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Tarot School Class One: The Fool

Updated on February 1, 2011

The Fool

This Image was created by alecan.
This Image was created by alecan. | Source

The Fool

Number: 0

Major Arcana

: In many decks the Fool is represented by a single person standing at the beginning of a path. Typically they are looking out towards the distance, or they are all ready walking along.

In the Dragon Tarot the Fool is a dragon that's dressed a bit like a high stakes gambler, strolling into a casino.In other versions of this same theme, it is a knight who has wandered in to a Dragon's cave with the hopes of challenging the creature for its treasure.

Basic Text Book Meanings

In the upright position the Fool can mean the beginning of a journey. In the literal sense this could represent starting out on an actual trip, or making a move somewhere. In the metaphorical sense the Fool may represent a desire to have all of your basis covered before making a decision about something critical.

In the reversed, or upside down position, the Fool can be a lack of preparation. Having no real direction to go and not preparing yourself properly.

NateSean's Tarot Tip of the Week

Life isn't one big bowl of cherries. Or it is, but the cherries still have pits you can break your teeth on. Never try to dress up a negative reading as it is dishonest with yourself, your spirit guides, and the person you are reading for.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 7 years ago

      The Tarot was used by Secret Jews; each card represents a letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Beit. The Fool is Aleph; which is a very important, yet silent letter. It is simply there....depending on the vowel sound under it one knows whether it is an e or an a or an o.