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The 3 daily devotions books that changed my life

Updated on September 15, 2015

No boring and easily forgotten daily devotions for me please

You see them by the dozens. Every Christian bookstore has them. Those mediocre, boring and easily forgotten daily devotionals that do nothing to touch the heart.

Sure, they have their purpose. Using a daily devotional book is a really great way to start the day. But for me, these common books - the ones most commonly available - are not radical enough. They do nothing to stir me.

Daily devotions that give real hope

How about you? Have you found a daily devotional that really speaks to your heart? I have found only three since I got saved in 1998.


And all three were not easily come by. You probably won't find them in your local Christian bookstore, and don't even bother looking for them in secular book shops.

I'm not sure why they are so hard to find. Because they give so much hope to a child of the Most High. They have given me so much hope.

I'll tell you why. The messages come from God through prophecy. They are not from the writer. And therein lies the difference.

God-inspired, not man-inspired.

God knows how to touch the heart of every man.

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Books that stir up controversy

Before you go on reading, you may want to spend a moment in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and give you insight.

Because Christian books that are not mainstream stir up a lot of controversy from people who have no understanding.

Just look at all that's said about the Bible.

Any book that is not mainstream will tend to stir up controversy. In the case of Christian books that really speak into the human heart, or contain real nuggets of truth, Satan understands the power they have and the hope they give and does his best to obliterate that.

Take Dr. Rebecca Brown's range of books around the topic of Satanism and her experience with it. You will hear a lot of negativity about her books from Christians. But her book, "Prepare for War" is the book that the Lord used to save me.

The first daily devotions book that changed my life - and keeps changing my life - is a book that comes from another writer who has stirred up controversy. Just do an Internet search on "Gwen Shaw" and you'll know what I mean...

More on Gwen Shaw's daily devotions book later. For now, let's get back to controversy.

Dr. Rebecca Brown's "Prepare for War"

Prepare for War is often burned by Satanists

This book is often purchased from book stores and burned because of the many truths contained in it. Satan does not want you to know about them.

Many Christians don't like to think they face a real enemy. They do their best to avoid thinking about spiritual battle.

It's for this reason that books like this are rejected by Christians and unbelievers alike.

If only they realized the hope that God-inspired books like these can bring them!

Why many Christians reject deeper truths

Before I started writing this, I asked the Lord to give me the words. The first daily devotions book that changed my life was one by Gwen Shaw (more on the book later).

I retrieved my copy of Gwen Shaw's book to find an excerpt to give you later in this artile, and funnily enough (or not so funny, take your pick), my eye fell on a daily devotion in her book for February 27th.

It actually gives the answer as to why many Christians reject deeper truths:

She quotes John 16:12 where it says, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now."

And the Lord, through Gwen Shaw, says this in the book: "My children are living in different stages of growth. Some are more advanced in their knowledge of truth and more able to receive instruction than others. It has always been so.

Because some of My children are spiritually retarded, they are not able to receive advanced spiritual revelation. It is even dangerous to give to these the deeper truths of the Father for they will use them ignorantly and to their destruction."

I am thankful for hand maidens of the Lord like Gwen Shaw and Rebecca Brown.

The first daily devotional book that changed my life: Daily Preparations for Perfection - heavenly truths as given by the Holy Spirit to Gwen Shaw

Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts

After using my Gwen Shaw Daily Preparations for Perfection daily devotional book for years on end, I finally decided it was necessary to locate a new book.

By chance (or not so much), I came across Frances Roberts' "Come Away My Beloved". What a source of comfort and hope it proved. Also written as God talking to you, it is powerful and heart touching.

An excerpt:

"My child, do not share your burdens with all who come to you professing concern. I, Myself, am the great burden-bearer. You need not look to another. I will lead you and guide you in wisdom from above. All things will be as I plan them, if you allow Me the freedom to shape circumstances and lead you to the right decisions. I am merciful and kind. I love you beyond measure. I intend to do you good; and I will bring to you those who can truly help, if you leave all in My hands."

Make Haste My Beloved by Francis Roberts

I live in South Africa. Gwen Shaw has many, many books and hers are my first choice, but they are not available in South Africa and there are no Kindle versions of her books yet.

So when I was done with "Come Away My Beloved", I bought another one by Francis Roberts called, "Make Haste My Beloved". Similar to "Come Away My Beloved". Also very beautiful and heart changing.

The third daily devotions book that changed my life: Make Haste My Beloved by Francis Roberts

In summary

None of the three books which changed my life have very appealing covers. I am sure they would not attract great attention anywhere.

But if you're yearning for deeper truths, you will never be sorry for buying these.

What do you think?

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