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A Thankful Prayer

Updated on January 9, 2015

Thank God, Today. Read it Out Loud.


Today is a special day - it really is.

Today I feel touched by an angel - connected to my spirit - that joyous one that inhibited my body as a baby and a young child.

Today I feel that I am closer to what my heart desires.

Today I am content and I accept that everything comes when the timing is perfect.

Thank You…

Thank YOU God, for giving me another day; another chance to become a better individual; another chance to give & experience love.

Thank YOU God, for giving me health; for the food YOU provide; and for the awareness YOU have awaken in me.

Thank YOU God, for all the wonderful people in the world and for the close ones who give my life a special & lovely meaning.

Thank YOU God, for all the pleasures that I continue to enjoy: music, love, nature's beauty, a nice smile, a whisper of hope, a sincere advice, a sweet compliment, a loving hug, and much much more.

Thank YOU God, for the energy that feeds my soul, the sun that warms my body and the air that fills my lungs, and much much more.


Because of YOU God, I delight in the good & beauty around me, for YOU have created all that's good.

Because of YOU God, I am learning to love and accept myself.

Because of YOU God, I am learning to appreciate and love every bit of my life.


God, please keep me connected to my joyous spirit, keep me aligned to my higher purpose - the one you trusted that I could do, when you created me.

God, please stay with me for I need you in order to fulfill my spiritual tasks.

God, please teach me. God, I seek YOU with all my heart.

God, please show me how to love myself, & to love others and see the beauty YOU created in each & every one.

God, please help me become a better person. God, please purify my heart. God, please help me develop into the type of person that I would like to befriend, help me forgive myself and forgive others.

God, please make me a channel of YOUR Divine goodness and YOUR Healing energy and help me understand.

God, please make me an instrument of YOUR Love, YOUR Joy, YOUR Abundance, YOUR Well-being, YOUR Love.

Love You…

Thank YOU God for giving me another day, another unused opportunity to do it right.

Please God stay in my heart. For I need YOU. Please grant my wishes and answer my prayers - the ones YOU know are best for me.

God, I Trust YOU. I LOVE YOU, and I Need YOU. Keep me close. Teach me. Stay with Me.

God, please bless all those who inspired the writing of this prayer.

God please bless all those who pray.

© 2015 Amel Abouelhassan


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