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Ten things I'd do if I were rich. Part Two

Updated on June 24, 2011

Looks like I'm not in any writing competition anyhow, so I can relax a mite when writing Part Two of this hub.

OK, the premise is that I get super rich and have to decide what to do with it all.... let's assume we are talking $100,000,000 per year (and why not) and recurring annually, what would I do with that amount of cash.

Well the goodies got taken care of in part one, and frankly they would barely dent my $100 million income, might take out January to March in year one, but hey! it would take that long to get organised, so getting rid of $2 million a week would become a full time job from just before Easter!

About now in fact!

First task would be to arrange for a couple of hundred children to be sponsored through Compassion UK, who take care of children worldwide, I say 200, but it could be 1000, because they take care of over 70,000 children and do that for a donation of $420 per child.

Can you take care of a child for that?

Beats me, so at that value, lets have 5,000 children sponsored, thats about $2,055,677.40 gone, which is a whole weeks income!.... maybe we can sponsor a few thousand more later in the year if we have a slack week in finding good causes.

Next, or maybe first, not sure, would be Pastor Bill Wilson's non profit Metro Ministries, who care for 42,000 children from dysfunctional family's, and I'm afraid 22,000 those are just the American children they care for, they also have missions in the Philippines and South Africa.

Lets bounce them a couple of million for starters and see how we go. It must be about Easter by now, and we have donated about $5m which seems pretty pathetic when it's flowing so fast.

OK, make that $5 million for Metro, and I'm sure you will agree after watching part one of the video (watch part two now)

Whew, I didn't know how powerful Pastor Bill's interview would be, make that $10 million, because that would just begin to salve my guilt that I would NOT have the strength to serve in his neighbourhood.

My son works for Metro, coming on two years now, but I have never seen these videos before, and Jaime never can explain what he does properly, he just does it.

Lets watch part three...

James Montondi, preaching after a twenty mile walk.
James Montondi, preaching after a twenty mile walk.

My next stop will be a small ministry, indeed, it's just one man, called James Montondi, who I have heard from for some years now, and know that he needs support.

At the end of the hub, after the comments box, I have reprinted a letter that James wrote to us in 2008, when he was asked what he needed to survive in Kissi, Kenya.

If you could read that and not feel humbled and shamed when you consider your weekly shopping bill, then you probably won't get to read it anyway, because you will be off to look for Superior Coffee Machines or Rolex watches before you get to the end.

Anyhow, James lives in rural Kenya, and ministers over a wide area on foot.

He will walk 20 miles to minister at a funeral, he likes funerals they give him a receptive audience! but then I like funerals for the same reason, always guaranteed to get a few non believers who come to pay respects and have to face reality!

James is a simple preacher and keeps a family of about 12, five of whom are orphans from Aids victims, so to live well (by Kenyan rural standards) will cost him about $150 per month, and frankly it would ruin his ministry if we dropped a $1 million on him, so lets just set up a fund to provide $200 per month for life, appreciating annually by whatever amount was needed to keep him slightly ahead.

If you know any other ministers like that, let me know!

Whilst in Africa, lets plant a few wells, African Well Project just came up in a search, so lets go take a look at them and see what they are doing well (excuse the pun) and decide how much or how many wells to fund.

They seem to need about $50,000, which is actually about 4 hours income, so I guess we can give them half a days cash for a starter. ($136,986.30)

Now the thing is, donating all this cash is beginning to look like harder work than making it, and we are charged with being good stewards as well, being believers, so it's a heavy load to bear!

I mean I'm hardly past Good Friday yet and I am already a few million behind target, so I will need some help, and here's where you fit in, tell us who YOU would support, it will help get a shorter list together, and maybe we will ask you to join in helping donate all this cash (it's a hard job, but someones got to do it).

My bible tels me God has cattle on a thousand hillsides, i.e. He is richer than anyone else ever has been or ever could be, mainly because it's all His anyway.

It also tells me that He desires to pour out His blessings on mankind, so I guess we must be doing something wrong if we don't have those resources pouring over us to actually carry out His will and commandments.

Anyhow, back to work, can't stand here chatting all day, every second we earn $3.17c which means it's stacking up too fast to count it, let alone spend all day talking to you!

Have you any idea how hard it is to get rid of $273,972.60 a day, every day, and worse still, it's $319,634.70 a day if we keep the Sabbath clear of donating, I know it was OK for Christ to feed the hungry and heal the sick on the Sabbath, but frankly we will need the rest anyway.

We could just make some mega donations, like giving $50 million to something, that would make it possible to take a break for maybe June to August for a vacation, but it feels like cheating somehow, and anyhow, why would God drop it on us daily if all He wanted us to do was dump it into Cancer Research, rather than funding independent alternative health studies which would beat BigPharma at their game of stopping natural health cures.

Rick Simpson could do a whole lot of good with his cancer cure that got him hounded out of Canada, maybe if we dropped a few million into a small countries purse we could get his cannabis oil cure manufactured there and sent to folk for free, or fly them down to be treated with it for free.

