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Updated on September 22, 2012

How the gods came to be.

A number of the so called ‘Lost Gospels’ discovered at Nag Hammadi and now held in the Nag Hammadi library, contain an explanation missing from accepted scripture. This is the explanation of how the beings we call gods came to exist.

Other information contained in these scriptures is comparable with the principle accounts surrounding creation and mankind’s subsequent relationship with the gods as found in mythology and pagan/occult belief. There are also explanations for many of the mysteries and contradictions left unanswered by the biblical creation story. However, these texts also contradict or provide an alternative viewpoint for many scriptural accounts.

When examined deeply, the theory that physical life evolved, is found to be full of holes. Taking a scientific method for establishing the veracity of any theory, a set of questions would be devised with the expectation that they’d be supported by subsequent evidence. So for evolution to be practicable:-

(1)Very simple life forms appear slowly.

(2) These simple forms reveal gradual development into more complex life forms.

(3) Numerous examples of the transitional links between one form and another should be revealed.

(4) Examples of the gradual development of new body features such as limbs, bones and organs should also be revealed.

To sum up, the fossil record should reveal a chain of developing evolution in which the linking process between developing species, one into another is clearly discernable.

However, the fossil record discovered and examined by palaeontologists reveals that:

(1) Complex life forms suddenly appear. There are no simple forms of prehistoric animal and even the earliest is a complex life form in its own right. Consider that some of the earliest fossils are of spiders.

(2) Complex life forms multiply within their specific family or biological kind. They do not develop from one into another or into more complex form.

(3) There are no transitional links between different biological families. In fact, modern biological examination has proven the genetic impossibility of interbreeding between animal species.

(4) There is no evidence of partial or developing body features. All species appear complete with no evidence of evolutionary development. One species may be replaced by another species, but there is no evidence that one developed into the other. The differences are often so great as to discount any possibility that this may have been the case.

The idea of physical evolution does not even qualify as a valid scientifically theory. However, a comparison of the texts entitled: The Secret Book of John, The Origin of the World, and The First Thought in Three Forms, reveals what can be described as an alternative evolution.

Some cosmologists propose that prior to their Big Bang, the space in which the universe came to be was filled with what can be described as an energy soup. Others propose that much of this cosmic energy came from the Big Bang in a sort of, first there was nothing and then is exploded way. Whatever the case the universe is filled with energy, the existence of which some cosmologists are only just coming to accept. Not that they can detect or measure what it is, so they have names like Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but this has to exist otherwise the equations they use to explain how the universe works don’t correspond to how it is seen to work.

The Secret Book of John describes: ‘the invisible spirit of whom it is not right to think of as a god…’ The text continues, ‘And the thought performed a deed and she came forth, she who appeared before him in the shine of his light.’

This text and others describe the, ‘First Thought’ while further descriptions of this, ‘invisible spirit of whom it is not right to think of as a god’ corresponds what can be described as a form of universal energy.

‘She’ is then described as the Mother Goddess, the Mother of all things, the first being that might be called a god because the All Father spirit is an energy being beyond being a god.

She, the Mother Goddess of all things then produces a Son, after which the texts describe the coming of aeons. These are given names though each corresponds to elements of intelligence. ‘And grace belongs to the lightaeon Armozel… And there are three aons with this aeon: grace, truth and form…

And the second lightaeon is Oriel… And there are three aeons with him: conception, perception and memory.’ Light corresponds to knowledge. An aeon is described as a power and so a light aeon is a power of knowledge.

Physical evolution requires a great many complex elements to evolve and work together all at the same time. There is no such thing, as a simple cell because each single cell requires the ability to feed, convert what it feeds on into energy and then expel waste, as well as reproduce and protect itself from the elements. Every single cell is in fact a complex structure.

All that is needed for intelligence to work is that an electrical impulse created in one place is somehow understood in another place. The human brain works by electrical impulses that flash across the synapses of the brain. Each impulse can be described as a spark of energy, so much so that they can be detected and measured. Radio, television and the internet work by sending impulses of energy across the ether.

The alternative evolution is that somewhere within the cosmic cloud of natural energy, a first thought sparked across and set about bringing forth a way to give meaning to that thought. ‘She,the Mother Goddess of all that was to follow. The Mother Goddess then brought forth the Son, described as, the only begotten one of the Father- the pure light.

Therefore, the first gods evolved out of the natural energy of the universe. They were not subject to the complex requirements of physical evolution because all that was required was for a spark of energy to take on a meaning. This has to be easier that the chance formation of complex amino acids which, when there is the right number, form into complex proteins and again, when there are enough diverse kinds, form a living cell, all by chance in an adverse environment.

However, this All Father spirit is not the god of the bible.

These texts continue and tell of Yaltabaoth, a spirit brought about without agreement of the All Father spirit. Although this is described spiritually, it can also be seen as complying to the rule of opposites, ying yang, positive and negative, light and darkness, for if there is no darkness, how will one know the light?

However this happened, Yaltabaoth took power to which he was unentitled and, thinking he was the only God, created his own heaven along with archons. These archons correspond to the opposite of the aeons of the higher heaven. Yaltaboath calls himself God, the only God and in response, the higher heaven reveals itself, telling Yaltabaoth and his archons the error of their ways. Yet Yaltaboath will not humble himself.

