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The Mysterious Stonehenge of Salisbury Plain!

Updated on December 1, 2019

Shrouded by mystery and awe, creations like these have always baffled historians and scientists equally. Our planet is covered by a huge number of such constructions, many of which are much less popular than the Stonehenge of Salisbury Plain! There are too many questions that historians have asked for a very long time, but the answers are few. Questions like; Why was the Stonehenge exactly built? Was it a part of a bigger structure that is nowhere to be found now? How was the location of this structure chosen and by whom? Can we ever actually find it's real purpose? How long did it take to build it and what was the technology used? Why was the size of stones decided to be such? etc. As I said, too many questions are yet unanswered.

These mysterious creations are found in multiple numbers in the British Isles. The first of these is thought to have been built about 4000 years ago in the ‘New Stone Age! The most recent is about 3400 years old. Stonehenge consists of two circles, the outer circle which is made up of sandstone; and the inner one which is made of blue stone. The inner circle has huge rocks of blue stone placed in vertical position forming an inverted ‘U’. According to one theory these are thought to have been built by ancient Druids of Europe. It is believed that the sandstone used to build them is local in nature but the blue stone has been transported from elsewhere. The question about the mode of their transportation remains unanswered. A theory, though not popular, suggests that these stones have been brought from elsewhere with the help of magical powers.

Another unexplained fact about Stonehenge is the purpose for which it had been built. Through continuous research it has been established that Stonehenge emits strong magnetic fields which fluctuate perpetually. This discovery was made in the 1970s when Paul Devereux did some research in this matter. Suggestions have also been made that Stonehenge contains miraculous powers of healing. The schema as well as the components that these structures are made of, are both a mystery. The presence of the twin arrangements i.e. the inner and outer circle points towards the fact that these structures might have been built as either a place of worship or that of meditation. It is also possible that builders of the Stonehenge might have constructed them to keep themselves safe from evil spirits. There are so many theories but little proof.

Other theories suggest that these were built by some alien power or for some astronomical purpose, which has been deciphered from the arrangement of stones in it. Speculations are also made according to which Stonehenge was used as a cemetery. People have seen many types of visions while entering the first circle. These have been explained as an effect of electromagnetic energy emitted by Stonehenge. Research moves on but a solid and material proof has not been found yet. According to the parapsychologists, Stonehenge was built with the help of blue stones which have both magnetic and electrical effects. The research of parapsychology has yielded that when the intensity of earth’s magnetic field increases, then it creates different effects such as strange sightings. visions and bizarre experiences. It can also produce strong healing effects.

A druid temple

Stonehenge was created for some purpose which is not clear till today. It has also been suggested that it was used as an astronomical laboratory, while the others suggest that is was used for some magical practices. The question that arises from these theories is that if it was built for these purposes then why does it act as a site of bizarre activities? Researchers suggest that as we do not know its purpose, the mind tries to explain the strange visions and sightings with explanations of its own. The blue stone used in its construction is found at a height of 6000-8000 feet above sea level. Whereas the maximum height of Salisbury plain is 775 feet. It’s facts like these that discombobulate the researchers.

Do the mysteries of the Stonehenge pose a real scientific problem?

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Science is creating a new subject for us. We now know that electromagnetic radiation affects the human brain in many ways. But as we try to find out rational and logical answers to questions on the supernatural, we are led towards a more mysterious subject. Electromagnetic radiations may be playing with our minds and hallucinating us but can also be a key to release the mysteries of the sub-conscious mind.


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