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Be Thankful It's All About The Light

Updated on November 13, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

The Blue Lava Lamps in Life

~Through the lava in life look for the light~
~Through the lava in life look for the light~

Check out this snare...

Being thankful is essential; I would like to reflect on the snares of life while always looking for the light in dark places.

A pup gets caught, tangled in a chain-link fence. Does the puppy fight with desperation to wiggle free? Does he use every ounce of strength to escape his situation? Was he able to shake himself loose on his own? You are the judge.

Check out the video below.

Lava turns to light if our focus of thanksgiving is in the right place!

We are often like the pup stuck in the fence, getting distracted, running full force into something with no genuine concern or sense of consequence. After reckless abandon, we can find ourselves caught hanging, dangling by a slight grip, holding on with everything we have. Often we’re not careless. We find ourselves caught in the traps of life by an unyielding circumstance beyond our control. In both situations we run into by omission of consequence and those grabbing hold of us, the truth remains, neither is something we get out of on our own. We’re not always aware that it has nothing to do with luck!


How do we spend the time in between

There is an undisclosed allotment of time within a new day, so make it matter. It’s mesmerizing sitting in a quiet room, listening or not, yet still being able to hear the ticking of a clock. Please close your eyes; the rhythmic clicks become soothing in their consistency. It’s a known fact that the next will follow one click unless they stop! We spend time with the questions about time. Here are the answers. Time stands still, and one day, it ends!

We are human; we try to live in the now, but clicks can become overwhelming, at least until it happens. What you ask - until what happens?

The second-hand stops! The rhythmic click is inaudible, and there is utter silence. Not when things get quiet, the silence of not beating, clicking, ticking, or breathing. These silences are rare, but do we take them for granted when they happen?

In such moments, we pass the point of fight and struggle, reaching a place of surrender, releasing ourselves to peace. In that place, nothing matters. Here in this space, you are being held, holding yourself to the point of release and the safety of letting go.

This moment is it, folks, this time in between is where you meet the Holy Spirit as His presence surrounds you. There is nothing more amazing! It feels like you’re floating in a blue lava lamp; I suggest you go with it because it is a ride you will never forget. A trip you can’t take from your memory. It’s with you, and you are in awe of the blessing when you get to do that ride again one day. And the best part is you can’t wait!

Be thankful it's time to prepare the way ...

The space in between is practice for the best ride ever

That space in between is where moments here on earth become a practice for the best ride of your life. The trip home to the best reunion ever. The gathering where it matters not what you look like, what you wear or who you are, even what lava you had to get through to get there, because it is not about you, but it’s all about Him.

In the above video, the police officer took a wire cutter, set the pup free, and called him the whole time, begging him to quiet himself so he could save him. Once the puppy settled, the patrolman could grab hold of the snare and clip it away, freeing him.

After they released the pup, he ran straight to the one who freed him, wanting to stay right there in the safety of that patrol car. It is a sweet reunion mixed with shock by the patrolman! True freedom is better.

When released by God, He’s not shocked that we run to His side. Our Father is expecting your snare, and God plans for your return to Him. He plans your first surrender and your next. When you put Him on a shelf, and you admit it, your Father moves closer to you. He is calling you, and if you listen, you will find Him for the clicking to stop long enough to let go.

Once you know He is there, you know He is a forever loved. Unconditional love and everything He brings to you or allows is for your good. He doesn’t let things harm and constantly sends His Lava Lamp of light to surround you. It may be blue, it may be pink, it may be green, but it is just for you.

Give thanks for times gathering close to those we love and care about, either in physical presence, phone, Skype, chats, or in thought. I propose we take a minute, an hour, or every minute, depending on where you are, and go to the light, the truth, and thank Him. He is waiting, and ’He’s always there.

His yoke is easy, His burden is light, and He loves you. So how about sending up praise for the guy upstairs? If you go through a lava lamp on the way, it’s just Him, the Holy Spirit bringing you into the Godhead, so say hello to Jesus, know it’s because of His sacrifice you woke up today and why there is Thanksgiving. Let us praise Him with our actions, breath, and life. It is just a click between here and there; ’it’s how we spend the time in-between ’that’s important.

May you see many blessings,but please take a moment to be and praise Him.

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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