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Taurus' 3rd Decan Influence: "Stability" (May 11th - May 20th)

Updated on May 19, 2014

Be Still, Take Root.

We must cultivate stability to satisfy the changes we so deeply yearn for - they lead us to realize our full potential.
We must cultivate stability to satisfy the changes we so deeply yearn for - they lead us to realize our full potential. | Source

Stable as a Bull

Our lessons of Taurus guide us through the realizations of what we have, what we're attracted to, and what role beauty plays in using what we have to become more capable and functional in our reality. This 10-day period focuses on the idea of "stability", a jolting contrast to previous lessons of attraction and beauty. How does our natural attractiveness and sense of beauty link to the grounded circumstances of stability, and what is stability really worth? defines stability as, "continuance without change; permanence." In an ever-changing universe, stability may almost seem a moot point. But in terms of our goals, whether they be physical items of inner cultivations, rooting ourselves to a purpose and a plan is necessary to travel that line from where we are now to where we'd rather be. And when we take root in what we already have, we claim the stability we've owned all along. Along with a sense of pride and ownership, we can employ this tool of stability to work for the jobs we give it, and thus find ourselves once again co-creating with the creative forces that surround us, growing in our own ability to effectively function in this world.

"No one welcomes chaos, but why crave stability and predictability?"

- Hugh Mackay

The Themes of Stability

The word "stability" is used so much we tend to overlook a deep understanding of it, usually just taking the phrase as a sign that all is ok for now, a reassurance of well-being, a state of being in which usually puts us at ease. Let us pause for a moment on this idea of stability to examine its themes and connotations.

Scientifically speaking, stability is associated with an object's resistance to physical change. A chemical composition's reluctance to change or disintegrate determines its stability. A chair with four legs is more physically stable, or sturdy, than one with three. Stability is measured in regards to our weather, our ecosystem, our airplane's flight pattern and even our economy.

In more metaphysical terms, stability has developed defining characteristics that cross paths of knowledge. The number 4 represents stability not only in tangible terms like in our chair example above, but signifies stable circumstances in both numerology and tarot. This relationship between stability and 4 is joined by the ideas that stability is a masculine trait, a result of order, and a companion of happiness in our activities, our emotions, our logic, in business and in our home and family lives. Indeed, when we hear of ourselves as stable, it imparts a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

It would appear then that stability is a necessary ingredient in our recipe for nourishing an enduring sense of contentment, ease and to be at peace. If we want to create this level of enduring peace in our lives, and we recognize the role stability plays in creating it both physically and metaphysically, then the next step is to find out where we can get some of this good stuff.

Harvesting Stability from What We Have

As humans, our thought processes keep us living in kind of a day-to-day cycle of events. Our culture is drenched in adages like "have a good day", and "there's always tomorrow". But stability is not a day-to-day thing. Like the activities of our planet, our enduring sun, and the widespread universe, stability exists over longer treks of time. By definition, stability endures time. In order to find it and use it in our current situation, we must realize what we already have that also endures over time.

If we've followed the previous lessons of Taurus up to this point, we should be aware by now of what we do have, what we've attracted to ourselves, and the beauty each of these objects hold simply by being. Sometimes our homes change, our family changes, our car breaks down, or our jobs change. But there are still constants to be acknowledged in our reality, which we can more clearly see when we broaden our perspectives. The predictable year long life cycles of nature don't rely on what we do, what we plan to do or what we fail to do. Our drive to improve our circumstances, our motivations for action, our habits, our loves, our idea of beauty - these things remain longer than our temporary homes, relationships, and jobs - and they are already within us, continuously with us. When the world feels askew, off kilter, or overwhelming, we are too involved the details of what is happening. Take a step back and look at life from a bigger picture. By expanding our awareness, we begin to recognize what is stable in our lives.

What are your reoccuring themes? What do you live for? What do you work for? What do people know is totally "you"? These characteristics are our personal stabilities, our rocks and foundations from which we can build upon. The more accurately and simply we can define them, the better we can use them. Write down what endures over weeks and months and years in your life. Then examine each one and decide if these are foundations you feel worthy of building upon. The love for your children is a powerful guiding light for worthwhile and satisfying action. The anger for your ex-partner will always be attached to anything you try to build on top of it.

Stability for Change

"I must stress here the point that I appreciate clarity, order, meaning, structure, rationality: they are necessary to whatever provisional stability we have, and they can be the agents of gradual and successful change."

- A. R. Ammons

Find Your Footing

Though the term stability is used all-too-often, that hasn't seemed to diminish the power it has to put us at ease when we hear it. Through stability comes the relief brought on by reassurance that things will be predictable, and the confidence we have in knowing we can handle the circumstances of something we've handled before. Be it plants, animals, or people, we all need a stable grounding in order to survive, let alone thrive.

In this 10-day decan of stability, examine your footing. Are you standing on suitable ground? Is it solid, comfortable, beautiful? Is it rocky, mushy, or toxic? We're already here, we already have, let's settle on a solid, stable place that empowers us to use what we have to make the changes we wish to see in the world. In construction as is in life, building a solid structure starts with a stable foundation. The more stable our structure, the better prepared it is to endure the changes that are sure to come...

...the very reason the assurance of stability makes us feel at ease.


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