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Taken Early, Why?

Updated on October 18, 2010

We go through life learning, growing and loving. Our loved ones are with us on that journey albeit sometimes at a relative distance from each other. Nevertheless we know they are there in the background. We plod on over the years and they remain there too. Whether close by or at a distance, we take it as a foregone conclusion that they will remain so for the near future at least. Not much doubt is given to that they may not be.

What if the unimaginable was to happen and someone we hold dear loses their life, what questions search our minds? Why is the biggest question from most people; why did this happen, why did God, if there is one, allow this to happen? That is particularly so if the deceased was not of old age and/or of ill health. Understandably so; I would think it, you would think it, we all would think it in that situation.

This question I have pondered over the years and since hearing from people in spirit direct I have come to find maybe not the answer but an understanding of why it could be. The people in spirit that come to me for help, acknowledgment or whatever their specific need is do not know themselves. Often that is their question to me; why am I here, how did I come to be here? I have to highlight the fact here that I work with a very specific area of people, ones that are in need of help. Let’s face it if they were fine they wouldn’t be here on this earth plane and they wouldn’t be searching for someone human to hear or see them. So I just get to meet and speak to people in spirit who are in need. The people that cross over fine I have no need to help, they are gone and happy.

I meet people in spirit who are distressed but also people who are not, they just either haven’t felt the need or don’t have the belief that home (heaven as the bible calls it) exists or that they will be able to cross. It’s not all high emotion from the spirit people that are brought to me or stumble across me; I’ve met people who are very laid back and unemotional. Possibly for them it was a question of why, it could be so much time has elapsed that they have forgotten what their original block was and just plod through their existence quite happily. Forgetting really why they are still here.

We all go through times of trouble, distress, grief and pain through various ways in our lives and we go through all of that with our personal belief system in place or not as it may be. Once we reach adulthood we tend to have an understanding of where our own belief system is and generally we stick to that. Not without exception of course. Generally it sticks. So what then if we find ourselves in a sudden tragic accident or death caused by another. What happens then? Where is our belief system? In exactly the same place, that is where. No matter what we experience after passing; we see and experience what we are able to open our minds to.

People in spirit that have spoken to me who have asked the why question I have responded with what I believe, a sort of knowing but not absolute on this specific area.

“It’s not fair, feels like I’ve had my life snatched from me”

“I have no memory of what happened?”

“I was fine, not feeling ill or anything”

“You don’t know what it’s like”

“You feel just the same as you did before!”

Those are examples of random things from what I’ve heard from different spirits that have needed help. Their memories of what happened have been lost, either through denial of their situation or loss of consciousness at the time just before passing.

I know from what my spirit helpers have told me that we go through a journey in life and we continue it until we have reached a point where we have ‘served our time’ so to speak; the lessons are learnt and our whole reason for being in this incarnation has been reached. When we hit that point it’s time to go home again. And start all over again or not as the case may be.

The way someone dies matters so much to us; it can tear us apart and torture us. But know that most of the time if not all it’s not remembered at all by our loved ones.

I believe strongly that we chose to a degree what our life experiences are to be before each incarnation. We mostly have no recollection of this at all until we pass again. When we are in the world of spirit after a last incarnation bodily death and choosing again we are at a distance from the attachment of human emotions, very emotional spirits yes but not governed in the same way that it is for us here in the here and now. So what may seem like a horrific death to loved ones still in the physical, it is a way of ending, it matters not in which way, it just has to happen. One way or another, it is time. Like I said the passing is not remembered from my experience with who speak to me. Not all, I know that, just mostly.

There is a detachment when not in the physical; with being human, when choosing our journeys end, knowing that there will be no memory especially if sudden or traumatic, just an outcome. We may see it at our life review after we cross over but that is with the right support and love around us. Whether it be murder, suicide or accident I believe it is to a degree preordained by ourselves with little concern given to the circumstances of the actual experience of the death of the physical body. I have experienced several people close to me in my life and of very young ages die in a horrible way but know it means little to them. So there is a sort of peace in that.

I believe that we leave this physical earth plane when we are meant to, when we reach that target, whether that is in old age or not. Everything happens for a reason, I always believed this and spirit commented on my remarks saying it is correct, nothing in this human life of ours happens without a good reason even if it doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes the reasons, we won’t find out while still here.


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