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Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

Updated on January 18, 2011

Taurus man and Aquarius woman will find each other interesting from the start, but whether or not anything serious develops will depend on the other aspects in the natal charts. This is not an obvious love match, nor is it even a terribly likely one -- but it's certainly possible under the right circumstances. It's not that they're horribly unsuited, it's more that they might find it difficult to connect deeply, or even at all beyond their initial mutual curiosity. And yes, they will be curious about one another. To find out more about the astrological compatibility between Taurus man and Aquarius woman, read on!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Taurus Man

Taurus man is predictable, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Sincerely. As a woman, I find a dependable, practical man highly attractive. And he tends to find this characteristic just as attractive in his female consort, but, while the Aquarius woman isn't the direct opposite, she does exude a certain air that will make Taurus think she's a bit odd. Not in a bad way, mind you. He'll find it fascinating. At first, anyway. He'll also try to figure out how deep that quirkiness runs, and whether or not she's capable of a real commitment -- because Taurus man will not show the slightest hint of how he feels until he's figured out how she feels. And that could take a heck of a long time with this woman, because she's unlike anyone he's ever met.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is clever and bright, but she does come across as a bit spacey at times. This will make Taurus man think twice about allowing his heart to open fully -- he needs to be sure of their compatibility first. But Aquarius woman knows how clever her mind is, and she may lose patience with Taurus man as he tries to figure her out. Indeed, she knows it's impossible to figure her out entirely, but she thinks he ought to at least have a good clue sooner than later. If not, she'll begin to question *his* mind, which will make her reserve her feelings too. The typical dating games that people play will go right out the window with these two, because one relies on what he sees, while the other relies on what she thinks. The two can be great friends, but a love match will take some effort, or some very beneficial astrological aspects in their birth charts.


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