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Taking Up the Risk

Updated on December 19, 2016

Dare to fail if you want to achieve greatness.

If you want to achieve something great in your life, you should not be afraid to try and venture in to new things. You should learn and be prepared to take the risk.

In the field of business, many aspiring entrepreneurs are dreaming of a lucrative venture and make great wealth out of it. It's ironic that they tend to over plan their business start up yet their dreams of making it big just remain as it is, just dreams. They were afraid to gamble and invest their hard earned money because they don't want to meet the possibility that the venture they are planning to kick start wouldn't take off.

But that’s the main essence of taking up the risk, to be prepared of whatever circumstances that may occur, even when there’s an unpleasant and unexpected outcome.

Taking the risk is just essential in entrepreneurship. This is applicable in every aspect in life, in marriage, education and career to name a few. Just keep in mind that it’s better to fail on the things you were longing to pursue and love, than to avoid danger by ‘playing it safe’ and achieve nothing.

During the ancient times in Japan, Samurai warriors ruled all over the land and made a remarkable dominance on that era. They were Kamikazes, suicidal swordsmen ready to die in the battlefield. This is the principle of Bushido. They believe that their fate will eventually be fatal, these makes them more aggressive and courageous. And most of the time, their adversaries are the ones who meet their fatal ends. And these Samurai warriors are the ones who end up victorious in war.

Today, the Japanese people have adapted this principle in every aspect of their lives, though they've been to numerous tribulations such as death and famine that have caused by the Hiroshima bombing as well as disasters and natural catastrophes such as tsunamis and earthquakes. It’s amazing to see, how come from scratch they've still manage to be one of the wealthiest and most progressive nation in the world?

It’s because they've applied the principle of Bushido. They took up the risk in every field of their lives such as education, culture, business and technology to name a few.

So if you want to achieve great things in life, always be prepared to take up the risk.


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