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The Bahais & Their World Philosophy

Updated on August 20, 2018

The Bahais Continued a Radical Consciousness Started by Krishna

When I was in high school and college, I had friendships with a couple of Bahais who had a world vision. Years later I saw a movie on the life of Bahaullah at the Walker Community Church in South Minneapolis and enjoyed a Persian dinner afterwards with some delightful people with a global consciousness. Not only were the dinner and movie great, but a special edition of a booklet on their philosophy and prophet was mine for merely attending this event. I educated myself about their vision of the world.

Two hundred years ago the world changed when, Bahaullah, one more in a long line of spiritual prophets, was born in Tehran on November 12, 1817. In those times this country was called Persia. Today Persia is known as Iran.

Originally the prophet called the Bab had proclaimed this new philosophy of global oneness and equality, but he was executed for his beliefs. Bahaullah stepped in to spread the new philosophy of that region to the outside world. Over time he gained more and more followers. He was imprisoned for his beliefs and exiled many times. After being exiled from Tehran, he went to Baghdad, Constantinople, Adrianople, Haifa and finally to Akka. In 1892 he died in the Mansion of Bahji in Akka. Today a Shrine to Bahaullah exists on this site. It is considered the holiest place on the planet for Bahais.

Bahaullah's philosophy was progressive reforms to the philosophies of important world prophets, teachers and manifestations of the Divine. Krishna, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed and Buddha all were reformers in their times. They all brought a radical, new consciousness into their countries and to the world.

Bahaullah was also really the forerunner to the end of slavery, the Women's Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Chipko Movement, Ecological Movement and the Indian Independence Movement. His philosophy set the stage for all these more modern movements which followed his sojourn on the Earth.

In a few weeks we will be celebrating the Appearance Day of Lord Krishna. Krishna fostered a new consciousness by challenging the status quo. He embraced the Untouchable Woman, defended the rights of women and spoke up against greed and hypocrisy.

Through time other reformers came and progressively changed society. The followers of Bahaullah were tortured and killed because of his progressive philosophy. Even today Bahais are losing their lives in regressive countries who can't tolerate any kind of reforms or progressive thoughts.

What were the so-called dangerous ideas which these governments wanted to suppress? Bahaullah believed that we are "one human family." As the collective authors of The Bahais state: "No ethnic group or cultural grouping is superior. All receive God's love in equal measure." He believed there is only one human race. He also believed in total equality of men and women. So did Jesus, Krishna and Mohamed. It might surprised you, but it was the men surrounding them who would not accept this total equality of the sexes. So religion went in the opposite direction at times. This was very contrary to the founders' ideas. They simply could not accept the philosophy of equality which these great teachers, prophets and manifestations of God taught them. They were not ready yet to live as equals with women. A number of men today are starting to support this, which is a change in consciousness.

In the 20th Century leaders and reformers came who manifested these reforms more completely. Recently we see the rise of the white supremacists who challenge these ideas of equality. Trump is someone who wants to roll back the Woman's Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the Ecological Movement. He has a hatred of immigrants, yet many oppose him and want to live the philosophy of equality. The United States is a nation of immigrants. Most people who live here are immigrants, or their parents, grandparents or great grandparents were immigrants.

Bahaullah also believed science and religion were in harmony with each other. Hinduism also believes they are compatible with each other and compliment each other. Quantum Physics comes out the philosophy of the Hindus and Bahais.

The Bahias also believe social action is important in bringing change to society. It is an important value in many world traditions to be advocating social change and justice. We are to speak up when injustice happens in the world. In modern times there are incarnations of the Divine Mother in this age of Kali which are carrying out the the ideas of the Hindus and the Bahais. More and more women are becoming world teachers, politicians and reformers.

I can see Krishna having a great time with Bahaullah. They both brought a radical, new consciousness into the world. As Gandhi says, "Be the change you want to see in the world!"




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