical message to us, as a collective, that we are unsinkable. I would have included the Hudson River story in my book I Can See Clearly Now, but the event occurred after I published it. Well, anyways, this gentleman went on and on about the plane's black box and what it revealed and all kinds of information about it. Then he said that a week after the miracle occurred, he was sitting at this very Starbucks talking about it, and the lady at the next table said she was on that plane! She is from Louisville, the town next to mine and where this Starbucks is located. I never heard this story before, that one of the survivors is from the town I lived in at the time. He said, “Small world, eh?”

At that point I was experiencing a dizzy synchronicity stupor and I can’t imagine what my facial expression looked like. I tell you, whenever I see the number 155, I think of that plane and the 155 miracles of survival. This man asked what I do and I said I’m a writer about synchronicity and the angels, etc., and he told me that he was a reader and collects books, and has over 100,000 books in his home! I gave him my card and told him that this was incredibly synchronistic as I was just writing about Molly Brown and the Titanic, and how all the people were saved from the cruise ship that in recent years sank in Antarctica, and then he brought this up, where again everyone was miraculously saved from a disaster. I told him he was going to be a part of my speech as a beautiful example of synchronicity.

And goodness, just when I finished writing about this, as I added to my speech this incredibly related synchronicity hand-tailored to my future audience, I received a "junk" email from US Airways! Except it wasn’t really junk. It was validation upon validation. Synchronicity is so grand, people, it is validating again and again that we are indeed going to be okay! Truly I can’t even make this stuff up even if I tried; it is real and true. I know how karma works. I would never lie and I know that some of my stories may seem hard to believe at times.

But this is indeed the magic of miraculous synchronicity. It defies rational explanation! I know that many of you have your own amazing stories that seem near impossible to have occurred. I also believe that you will or already are receiving your own validations of where we are headed, simply with an open mind and blessed awareness.

Note: On the day I wrote this article, I encountered the number 155 several times.

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Signed copies available at discounted price of $14 plus $5 US shipping. Source:

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