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The 5th House in Astrology

Updated on January 5, 2014

The Fifth House

The natal astrological chart of every person is separated into houses that equal twelve. Every house has a specific potency for indicating our lives’ various aspects. For instance, the self-image of a person is related to the First House as well as the way people express themselves to the world. The next house after this one is the 2nd house which relates to material values, possessions and personal resources.


The way you express yourself in the romantic way is related to the Fifth House. The resources of the family in the form of kids as well as creative and artistic pursuits are included. As the zodiac is revolved around by planets, they form aspects to each planet in your Fifth natal house and the planets it rules. The transiting planets that go through the 5th house will also influence our lives’ 5th house. Some aspects of the planet will be a help while others can be challenging.

This house is a description of the recreational and creative activities of a person, his love affairs, hobbies, children, relationship, luck in gambling and all pleasant things in the life of a native.

The 5th House is ruled by the Sun and Leo. Commonly referred to as the Pleasure House, what most folks forget is that many times, pleasure is the direct result of creativity. Essentially, the simple act of creation is making something by giving of one’s self. The 5th house speaks of children and procreation as well. It also addresses culture and art. The life of creativity is one where much self-satisfaction and personal pleasure can be derived. Does this bring you pleasure? Make you feel great? Do you like this? The responses you give are what the 5th house is all about.

You can take this principle of pleasure one further step and you can give it the face of human beings. Within the realm of the Fifth House are emotional pleasures that include romantic affairs and romance. Satisfaction emotionally can be achieved in more ways than one. At the same time, gambling is also something that this house addresses. While this implies risks financially, it can also be seen as being okay with risk taking in terms of life, money and love. A risky gut in the hopes of an outcome that is pleasurable is involved in the Fifth House. Actually, the house is actually filled with pleasures since it rules over hobbies, games and fun. Life is more than just doing or being. It also includes finding pleasures in the activities you are engaged in.


Also in the Fifth House, children are a source of joy. This brings up back to being creative since through your kids you create of yourself an extension and watch this as it grows. Giving kids all the best that you can plus more is certainly a pursuit that is pleasurable. This manifests itself in the forms of emotional release and pleasures that are best for kids including literature, science, art, theatre, dance and music. These are for both parents and children. For the purpose of emotional enrichment, play and pure pleasure is what encompasses the Fifth House.

Themes of Life

The fifth house has themes of life that include the Dad, amusement, games, celebrations, dramatic storytelling, performance, gambling, creative risks, pride, artful self-expression, children, play, friendships, partying style and holidays.

Creative Expression

The way in which you creatively express yourself is held in the 5th house. What about yourself do you like to celebrate and flaunt? What in life makes you proud? The fifth house shows the way in which you outwardly radiate, as it is the Sun’s house. What makes you totally who you are is what you create. This could be works of home décor, crafts, fashion, literature, works of art or even your children.

Outward Expressions

The way in which your joy for life is expressed is shown by this house. At times it can also point to the natural enthusiasm you have that is either channelled in a disciplined way or it is being squelched. Usually, when the house happens to have Saturn in it, it gets channelled in a way that is disciplined. This is the house of fun and pleasure, from holiday festivities, parades, trips to the amusement park and parties. Since spontaneous life enjoyment is represented by the 5th house, it is the realm of the child eternal within. When you are in the mood for fun and games, this house features all the sports and games we choose and what we do for pleasure purely.

The Creative House

The way you express yourself through art, your social and romantic life plus your performance style is guided by planets. This house rules creative endeavors. This house is about what stirs your passion and what your passions happen to be. Love affairs and romance are coloured by this house. The seventh house, however is what rules over marriage. The mutual regard, flying sparks and celebrations you share in relationships remain aflame through the fifth house’s flavours.

Ruled by Leo

Ruled by Leo, the 5th house is related to the Dad. On the other hand, rather than the 10th house’s stern authoritarian, this house rules the Father. How did he show pride or play? It extends to the way you parent, with this house reflecting how you relate to kids in general and your own mini-me.

Your Persona

A persona of being larger than life is something a fifth house can give you, making you hard to forget in the eyes of others. You will have strong needs to dramatically tell the story of your life. There are tendencies to seek approval constantly or to go overboard. On the other hand, when anything you do has a stamp of authenticity, this will make others attracted to you. A stronger 5th house points to general confidence, self-respect, regal bearing qualities and leadership.

Good Karma

Ruled by the Sun, the fifth house is Leo-influenced. It is one house that every individual does like, as it is where good karma is stored. Not many people know that this house also rules curses and tragedies. Most folks know that it does rule over inner satisfaction, hobbies, dating, romance, the values imparted by you to your kids and your own experience of going through childhood. This house also rules heroes, fame, popularity, performing and affection. Everything that gives you pride personally and everything you love doing is the matter of the fifth house.

Hand in Hand

Prosperity and tragedy walk hand in hand and so does luck. Another fifth house issue is the way in which you are able to deal with reacting to events that are tragic. In a house, any planets that are inside it weaken or strengthen it. This makes it less or more significant depending on your own particular natal birth chart and birthday.

The Law of Chance

This house is involved with the native’s ability to take advantages of the Law of Chance at times that they are in its favour. Under the control of chance, the effects are whether or not chance will operate in his favor or not. For instance, the essence of chance in matters of emotions and romance yield either satisfactory emotions or disturbances. This contrasts strongly with 11th house results of influence which determines whether there will be a denial or a gratification of desires, wishes and hopes. The Fifth house shows whether a person is able to have the resources to get what satisfies him.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Thanks for the great understanding of the 5th house-- it's so true that so many people don't think astrology works because they focus on their sun sign, they don't realize they are the sum total of the position of many different planets. This just adds another piece to the puzzle. I had my chart drawn up years ago, for the life of me i can't remember most of what I learned. I might need to have it done again.


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