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Thai Buddha Magic and Occultism- Yantra Tattooing/ Nam Man Prai Oil

Updated on February 21, 2012

Yantra Tattooing is also known as Sak Yant which traditionally used with a long bamboo stick that is sharpened at a point called mai sak or with a long metal spikes called Khem Sak. Yantra tattooing is a magic tattoo which bestows mystical powers and is normally given by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest. Sak means tattoo and yant is a sacred geometric design that incorporate mantras or katas; which believed to invoke supernatural powers. Sak Yant has been carried throughout Asia 2000 years ago and by far Thailand is the highest devotees. Sak Yant also inscribed onto cloth known as Pha Yant and it is also applied on metals as well. You can place it in the vehicle, house, or under your pillow.

In Cambodia, the tattoos were used for self protection which believed that the Yantra (magical power) to ward off evil. The tattoo were supposedly guarantee that the person cannot receive any physical harm as long as they observe certain rules. And if they broke the rule, the spell well no longer be useful.

There are many types of design such as:

Ongk Pra- most comony used elements in Yantra tattooing. It is meant to provide insight guidance, illumination

Haa Taew- Yantra design for women. It is meant to provide success and good luck

Gow Yord- Tattooed on the center top of the back, simple picture.

See Yord- to influence the feeling or action of others

Paed Tidt- Protection in all eight directions of the universe

Sip Tidt- Protect ten direction of the universe

Mahaniyom- To grant the bearer favor in the eyes of others

YordMongkut- good fortune and protection in battle; usually tattooed on the top of the head

Bpanjamukhee- intended toward off illness and danger

Sua- Power and authority

There has been many stories being told that Yantra are very powerful, it has protect them from harm. For instant, a story being told many years ago that pass on from one ancestor to the next; a bullet being shot at a very close range failed to pierce through the skin. Another story being told that they been in a very horrific tragic car accident but everyone walked out from the car not injured. I and my fiancé personally experience many tragic incident, but thanks to Pha Yant, we walked from this tragic fine.

Nam Man Prai Oil "Magical Oil"

Nam Man Prai oil is an ancient amulet that Thai used since the past and until now. It is a sacred oil for metta used in love charm or for increased in business or luck in gambling. Prai oil has many different forms and method of making by using human corpse oil as its base concentrated essence and coconut fats from broken coconut that used in funeral ceremonies to break open over the face of a recent dead.

Ancient time, how it was made...from woman corpse that died during pregnancy. They take the hair, skull, forehead bones, and singe the chin of the corpse to take the oil.

You must used it with extreme care because it is very powerful. Most is endowed with two spirit: Deva tree spirit from tree and banana tree spirit. Some used 7 dead woman corpse.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Christy, your welcome and thank you for taking your time to read and comment. I appreciate it! :)

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      What a beautifully worded hub about beautiful designs. Thank-you for introducing me to the tattoos.