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Updated on February 10, 2013

Call of Simon Peter


YEAR OF FAITH 2012-2013


Anybody here who has a SMARTPHONE? [Ok just show it to us but please KEEP it in SILENT MODE because we’re still at Mass.] Well, I have an iphone and I’m not showing it in order to brag about it. But, on several occasions my iphone has saved me from a lot of hassles lately. Do you want to hear a story? Few days ago on a rainy evening, I went down the parish rectory in order to park my car in the garage. As I head back to the rectory I realized that I left my keys upstairs and my iphone on the table. It was 10:00PM and I was pretty sure that Fr. Ramon was already sleeping. At that moment, I prayed to the Holy Spirit asking for His wisdom for otherwise, I’ll be spending the night in the garage. Soon enough, a wise idea came into my mind. I pulled out my car, then pulled it over just where I can get a Bluetooth signal from my car and a soon as my iphone picked up a single bar, I dialed my pastor’s number right from my car’s keypad and BAAAM! I woke my pastor up! It was 10:30 in the evening! Come to think of it, without that SINGLE CALL, I would have ended up sleeping in the garage. What if my pastor simply discarded the call and shut his phone completely? What if his phone was in the silent mode and would not be able to hear any calls? Moral of the story? BUY A SMARTPHONE AND HOOKED YOUR BLUETOOTH TO YOUR CAR!

Our Gospel today, speaks about the Call of Simon Peter. He received the message directly from Jesus himself not from any means but from the very mouth of Christ himself. Let me highlight Simon Peter’s noteworthy responses:

First, Simon Peter responded promptly and enthusiastically. When Jesus said to Peter, “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” Immediately, without any doubt even if they worked all night and have caught nothing, Peter responded without any reservations and put out his nets into the water.

Today as we kick off the Bishop’s Stewardship Appeal this year, we are once again called to be generous. Oh, let me rephrase … we are rather called to GIVE WHAT WE ARE LIVING FOR. Simon Peter even from the moment of his call knew that His LIFE and PURPOSE are FOR GOD. Without any doubt from his heart, he knew that he is going to “fish” for God … to be “fishers of men” as Jesus would put it. This parish without any doubt has been living FOR God as worthy and generous stewards and the past two Appeals that I’ve witnessed here in St. Clement is a clear testament to that. Two years ago, we’ve reached 50% more than the targeted amount and last year 98% more. But, are we going to stop from there? Never mind the figures … GIVE WHAT YOU ARE LIVING FOR!

Second, Simon Peter responded with great humility. When Simon Peter saw in awe and wonder how great their catch was, he fell at the knees of Jesus saying: “Depart from me, Lord for I am a sinful man.” Peter acknowledged his lowliness and recognized Jesus as Lord. Right then and there, he found the TRUTH. On bended knees, he subjected his will to Jesus.

In economic turmoil and seeming poverty we experience that we are tight with our budget and expenses. But in the midst of it all, this situation calls us to be humble … to bend our knees at the foot of Jesus. Not many could have expected this to happen. Optimists may have been wrong with their predictions about economic recovery, but relying on the help of God we can get pass this. Recognizing the importance of God amidst these troubled times, the need for a SAVIOR, and acknowledging our lowliness like Peter, we too could be able to find the TRUTH hidden in this reality. You may need your space and time before you accept this message, but like Peter, we should embrace this enthusiastically as if we are receiving a call from our loved ones.

There is a saying in Scholasticism which says, “Quidquid recipitur modo recipientis recipitur” or “Whatever is received, is received according to the mood of the receiver.” Messages whatever they are find their meaning according to how one receives them. We may receive them with earnest anticipation, or by simply ignoring them, or with a doubt whether to take them or not. But with the call of Christ, “To put out into the deep” meaning to immerse ourselves to reality and to respond to pressing needs, is to respond with great humility. Peter as well as the other apostles showed us the perfect example of true discipleship in the manner they responded to the message with enthusiasm and humility. Question is, how do we respond to our call?

Speaking of SMARTPHONE at the start of this reflection, I came across this message posted in my facebook page sometime ago and I would like to share them to you as I end my homily. It says:

God desires to have disciples, servants, who will invest their lives in the work, which He has given them to do. The Lord desires that His servants know His true nature. He desires that they will allow the Holy Spirit to work through them freely. God desires willing servants who have counted the cost and are willing to carry out His work in their lives. – Jesus Christ

There you go. Christ is calling you, what is your answer?


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    • giopski profile image

      giopski 5 years ago from Oakland, California

      @Patrick44. Thanks for dropping by. I greatly appreciate it.

    • profile image

      Patrick44 5 years ago

      I enjoyed your article Father. Good tie-in to our modern day "trails and tribulations" ....for lack of a better term.

      I look forward to your future writings.