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The 12 Houses of Birth Chart- Part 2

Updated on April 25, 2014

In the previous article I wrote about the first six houses of the birth chart. This is the second part of the 12 houses of the birth chart. You can read the first part here.

The seventh house – descendant

While the first house of the natal chart is known as the ascendant, the seventh house is known as the descendant. This house is the opposite of the first house and is ruled by Libra. The seventh house represents other people and the native's behaviour towards others. It deals with contracts, marriages and open enemies. It deals with how the native perceives other people. Unlike casual relationships, serious, long term relationships are found here. It also deals with justice, law and adversaries. This is the third important house of a birth chart.

The eighth house

The eighth house is all about death and resurrection and is aptly governed by Scorpio. Death necessarily need not pertain to physical death, but the completion of something and a new beginning of something new. The house deals with crisis, transformations, financial investments and sexuality. It also deals with inheritances, money earned from other sources, power, occult, healing and reincarnation.

The ninth house

The ninth house deals with spirituality and philosophy. While the third house deals with short trips, the ninth house deals with faraway travels. Aptly, it is governed by Sagittarius. Travel usually includes foreign travel, foreigners, voyages and travel for higher learning. Other things the house deals with includes theology, higher learning, languages, education, prophecy and expanding of one's horizons. The house also deals with legality and religion.

The tenth house – Midheaven

This is the fourth important house of the birth chart. Also called midheaven, the house is opposite to the fourth house of the birth chart. The house deals with one's professional career as well as social status as compared to the native's family background. It includes one's ambitions, aspirations, achievements, potential fame and the mother's influence. The house is governed by Capricorn.

The eleventh house

The eleventh house deals with the native's friends, projects and protectors. The house describes the nature of the native's friends, the kind of group activities the person is involved in such as clubs, sports and volunteering, the place he/she occupies within the group and social life. The house also deals with humanitarian causes and charity. Also called as the house of hopes and wishes, this is the house where dreams come true. One significant planetary transit in this house can make many dreams come true. The house is governed by Aquarius, the water bearer.

The twelfth house

This is the last house of the birth chart and it deals with a person's inner self as well as inner psyche. As the house is governed by Pisces, it deals with a variety of areas concerned to the psyche. It deals with occult, secrets, seclusion, drugs, addictions, psychic matters, solitude, exile, escapism, hidden fears, paranoia, spirituality, faith and dreams. It also deals with the ordeals underwent by the person in his life.

Now that you know what the 12 houses of the birth chart deal with, you can grab your birth chart and start understanding about yourself.


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    • karthikkash profile imageAUTHOR

      Karthik Kashyap 

      6 years ago from India

      Thanks a lot Dilara and Bubbie :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I read your post and wished I'd wrtiten it


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