That would embarrass BigPharma when they saw real documented results showing the effectiveness of natural cures over the cut, burn and poison policies they promote.

I guess we will need to do that one under cover, or they will stomp all over us, because they make $3,000,000,000 a year, selling their drugs, which makes our $100 million look like chicken feed, but to them dangerous chicken feed that could expose the lies and deception.

By the way, $3,000,000,000 a year is $8,219,178.08 a day, and that's just from antibiotics.

Do you know virtually EVERY FDA chief has retired to well paid jobs in BigPharma?

But I digress, and whilst doing so have fallen nearly three million dollars behind in my donations. shucks, better drop some cash fast, I know, I'll buy the church building for my former Pastor at The Ark Christian Fellowship, and maybe give them the resources to buy a farm for a halfway house for the homeless guys, and..... no matter, lets drop them $3 million and gain a few minutes rest to make a cup of tea.

One stipulation, applicable to all donations to church ministries, they HAVE to use at least 90% of it for outreach, no storing for a rainy day.

I taught my daughter that by never giving her any more money whilst she still had some left over, got that idea from God, who seems to operate the same policy.

Fact is, the better she is at spending (on good things) the more I want to give her, got that from God also. When she uses money to help others, I really go to town on blessing her.

You can guess where I got that from.

Now I must sleep, shucks, hadn't thought about that, which means that if I can donate funds say 10 hours a day, I will need to donate $159,817.35 for each hour I work just to keep on target.

This is REALLY beginning to sound like hard work, being rich seems tricky and not much fun, sure it's great to see folk smile when they realize they can just get on with the job, without cash cares, but it's already getting boring just trying to give it away fast enough....

Problem is, the only way out is to give it all away, and thats where I came in...

Maybe tomorrow I will have a better day.

Tell me, if I could tell you how to give away $100 million yourself, would you listen?

If I tell you how to give away $100 million yourself, will you listen?

See results

Letter 2008 from James Montondi

I have printed this unedited, for the record 100 Kenyan Shillings is about $1.20.

Dear brother in Jesus Christ, ------- and family.

I warmly greet you and your dear family in the name of Jesus Christ our only blessed hope, Lord and Savior.

Thanks a lot for hearing from you and as you request or ask me to advise you on how much it takes or costs me to totally feed and support my dear wife and my children for every month or for one moth right now.

Brother on the fixed bills to fed and clothe my self and my whole family, excluding incidental like school tuition and anticipated medical cost expenses is not fixed depending on the of food stuffs selling prices, which some times goes up and drops down.

Therefore here I write to tell you more a bout our ordinary food stuff costs.

So am glad to tell you a bout, the kinds of food I buy and on how much I buy it depending in both good and bad times.

To tell you more dear brother!

Here I stay in a community of simple peasants who grow food crops on small bits of land.

We use iron hoes that we fix to long wooden handles to help us dig up and prepare our small pieces of land before sowing seeds.

In a year we have seasons of planting and harvesting.

As we have very small bits of land we do practice crop rotation, so the maize and beans we grow does not bear much grain even if we use fertilizers for improving the best harvest.

The first season of the year starts from January to April. But sowing is in between this season that takes place from earlier March to late April, when and if we have normal yearly rain fall at right times.

But if the rain fall fails to come at this time, any thing planted dries up leading to a terrible famine and the cost of food buying prices goes up from the usual price cost.

The other season starts each year from late June to September, but sowing takes place from earlier August to late September.

But if the rain again fails to come then every thing dries up as it happened recently last year 2007.

For now it the beginning of this week that have started to rain and only those who have prepared their pieces of land ready are sowing seeds for this season.

It is yesterday we planted our one kilogram of Hybrid maize with fertilizer for this season that we bought.

As the hybrid maize seeds that we planted earlier in August last year dried up, but the seeds that were planted towards the end of September to mid October last year, is now the only maize that people harvested.

But if for now, the rain will continue to fall until earlier June of this year 2008.

It is when we will harvest for the maize that we are planting in this season.

But for now the selling price is up because of the political crisis that was in our country for the last two months.

But if it fails to fall here between everything will dry out again and we shall terrible famine.

But know that for the last two months the price of maize went up from the usual price from 25 kshs per a 2kgs of maize to 45 kshs, so one sack or bag contains 40 of 2 kgs and which is now selling @ 1,800 kshs,( in words one thousand six hundred Kenyan shillings only).

Therefore to buy three and half bags of maize each month for our use right now will cost @ 5,400 kshs (in words five thousand and four hundred Kenyan shillings only).

Also to buy 20 of 2 kgs of beans each costing 2 kgs selling @ 120 kshs and so for a month it cost 3,600 kshs.

As the usual price of 2kgs was selling @ 80 kshs and went up to 120 kshs for the last two months.

To buy 6 of 2kgs of rice for each month will cost 1, 800 kshs.

Other food stuffs like, potatoes, and bananas will cost 1, 200 each month.

