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THE DEVIL. Excerpt from "Up One Level" The Book.

Updated on February 26, 2011

"Up One Level" The Book

Available from AuthorHouse at:

How many of you know a witch or a psychic? How many of you has a friend that knows one? How about a Tarot card reader? Most of you huh? Me too.

Way back during my more frivolous days, I was talking to a very close girlfriend of mine about two friends of hers. One was a witch, and the other, a Taro card nut. They both held seances from time to time so I told my friend “I'd like to sit in on one and perhaps even try to summon up somebody cool like, oh, the Devil for instance. I'll bring a jug, sounds like a fun gig”. I got they're numbers, called them both and explained who I was and what I would like to do. Well for Christ sake, it was like I asked them both to shoot each other. They thought I was out of my mind. These chicks were serious. Not only did they really believe they had mystical powers but there was no way in hell they were going to try something that stupid, jug or no jug.

I thought to myself, “They really believe in that red putz don't they?”. It was shortly after that night when I began to understand the magnitude of religious mind-control. It was everywhere. It seemed like the entire world was comatose. It was like me being the only one knowing that aliens had landed and didn't know anyone to tell that would believe me.

I tip-toed around for the next twenty years with my brows raised over astonished eyes, asking questions, not believing my ears, digging deep for answers and mostly pissing people off. Not one of you even said; "God damn, you might have a point there son, I'll think about it." Not one! Yet if I heard “according to the scriptures” once, I heard it ten million times. It was like talking to thousands of people with no ears. No matter what I said, right or wrong, it had no effect what so ever.

Amazed, bewildered, and becoming very concerned, I came to one, simple, undeniable conclusion. none of them want to hear the truth. They're all blindly content with their very own and very personal, fairytale obsessions. I believe you call it faith. I'll tell you, if you haven't changed any of your beliefs up to this point after all the facts you've read about so far in this book, then what I just said is 100% correct. You don't want the truth!

OK, Lets talk about the red guy...Would you believers fear him as much as you do if he were white, with multicolored Polka dots? Of course not! No, the devil has to be fire engine red with warts, engulfed in a hot steaming mist, with ugly denizens, eerie music, and background screaming for him to be effective right? What if you had to invent a devil yourselves, would you color him pink and have him speak with a lisp? Why not?

Why do you suppose all the various past media from paintings to scriptures always portray the Devil and his cohorts in a dark, dingy, and ugly light? The answer is obvious and rudimentary. Your religious mentors want these images ingrained in your minds so when they use the Devil and his realm of denizens as a tool so as to further convince you of their own credibility.They already know the power of this per-installed weapon of deception and believe me folks, they use it on you much more often than you think. It works too! Scares the draws off you doesn’t it? These days, we’ve even gone so far as to portray the Devil in our movies as what ever or whom ever he wishes to be such as a business man or some good looking regular guy. A few thousand years ago he was nothing but a fallen angle that somehow morphed into an ugly red creature. Now, he’s an accomplished shape-shifter as well. See how time and ignorance breads myth after myth that you all come to believe sooner or later. By the way, how come no one has ever suggested the Devil could be female? Feminists have questioned God’s gender for years now.

This is like trying to convince a 3-year-old there's no monsters in his room... Scheeech!”

Speaking of 3 year olds; what keeps a kid from running a muck and doing what ever the hell he feels like? Fear is the answer, short and sweet! Fear of the negative. Fear of "Hey, I know this is wrong, and if I do it, I'm in trouble." That's what keeps us all from robbing banks and doing what ever we please when you come right down to it. I don’t want to leave out the millions of lessons we absorb in our adolescent years either but for this discussion, the ever-present negative factor is what keeps you believers walking the walk, and talking the talk.

The Devil and the wrath of God are your religious negatives. Cleverly included in all story lines by who ever trumped up your particular scriptures. The Devil may not be called the Devil, Satan, Dante, Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness, the Evil One, or Lucifer, but you can bet he's in your personal scriptures somewhere just waiting for one of you to step out of line, and you all know what happens then, don't you?

No organized religion could ever be successful without a devil lurking in the background threatening you with eternal hellfire and damnation. He insures your obedience doesn't he? Come to think of it, God does a pretty damn good job at that himself doesn't he? Remember the story where your god drowned every man, women, and child on earth except of handful of people he needed to pull off his dastardly plan? Nice guy!

