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The Mystical Generation Z

Updated on February 16, 2012

Avoiding your radars for 35 years...

We're NOT on your radar charts...We ARE above and beyond any generation you have profiled in the past. Our history is to be a great, mighty one where love and beauty will yet prevail.

We can NOT be stopped. We are breeding children who will yet go above and beyond us; and this is an unspoken oath taken among us. In our world, some oaths need not be taken, they just ARE. We were born knowing right from wrong; and we are at work to further that miracle into the consciousness of the many so that we may ALL evolve to meet the times.

Life is too hectic for anyone to have to pick up anyone else's slack now...We are in a changing world, a new era, and we all MUST take responsibility for our own lives.

We are NOT here to do your dirty work. We have enough of our own to do.

You may, however, learn from us by watching us. We do not mind. Just keep your mouth SHUT and pay attention. We do not appreciate idle chatter. It is but an unnecessary disturbance.

We are loving, caring beings. We want the very best for you; but you must go out and get it just like we have had to. NO, you may not have ours which we have fought valiantly to have. I said, "GO GET YOUR OWN!!!" If you ever do become brave enough to try and take ours, there are a few things you will need to know:

You are fighting a LOSING battle...You are going to A.) Get your arse kicked, or B.) Be made a complete and total fool of. Depending on the individual and the circumstances, both of these, even more, are possible outcomes...

We are EVERYWHERE!!! You will have Generation Z ninjas all over you if you dare upset one...Please BEWARE!!! Thirty sets of eyes might help; but we doubt it...

Some Generation Z born citizens will let you take theirs. While you may think this is a good thing, it is soooooooo NOT!!!

We are NOT vicious and we are NOT out to get you. We simply want and DEMAND the same respect.

We want to be treated "normal"...No special treatment for us. We have already taken our bows within our first breaths, with our eyes wide open; SCREAMING and wailing our fists. We did it, we DID IT!!! We know that being born was the hardest part; but we're here now...We caught you off guard. There is no stopping us.

However, having said that, we wish for you to know that there is NO need for you to fear us as long as you treat us as you should any fellow human being...On the contrary to what a lot of you who came before us are thinking, we are actually here to make things BETTER, not worse...

We love to see beauty in ALL things...Art, music, gardens, spirit, cemeteries, black and red roses, architecture, interior decorating...The inside and out of everyone and everything.

We are perfectionists to a fault. Many of us are bi-polar and identified as obsessive compulsive...These are small glitches which make us distinguishable among ourselves.

We live our lives musically, lyrically...Our life is our dance; the dance, the magick of the Z...

We dance to the beat of our own music...You may join us, or, you may care to just sit back and hate. REGARDLESS, we really DON'T care...We are living our fate. Go ahead and waste yours in living off of hate...That's YOUR choice to make.

If you don't like the musical group "KORN," you do NOT belong anywhere near Generation Z. Generation Z FEELS this group...Understandable if you ARE Z...

You have crossed your X and Y chromosomes many, many times. This is how we are created. We are to be the last generation that matters. Soon, everyone will be the same...Every Generation Z baby that is born now is a celebration towards us succeeding our goal...We both can't win. Either we will be like you, or die; or, you will have to become as us.

We are NOT here to give in...

The ancient mystery schools need brought back to life. We are on this mission as well, add our little twists.

In 1974, the first order of the Mystickal Generation Z was established, heralded by the birth of the baby, Skandal, born out of wedlock to a farmer's granddaughter and a stud muffin of an Irishman in the genetically advanced state of Maryland, USA.

The Irishman had six or seven girls pregnant within the same time frame. Baby Skandal was the only survivor...He paid all the rest aborted.

Baby Skandal was born KNOWING...Her brothers and sisters all MURDERED...Now, she is MAD; but anger helps absolutely NOTHING so she teaches herself to turn it into other outlets and use it in POSITIVE ways...

Her revenge is her SUCCESS...

This is the mentality of all Generation Z, not because they actually want revenge; but because they know they have beat the odds by making it onto this planet. It is now their JOB to make something of it.

What to make of it??? BEAUTY!!! Let all UGLY things be a thing of the PAST. Let everyone follow the 10 commandments by their own CHOOSING, not because they are being threatened to burn in eternal Hell if they do NOT...This makes NO sense to me...You would think "GOD" would just want people to do, or not do, things based upon being PURE OF HEART rather than because He/She had to threaten them in order to MAKE them behave properly. Like I have said before, PEOPLE, the times are changing...We do NOT believe this horse cocky anymore!!! Let go of the scarytales and move on...

The spokeswoman for Generation Z now has those responsibility issues to take care of...As noted, we ALL MUST come to terms with the FACT that we must hold our own. Baby Skandal is all grown up now, or something like that...Time to pay the rent!!!

EVERYONE have a blessed day and we will continue this conversation tomorrow...

Love & Light,

Lady Skandal


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    • VAMPGYRL420 profile image

      Windy Grace Mason 8 years ago from The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, U.S.A.

      Thank you, Hotspur :) The base iz in our heartz where perfekt love aboundz ;)

    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      I like this manifesto for Generation Z; militant yet life affirming! Have you got a base - a Capitol Hill? Keep on Zee-ing!