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Taurus' 1st Decan Influence: "Attraction" (Apr 21st - Apr 30th)

Updated on May 12, 2014

Taurus the Bull

The main theme associated with the time of Taurus is the idea of "I have."
The main theme associated with the time of Taurus is the idea of "I have." | Source

Generally speaking, attraction is a noun defined as, "magnetic charm, fascination, allurement, or enticement." In regards to physics, attractions describes, "the electric or magnetic force that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together." (

While magazines and media lead us to believe attraction is merely a sexual matter, scientifically speaking it is more of a force that acts upon us. Therefore, cultivating our idea of attraction in a way that is useful and beneficial to us is more about expanding our awareness and less an issue of applying lipstick - though both require a sense of identity to perform.

We Spend ... and hours primping and grooming.  What are you hoping to attract? Beauty, companionship, happiness? What are you already attracting? and hours primping and grooming. What are you hoping to attract? Beauty, companionship, happiness? What are you already attracting? | Source

In the former situation, we polish our looks in a way that we hope attracts nice people and benefits to us. We somehow seem to believe that if we do this one thing (let's call it A), then this completely unrelated and awesome thing (we'll call B), might happen. Just might. We build daily routines that become ritualistic in the hope that if we shower, shave, and groom well enough, someone we like might be forthcoming in their approval of us. It is irrational almost entirely, to perform A and expect unrelated B as a result, except to allow for the realization that species across the animal kingdom perform the same type of ritual in their pursuit of a mate. Alright, so maybe this idea of attraction IS merely a matter of sex.

But then what? Are we honing our attractiveness just to find someone we feel worthy enough to tell us what to do next? If all this grooming is to find a worthy mate who can verify our worth and give direction to our lives, then all we're doing is working towards finding someone to whom we wish to give our power away.

What if we used attraction instead to help us progress towards the goals WE choose? What if we realize the true essence and reality of attraction in a way that brings peace to our lives, instead of keeps us frantically primping in hopes of a better life, a life we imagine to be more peaceful anyway? Let's empower the concept of attraction with a little bit of conscious, rational thinking, shall we? We're humans, we have that ability, let's just try out here and see what happens.

Use What You're Given

In most places this time of year, dandelions are everywhere! What do you think when you see your yard full of these weeds - time to mow? Time for weed killer? Did you know you can make them into wine?

What do we have? What can we do with it? Do a little research on the reoccuring themes in your day - the answers may surprise you, and it's a delightful path of empowering knowledge to explore!

So in the latter, we employ the concept of attraction towards identifying what we're already attracting. We put our attention on what is in front of us, and in doing so expand our awareness. When we expand our awareness to include actual, physical, tangible things already found in our every day, we give it name, we give it form, to what would otherwise just be half-thoughts flitting through our typical day.

Instead of hoping we are attractive enough to bring good things into our lives, we begin with the realization that we are attractive by design. We HAVE attraction, just by being a physical being, a body of matter and mass. And in being so, we draw things into our lives every single day. Whether they are the good things we dream of attracting or not depends on how you put them to use.

What did you notice today? What has been catching your attention more often than usual this week? What have you stopped to enjoy lately? The answer to these things are things that have already been attracted to us.

What DO We Have?

Everything under the sun.  What can we DO with it? Taurus knows the worth of the Earth.
Everything under the sun. What can we DO with it? Taurus knows the worth of the Earth. | Source

Stop worrying if you're attractive - you are by design. Now that you are beginning to notice that you can't HELP but attract things to you, it's time to identify those things present in our reality today. They weren't always there, and they won't always be there. The time to utilize them is NOW!

Family members. Dandelions. 20 extra minutes in the morning. Clutter. What do you keep running into? It exists - we HAVE it. We HAVE so MUCH!

There is much stuff - in our lives, in our homes, in nature. What is it useful for? Well, answering that question is how we empower what we HAVE to change the world around us.

It's simple, but our first obstacle is to unlearn to be blind to what we have in lieu of things that are bright and shiny and new. Take that thing that catches our attention, write it down, and look it up. How much of what we already have can we put to good use?

In the age of the internet, there's never been an easier time to learn. What are you attracting - and how can you use it?


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    • SmallOak profile image

      Small Oak 3 years ago from The Here and Now

      Famhauz - following an instinctive calling is a fun way to live life. Certainly doesn't hurt to try ;) Be well.

    • SmallOak profile image

      Small Oak 3 years ago from The Here and Now

      WiccanSage my little sis is a Taurus. She's always loved rocks and gemstones since she was able to walk, is very money-minded and working on her doctorate before age 30. All grounded, tangible, earth related matters. She teaches her firey sister a new way to function in the world lol.

      This article highlights the possibility of using what we have in ways that are useful - astrology (and the path we see the sun takes around our stars) included. It's like looking at an ancient language - you can ooh and ahh at it forever, comment on what you see, and talk to others about what you notice - or you can learn to READ it and open up a whole new world of knowledge. Happy to have you along on my travels! Be well.

    • famhauz profile image

      Peter Mwai 3 years ago from Kenya

      Lee, then I guess that calls for some great level of harmony with our spiritual side, right? Getting in tune and training the mind to lock in-to the feeling?

    • SmallOak profile image

      Small Oak 3 years ago from The Here and Now

      See Famhauz, you understand the idea behind "Law of Attraction" as I do. Expand your awareness, dissolve your perceptions (or at least alter them around your self-imposed restrictions), and you will find whatever it is you define. We're on earth, so are the things we want, these two things can meet. But that want keeps us discontent. For now, we're surrounded by other things, things that surround us because we've attracted them, let's make the most of them. Physically or correspondingly mentally or emotionally or what have you. In doing so, we'll find contentment in purposeful action - putting to use the things in our everyday that are already there to use anyway.

      Speaking of marketing, the real "Secret" to the recent "Law of Attraction" hype is that the things that already surround you can make you happy, ...but that doesn't sell books, does it? The feelings you desire you already know, that's why you have an inkling of how you think you'd feel if you got the things you wanted. Skip the thing - just go to the feeling. We all have free access to how we'd RATHER feel - no new thing required.

      That advertising adage you mentioned has crossed my mind several times the past couple weeks - time to pay attention to it.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Very cool hub, you always write so well on astrology. I have some close friends who are Taurus, one I grew up with. Nice work, love the images especially.

    • famhauz profile image

      Peter Mwai 3 years ago from Kenya

      There's a Swahili adage that loosely translated, means 'a good thing sells by itself, the bad has to market itself'. I'll leave you to dissect that into your own palatable understanding...

      Nice post highlighting the Law of Attraction. I would say what you conceive in the mind is what happens in your life - the recurring theme that you're referring to Lee. The 'A' that we do, is just that: a facade, or makeup literally, meant to conceal what's really going on in our subconscious.

      Keep 'em coming!