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A Taste of Heaven

Updated on March 14, 2011


I walk in the door and almost melt in the lobby,

Angels sharing their love are all around.

They lead me into a room and the sun is shining through the stained glass

It looks as if a dove descended into the place.

I walk to my seat and it feels like it just rained

The atmosphere is thick, and the smell of rain is strong.

I greet old friends who have crowns of glory they received for living godly lives.

Before I can sit down the music begins and angels soar overhead.

Slowly Heaven opens and it begins to rain

“Let it rain!” I cry, “Come water the earth! It’s so dry.”

It rains and rains, filling the whole place

The music ends…

And an anointed speaker of God begins to teach.

The place is filled with a holy hush as tears roll down my face.

The speaker closes his notes and looks at the people,

His Heart goes out to them and he begins to weep.

His cry is heard and many join him, some run, some crawl, some can barely move.

The music quietly begins and Heaven opens wider.

The Healer arrives as this downfall turns into a lightening storm,

Flashes of glory and rumbles of God’s voice fill the place

Slowly the music fades and laughter is heard all around.

The storm calms as the waters flood out into the streets.

The lights flicker as I slowly leave, hoping to be caught in a downfall again one day.


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    • Amber Moore profile image

      Amber Moore 6 years ago from Illinois

      Hi Bob, thanks for the encouragement!

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 6 years ago from Rochester, New York

      Some of the intense feelings expressed here are not here on earth. Some are here but not as intense. Others are here and intense but people don't usually notice them because their lives are so "busy" with non-essentials. A poem is something that reflects something real inside of us and that seldom, if ever can come to the surface. You are a true poet that pulled this out of me and made me see and feel it. I love to make rhyme but a true poet makes people feel as well as see what is in the heart. Great job. Bob.