Also extractives and others, like tomatoes , carrots , onions, oranges, paw paws and pumpkins and cabbage, cooking oil , paraffin(kerosene) , sugar , fish , salt , all will cost 3, 405 kshs.

My costs will be 3,000 to 3,500 kshs each month.

After all these costs expenses will end up saving nothing for each month.

That is how things are with us here. Therefore the food I usually buy is Maize, rice, beans, millet, cassava, potatoes and bananas etc as it is our main stable foods that we use out here.

But I let you know dear brother that will also share these costs with other five that I keep who stay with me as I wrote you earlier.

Together including my self and my family we are all twelve.

The maize and beans we grow is only we depend entirely for everything for food and sale to help us buy our essential commodities like, cooking oil, salt, washing soap, paraffin, house hold goods, clothing, and match boxes etc.

Therefore we entirely depend on them for our daily living expenses and plant them twice every year.

But as things are not good at this moment now the selling price of maize is high than the usual price as shown above and it is only for food excluding clothing.

I also buy other kinds of food for our use like, potatoes, rice, millet mixed with dried up cassava for making red porridge for our break fast.

I some times buy some fruits for our use like, paw paws, mangoes, and carrots.

As we can not meet the price of buying milk for our use in making tea or coffee drink and unfortunately have no tamed cow or goat of our own to milk.

Therefore, my dear brother to answer your question you ask me on if I have a cow or goat, My answer is that I have no cow or goat and if I have to keep one it needs cost expenses to buy it and feed it using zero grazing method as our piece of land is very small.

Also I keep five children at my home.

We buy bananas, Cassava, pumpkin etc for our use.

Thank you for your time, attention and May God richly bless is my prayer.

Your brother in Jesus Christ.

3 John2


List your charity to help, and how much to give them....

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    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      A little Alfa does not seem to difficult, provided you need it to get around whilst you are helping others!

      I'll put you on the list.


    • Lady_E profile image


      10 years ago from London, UK

      A great way to spend it - You have a big heart. Errh... if there is any left over, I wouldn't mind a small Alpha Romeo car.

      On a serious note, it seems money isn't enough to go round these days, even though there are thousands of charities for Poor kids, people who have Heart problems and other health problems, abused kids, homeless in different parts of the world... but every little helps.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Chris (may I call you that?)

      Well we intend to send people to work as 'volunteers' (paid by us) to see how genuine someone is before we send them cash.... does that make sense?

      After all, we want to give away $100 million, so paying a few hundred real people with a heart and commitment would be a low cost way of checking people out, cheaper than full due diligence (which can be cheated anyway)

      So when we start, if you are willing, maybe you could be one of them?

      You chose where you want to help out, we send you!

      Giving away $100 million is a hard task, we will need help!

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      10 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      There are so many people need money, and help in this world, I wouldnt know where to start.

      Some christian organisations do a lot of good, and deserve to be supported, and then some of them seem to be in alliance with Satan, like those behind the shennanigans in Uganda. So what can one do?

    • UlrikeGrace profile image


      10 years ago from Canada about to Rescue Missions for the homeless that are funded by faith! Not the Government but by dfaith in God. That would be a great place to donate funds. Blessings to you brother...this has been a great eye opener...

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Someway, I agree, and that is basically my approach also, move around at Gods command and help out as you go, when you find folk who need help, and do the whole thing incognito, trouble is, we would NEVER manage to get very far or help many people, time would preclude us doing that.... NOW if we had a hundred volunteers doing this, funded from a central fund, they would only need to give out $1,000,000 a year, much more manageable!

      Who wants to volunteer!

    • SomewayOuttaHere profile image


      10 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

      i read this a few days ago and meant to comment. It'd be very hard to distribute all of the dollars...I think I'd like to travel with a suit case full of cash and/or truck load of other resources - go there and see and know that it makes a difference....and work along side for awhile and then move on (and return later)'d take me forever because I wouldn't want to just write cheques...i'd want to take part in making a difference somehow...good hub! good thoughts...

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Dave, I'm assuming that in fact I am a fiscal nomad, i.e. I would never reside anywhere long enough to form residency status or domiciliary, and the $100 million would be spent as it arrived, hence no interest worries, besides which 1% interest if not very interesting.

      Not being American, my tax status is not on world wide income, so for me, once I have been non res for over a year (and I have, for many a year) then I am immune from localized taxation based upon residency.

      For instance in Malaysia, ex pats are ONLY liable for any tax on income earned in Malaysia, so if your income comes from elsewhere, you are tax free legally.

      Now all I need is that $100 million dollar income!

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      10 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      John are you taking into consideration the amount of interest you would accumulate over even just one year, or the amount of taxes that would have to be paid. The principle amount may or may not be tax free, but the interest received would be taxed to the max.

      How about donations to major food banks, and "Save the children" Maybe meals on wheels. There are thousands of worthwhile charities that help care for the less fortunate both locally and around the world.


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