Instead, he sets out to create mankind. The purpose of this is to have a lower form of life to give him worship he feels he is entitled to. This god is proud and haughty but forming man out of clay is one thing, making a living being another. Yaltabaoth is tricked into using the power unrighteously taken and in giving this to mankind, has given a seed of spiritual energy that each individual may grow, or leave unattended.

The method of growth is through knowledge, hence the story of Adam and Eve. But here we also have an explanation for the story explaining why this god tried to prevent Adam and Eve from learning the true reason for their creation.

This god created Adam and Eve to give him worship and praise. The counter argument is that mankind should be free to choose not just who, but whether they any god at all.

And so the story was set in motion. Yaltaboath, the god who would be God, will do all in his power to prevent mankind gaining true spiritual knowledge.

Marcion of Sinope, an early follower of Christ, argued the Father described by Christ was not the god of Abraham and Moses, but the All Father of the higher heaven and that Christ, the Son of the All Father God, came not to reinstitute the Law of Moses into a new religion, as has happened with so called Christianity and all who follow the god of Abraham, but to free those people from that Law.

Consider how Jesus taught using parables, encouraging individuals to decide an issue for themself rather than being subject to the decree of some priesthood.

The story of Jesus and Mary parallels those of Isis and Osiris, Adam and Eve and more. It is a choice not between good and evil, but between a god who demands submission and worship and one who allows each individual to judge which path they wish to follow for themself.

The defining test is a simple one. The truth is always singular because there can only be one truth. A lie will diversify because it continually seeks to cover over parts that are revealed. The monotheistic religions of the world all look to the god of Abraham and Moses, yet they are so diverse that they go to war, one against the other, despite supposedly worshipping the same god. And they continue to war and kill each other in the name of the same god, the god of Abraham and Moses who, as in the beginning, claims to be the only god and that there are no others.


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    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 4 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      I hear your doubts... but from the evidence I have seen evolution is by far and a long way the best current explanation. As for experimentation being out... that is quite simply not true! Here, check out what these guys say:

      Plenty of experiments have been done and are still being done, Speciation has been observed.

    • Radical Rog profile image

      Peter Rogers 4 years ago from Plymouth

      Glad you like it Dan. As for challenging evolution as a theory, there is a general scientific requirement before a hypothesis can be regarded as a theory, which involves evidence and repeatable experimentation that gives supportive results. Experimentation is out. As for the fossil record and what are called proto-limbs, these are subject to interpretation. What is called a proto-limb in some species serves a purpose in the design it is, so is it a proto-limb of something else or there for what it is?

      The same applies to so called fossils of early man. Are these a fossil of early man or a fossil of some long extinct ape. As for the missing link, it is not just a link in mankind's chain that is missing, there is no link between any species living in one prehistoric period to a species in the previous or subsequent period. One species become extinct to be replaced by another with no connecting features.

      The history of evolution has also been revised and continues to be changed. What was once presented as scientifically proven fact has been changed over and over as new discoveries have proven that previous 'fact' to be incorrect.

      I'm not claiming to know the truth, I'm just arguing that the question remains and it beholds us to test to destruction all we are told.

    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 4 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      A very interesting hub rog - and well written to boot :) I fully agree with your sentiment about organised religion - they for the most part fail miserably in passing on the true spiritual wisdom contained in the texts they supposedly hold dear.

      That being said, I cannot agree that evolution is not even a proper theory! Its processes are very well understood these days and has been observed occurring. There are plenty of living species with evidence in their current physical form of their evolutionary roots. The appendix in humans for instance, the residual hip bones you can see in some species of legless lizards... the list goes on. There are many examples in the fossil record of in between stages where the animal has proto-limbs and other things like that. Do a google search for the best proofs of evolution and the list is impressive and long.

      Human evolution is a little trickier... because they still haven't found the 'missing link'. However fossils only form in a very specific set of circumstances and if the hominid population was small enough and lived areas where this was unlikely to occur... it may be there was a missing link but we may never discover evidence of it in the fossil record... ah well.

    • Radical Rog profile image

      Peter Rogers 5 years ago from Plymouth

      Hi ChristinS. This is what I say about religion. Religious doctrine seems to have nothing to do with genuine spirituality. People should be free to agree or disagree and contemplate their own path to spiritual understanding rather than being told where to go.

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 5 years ago from Midwest

      An excellent, thought provoking hub. I am not sure if I am in agreement with all of it, but it certainly does make sense and give a new perspective as to why people worship an "all knowing and loving God" while continuing to kill one another in said Gods name. I do believe very much in an intelligent energy that is a part of all living things though - Science shows us that there is indeed an intelligence to all life forms just as you described with the cells and how they operate as individual complex units and within larger units etc. Great hub :)

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      Voted up, awesome, useful, beautiful, and interesting. This really held my attention the entire time...I had to sit here and soak it all up like a sponge. Wow! What an interesting theory...and somehow it rings with truth to it. I always felt that the "god" that everyone worships must be a very selfish and sadistic god...this would make total sense if indeed he thought he was the only god and set about to receive worship from everyone only to benefit himself. Wow...loved it.

    • Radical Rog profile image

      Peter Rogers 5 years ago from Plymouth

      The problem is religion. Too many people believe without knowing or even testing whether what they believe is true of not. Then they readily go to war against those who believe something else without testing whether what they believe is true or not. Blind faith is a dangerous thing.

    • janesix profile image

      janesix 5 years ago

      Yes, Christianity definitely mirrors older religions. My guess is this is not merely copying though. I think people are divinely inspired with these truths and make up religion to follow.