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Taurus' Key Idea: "I Have" (Apr 21st - May 20th)

Updated on May 11, 2014

Taurus the Bull

What is the use in being headstrong and grounded?  Understanding "I have", Taurus knows the worth of the earth.
What is the use in being headstrong and grounded? Understanding "I have", Taurus knows the worth of the earth. | Source

Five Empty Cups

After our rebirth in Aries and new understanding that "I am", Taurus says "great... so what are you going to do with it?" Taurus' Key Idea for the month (Apr 21st - May 20th) is "I Have". People seem to have a difficult time separating this mantra from the idea of "I Don't Have". For every "I have" we realize, a "but I don't have that" is likely to follow. It seems in most minds the two go hand-in-hand. But for this month, we're just going to focus on the "I Have" part, ok? If we're going to be functional and capable beings, we need to leave "I Don't Have" at the door - he's not invited to this meeting.

In my Celtic Dragon tarot deck, the 5 of cups depicts a man who looks like he's had a rough day, every day, for over 50 years. He's haggard, scruffy, shabbily dressed, and looks like he gave up a long time ago, except that negative events can still make him say "d'oh!".

He shuffles around looking at cups that have spilled on his table, probably encountering a sense of overwhelming exhaustion at the idea of having to clean up another mess. Three red dragons, symbols of fire and action, dance around his head. But his eyes are so fixated on his problem that he doesn't notice. He's not aware of what he has, only paying attention to problems and disappointments, probably out of habit.

This seems an easy habit for us humans to fall into. When things go awry in our lives, we are often pitied by others, and ourselves. This pity relieves of responsibilities otherwise bestowed upon us, granting us temporary reprieve from the life's constant stream of duties. And while relief is nice, is constant chaos worth the happiness we trade for it? Does the relief ever last very long? Does this really bring us peace?


Is there a better way?


"Do the thing, and you will have the power." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doing is a Part of Life

We're here, for now anyways. Physical beings in a physical reality - time to buck up and deal with it.

That's to realize we will always have work to do. No matter how many "days off" we take, we still have to exert physical energy. We feed ourselves, entertain ourselves, move ourselves. These kinds of days direct our action for us. And if we continue to let life lead us by the hand in this way, whether our "day off" is a vacation, or giving up after just having a bad day, we become exhausted.

The key to overcoming this perpetual exhaustion is to set goals for ourselves. Setting goals puts us in control of the actions we will take. We grant our actions purpose, and in doing so, fuel a cycle of events that leads to productivity and satisfation. We grow as capable, functional beings, and that makes our soul very happy.

Escape Perpetual Exhaustion

This chart visually explains how goal setting fits into a self-propelling cycle of productivity and meaningful, satisfying action.
This chart visually explains how goal setting fits into a self-propelling cycle of productivity and meaningful, satisfying action. | Source

"Take something. Do something to it. Do something else to it. Now do something else to it." - Jasper Johns, American Artist

See It. Grab It. Do It.

We are naturally inclined to just work with what we have.  Believing we don't have enough to work with is a learned behavior.
We are naturally inclined to just work with what we have. Believing we don't have enough to work with is a learned behavior. | Source

Purposeful Action and Resourcefulness

Without guidance, we're the man in the 5 of cups. We're caught in an illusion of "everything's crap", and fail to expand our awareness outside that box. When we set goals, we cast a grappling hook and zip ourselves out of the pit of despair. Goals are our guidance.

Now comes the next part - we get excited to do something! And a lot of times, we don't get much farther than that. If we want to do something new, we'll need things, and to get these things we'll need money, which we don't have. End of plan. Back in the pit we go.

Start smaller. Start closer to home. There are situations in our everyday that can be improved on - and tools in our everyday we can use to improve them. Looking around you now - what clutter have you put off putting away? What is it? What is it used for? Clear clutter by using up the materials you haven't yet found a place to store.

By delving into this lesson of clutter clearing, we improve our lives immediately. We set attainable goals we can reasonably accomplish and we feel successful. We increase our capability, and our usefulness, because we produce things. We literally change the world and are right there to witness it! And we get the practice it takes to learn how to use what we have to change the world around us in more ways, everyday.

Another way to start using what we have today is to take our cues from the seasons. Spring is the time to start planting the garden we've been planning. Dig the ground, spread some fertilizer and plant those sprouts! Didn't plan on having a garden this year? No problem - May notoriously perpetuates a dandelion explosion in many regions. While others are furiously mowing lawns, shelling out money and wasting time on weed killer, pluck those weeds and make some wine!

Start paying attention to what we DO have. Expanding our awareness to the resources we've ignored, and then using what we find until it's all gone, makes exhaustion vanish. We no longer have to grunt at piles of "work to be done" when we use it to fulfill its purpose. It, in turn, fulfills ours.

That's why it's right here in front of us.


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      14 months ago


    • SmallOak profile imageAUTHOR

      Small Oak 

      4 years ago from The Here and Now

      Thanks so much WiccanSage - it's been a while, huh? Lol...looking forward to publishing more soon!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Beautiful job, you have a real way with explaining astrology. Nice work on this hub, voted up. Looking forward to more.


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