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Televangelists/Spiritual Advisers/and other Religious Charlatans

Updated on February 17, 2020

The Fake in The White House

We are seeing more and more religious charlatans speaking up for a president, who is no more religious than the devil himself. Yet it seems to either go unnoticed by the religious population, or they are willing to let a clown president get away with anything.

One Crazy lady?

Let Your Utility Bills Go

So here we have the president with his spiritual adviser, Paula White. Not so long ago, she was telling people they would need to send money to save their souls. I believe the price tag was around $24,000.00.

I'm not sure how much a soul costs nowadays, maybe that amount is a bargain. I'm just wondering, if after you would send that amount, how she is going to make sure your soul would be saved. Does she control souls? Maybe she just calls God on a cellphone and tells he/she, that you have paid and to cross you off the unpaid list.

This "spiritual advisers" latest scheme, is asking people to let their utility bills go, and send her that money. Speaking of some people being in the dark...

Franklin, I Don't Think Your Daddy Would Be Proud

The First Lady, Art Photography?

This charlatan was actually putting down Michelle Obama, and praising Melania Trump! Mrs. Obama was nothing but a class act her whole time when her husband was the US president. Then the "joker' was elected.

When it was brought to Franklin Grahams attention that Melania had posed nude for a living, he said it was just artistic photography.

He stands behind this president, and why, I have no idea, but I'm assuming there is money involved somewhere. Why else would a supposed christian like Graham support a man who has 20 plus women accusing him of sexual misconduct? One of them asking for him to take a DNA test, because she, like Monika Lewensky, has a stained dress at the ready, to prove he actually raped her. He has pushed the accusation aside, and said the DNA test is too bothersome???

There was a recent article published, stating that he has made several payouts for the silence of several of his victims, all between the ages of 10 to 13 years old, both young boys and girls... For some reason, MSM has done no follow ups at all!

Past "REAL" First Ladies

The Ex Convict Charlatan

I Have The $300 Cure

Jim Baker, the ex convict charlatan, has just recently announced that he has the cure for the recent coronavirus. A potential pandemic, and Jim has come to the rescue. All the scientists in the world, working tirelessly, and who would have thought good old Jim, would find a cure.

I'm thinking, that's great Jim, tell you what you do. Go to China, where the coronavirus is in full outbreak, and you being the Christian you are, donate a few bottles of that cure. While you are there, maybe you could volunteer as a care giver to the many who actually need care.

Light in The Loafers?

I've always found it a bit strange how some of these religious people have been so outspoken when comparing trump to Obama. There is no comparison as far as I can see. Obama is a family man, and trump is a womanizer.

I have no problem with a man being a family man, but recently a pastor, E.W. Jackson, basically said trump was a real man, and referred to Obama as "being light in the loafers"! I'm not exactly sure what he meant by that, but I'm sure he wasn't complimenting the former president.

Oh, E. W., where did your mama go wrong?

America Will Be Spared

In a recent article, another of the religious charlatans announced, that since Trump has sided with saving the womb, whatever that means, that the United states would be saved from the coronavirus. That's right folks, pastor Hank Kunneman says you all will be fine.

That may very well be true, but to those people who are living in America at this very moment, that have the coronavirus, maybe you should have told them that before they contracted the disease, I'm sure it would have been a comfort to them, not a cure, but maybe a comfort...

I'll Start Again

I don't believe in a god, I'm sorry, I don't, but, if I'm wrong, and there is, I have to picture him or her, when the earth as we know it finally does come to an end, sitting with the devil, and the two of them sighing, and saying, well, this didn't work out, guess we'll have to start again...


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