Curiously, none of the centuries-old divine entities ever made themselves visible. God, the Devil and all the thousands of long gone divine powers of the past have always remained cerebral. Not one of them has even climbed atop the Empire State Building to inform the masses of their dominance. Not even a classified in the Times. How convenient! Hmmm… must be a union regulation.

Here is how I personally concluded for all time the non-existence of my ole pal, Beelzebub (not that I needed to, at the time it may have been a fun excuse just to tip a few).

Years ago, very late at night, I decided to settle this Devil crap once and for all. I grabbed a six pack from the frig and parked my butt in the back yard right in the middle of 15 tall palm trees. Spooky! Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what I said in the ensuing 2 hours because most of it was cuss words and disgusting phrases. I can assure you, I left nothing out. "Come on up here you ugly putz, when I'm done pounding on your head every time you sneeze you'll blow sand in your face!" I called him every rotten thing I could think of, over and over for at least an hour or two. Nothing! I even challenged him to send up one of his wart-infested candy-ass demons if he was too chicken to take me on himself, I'd kick his butt too. Trust me, I was verbally astute enough to provoke anything or anybody that night and as expected, only the trees were offended. One little palm tree thought the whole stupid scene was pretty funny.

The bottom line here is that by drawing a conclusion that there is no Devil with a 95% degree of accuracy, I am not obliged to believe in him, fear him, or to allow my life to be governed by him. Remember, for many thousands of years there has been no hard evidence at all of his existence. I'm not trying to play the big-mouthed bad-ass, I am simply speaking the truth, known fact, and reality. It's a refreshing (I am in control of my own life) feeling. Anytime he wants to show up, we'll have at it. In the meantime, I'm a free thinking man! True, if he ever does show up, I’ll take him on, I don’t think I’ll have much choice. That is, right after I change my undies.

As for God, same deal, if he wants to influence my life in any way shape or form, he's going to have to at least send an emissary with some documentation. There is no way in hell I'm going to relinquish my individual intellect and succumb to slobbering storybook fantasy without some pretty convincing evidence. Remember, in many thousands of years there has been no hard evidence at all about his existence either, none, zero, zip. At the very least, the way we humans precieve him.

Over the years in hundreds of religious discussions, I've learned one undeniable fact about you believers. Every single one of you profess the very same disdain for the word proof. When it comes to your beliefs, proof is a cuss word. You've all replaced this much-maligned word with the word faith. Proof is blasphemous, faith is righteousness. How naive can you get? Sorry, stupid question. I know the answer to that one all too well. Of course you're supposed to have faith, the more faith you have, the less proof you’ll need and the more your despicable religious leaders have you right by the kahonies.

You can be trained to believe anything once you've graduated faith school. Truth, fact, and reality mean nothing to you do they. "I have faith!" "We all have faith!" Tadaaa! "We go to church and believe absolutely any outrageous fairytale they choose to teach us because they said so and we have faith!" Even if, deep down we think to ourselves, "Hey man, this can't be right, but they say it is so we’re gonna believe anyway because we have faith!" You know what you believers are? Your Borg. You've all been assimilated into a collective. A collective with one carefully controlled central intelligence created by and administered to with your own money I might ad. A collective that spreads like a plague and continues to assimilate, even if it means killing your own brothers that may belong to different collectives. Killing your own brother’s children I should have said. You send your indoctrinated teenagers to do the dying for you, Always with God on their side of course. Children that haven't even finished growing up yet. Off hand, I can't think of a more despicable human practice.

Want to end all wars forever, add an amendment to the Geneva Conventions that reads: "Anyone under the age of 35 caught on a battlefield will be shot on the spot.” That's all, war would fade into the history books in 24 hours flat! Even better, make all the priests, monks, bishops, ministers, and all the other religious instigates do the fighting rather than our innocent children. These are the guys that establish, propagate, and protect all the different religious doctrine’s which eventually leads to opposing groups that kill each other. Just like is happening right this minute all around the world. So why not make them fight they’re own battles. Fat chance huh? There’s no way in hell your fat-ass, religious hustlers are going to take up arms themselves. Nah! Send our teenage children, let them get their heads blown off…It’s true, isn’t it?

"Up One level" thought above and beyond the norm allows reality to prevail so humanity can finally free itself from intellectual and spiritual oppression and by changing the status quo wherever the need exists once and for all. The road to individual, intellectual freedom is paved with bricks of proof, not faith! Proof is the difference between right and wrong. Proof is the only sane way you can decide between true or false.

