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Talking to God the final statement

Updated on June 8, 2011

Do the domed talk to God?

If you’re lucky enough to live until yesterday’s old age, that would put you about 65 years old. People these days are just starting to get their second wind and living life. If you live long enough than you will realize that all the kings’ men and all the kings’ horses can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Now of course I’m talking about your Health, for what good are all deeds that mankind does if not prepared for our own ending.

In my short life time I have assisted in the care of several friends given a death sentence by God. In each case the family is devastated by the untimely death of a loved one. Usually an illness or tragic accident has predetermined the outcome of events and family has been given time to prepare.

This somehow doesn’t make the passing of a loved one any easier for those left behind. I think the morning should be more of a rejoicing to the living and to reflect to each other how much he or she has influenced your life maybe. Whatever the reason this is a send off of another human to a spiritual place or so we have lead to believe.

There is always mysterious feeling around a person that I personally know or even a victim I have had an encounter with in my job. The exact moment of death has always been like a Hugh weight lifted from the person’s chest almost like the movies almost a mist of golden spirituality lifting high into the sky and a smile of relief on your friend or loved one’s face. I have seen this on several occasions in my life and just put it up for later.

Somehow I feel that the moment of passing is a rebirth of the soul into another dimension of being. I’m not a religious contractor or man of the cloth just a man who has seen life and then death in seconds.

Once while workings near my home in Florida I was dispatched to a domestic call, husband trying to take the kid away. This is pretty much a routine call if there is such a thing in police work, but this afternoon was far from routine. In police work you are always in a hurry to get somewhere you don’t really want to be i.e.; bar fights, burglaries fatal car accidents, etc. This afternoon was no different, as I turned off a major highway onto a dirt road just in sight of a male slamming a trailer door behind. By now by bloods starting the same ole damn thing it has done many times before, you start to shake and wonder what’s next. The young man looked to be about 20 years old welding a revolver of some kind. I opened my car door standing behind it for cover and shouted out to the young man “put the gun down, let’s talk”. It wasn’t 20 seconds of silence when I heard the roar of another police car rounding the corner on two wheels. At this exact moment the kid looked at me as I raised my 1911 Colt commander and fixed the sights in the middle of his body screaming at the kid now please drop the gun. I heard the loud report of the revolver and the last expression this kid ever made, in a daze now still pointing my 45 at the young man who was struggling to get up on his feet I begged him to get down for fear what I was about do. We have to justify our actions in our mind first long before the mind tells the finger to pull the trigger. It seemed like two minutes or so of standing in place and waiting for the report from my gun. The other Deputy is now hollering at me, shoot, shoot, but in just that second the man looked at me with such a relief on his face as he fell the last time and failed to get up again. My heart was still in my lungs and my hand was shaking as I walked closed to the man prepared to shot him as he laid flat on the ground.

My God it was over the kid had shot himself in the face rather than be taken alive. What must have been going through his head we will never know?

I have been through this a few times without telling you war stories all night let’s just leave it there.

People have a different look on their face at the time of death as I have seen firsthand. We must not hold all these feelings inside but try and talk to someone about it. The mind cannot file all these horrible things away like a birthday party or wedding. They are always there and one day I will also be so relieved to get across the fence where I believe there is a paradise even meant for me too.


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