Proof represents your ability to think for yourselves and demand realistic fact based conclusions.

Proof is not a bad word my friends, proof personifies individuality, fact, responsibility, and above all, human progress.

Truth cannot exist without proof. It’s the very best we’ve got.

Accept any important hypothesis as fact without proof and you're nothing but a malleable fool that will be sucked up into somebody's sick-o cult before long. We all need and want to “belong”, just be very careful what you sign up for.

You cannot argue church doctrine. You are obliged to believe what you're told and do what you're told. If you make waves, you're out the door faster than you can say "excommunicate". You know that, and I know that. There is centuries of marketing genius at work here my friends. They know what they can get away with and they most certainly know how to squeeze every nickel and "yassa boss" out of each and every one of you. Most important, they know how to keep you believing, within the fold, and tithing.

Because of this oppression you've allowed over the centuries, You're untouchable church hierarchy is free to steal your money, war at will, and rape your children. All with your apparent approval. "That's a bald-faced lie," you say! (Here we go again…and again, until you finally realize the power these people have over you.) "Horsepuckies," I say! Why have you not arrested, convicted, and jailed all of the priests known to be pedophiles. All of the fat-ass Bishops and other hierarchy known to have aided, abetted, and protected these predacious bastards for decades and most likely centuries? Welllllll? I won't even mention the cover-ups and the probable billions in hush money payoffs, that’s your business.

There are two reasons why you stand mute. One is, none of you realize that you're in a state of mental slavery and two, even if you did, few of you would have the onions to go against the organization and lead a protest against your church and it’s holier than thou hierarchy. That in itself would undermine your very own personal faith and belief in all that you and your church doctrine have come to trust. You’d be shooting yourselves in the foot. Your followers remember? Your mentors have not forgotten, you can believe that. They have the power, and the money they got from all of you. They will do as they wish, including the molestation of your children. You should be ashamed of yourselves. They have become self appointed, self-anointed, self-policing, lifetime dictators and you don't even have a clue. You've been blinded way too long by they're super professional theatrics. Your soul, and your wallets belong to them now, even your children's bodies. At least, some of them see it that way. Jim Jones, David Koresh, and untold numbers of pedophile priests are not figments of my imagination. This is not the whole picture either, not even a nick on the frame. You can believe the travesty is global and it's existed since day one. "Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!"

Oppression by mind-control is what it amounts too. Your so infatuated with God and the Devil, beautiful (plastic) representations of Jesus on the cross, Broadway-like shows, golden chalices, spectacular architecture, little smoking widgets that swing with divine power, wine, wafers, cowering, bells, Mohammed, beads, stained glass, crosses, candles, incense, praying, inspirational music, miracles, holier than thou Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, Ministers, Allah, Buddha, snakes and Nuns, It's no wonder you don't know your ass from your elbow any more. Oh yeah! Don't forget the incessant dogma, enough to overwhelm the brains of a university full of theoretical physicists, and you, as I said before, haven't even got a clue.

WELL YOU DO NOW! What are you going to do about it?


  • All of your minds have been molded over the centuries into believing, participating, and propagating the various religions you belong to. You also know if you don't blend in, you will suffer the consequences whatever they may be according to your particular cult. You believe this and you live by it.

  • The Devil, Demons, and the wrath of God are all trumped up, man-made contrivances to keep the general populous quiet, obedient, unquestioning, and under control.

  • To survive as a race, you can no longer afford to be complacent. You must abandon the organizations that have kept you suppressed and at war since the beginning of time. If you don’t, your own modern day technology will bring them down for you, and you, as well.

  • Each and every one of you must use your new found time and resources to cure the critical ill's of this world while you still have a chance. Continue your beliefs and dependencies on your God's mercy and the crap that your holy men throw at you day in and day out, and you will surly all die by your own hand.

  • Technology has become your savior, or your executioner. The choice is yours. The people of this world have been living in a religious cacoon as far back as history records and beyond. So if you continue to worry about the Devil, huddling in mass for protection, and continue pissing away your time and resources praying for mercy and salvation, modern day dragons the likes of which you could not possibly imagine will consume us all. Danger, Danger, Danger! And you know, this time around, even I can’t hang this one on God. He’ll be laid back, cooling it on some cloud somewhere, slurping up a mint julep while we annihilate ourselves by our very own contemptible fear, ignorance, and apathy..



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