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The 8 Siddhis And 9 Nidhis (Treasures)

Updated on November 29, 2015

What Are Siddhis And Nidhis

Whole life humans keeps on satisfying their selfish worldly desires and ultimately fails to discover their full potential.There are various powers hidden inside the humans which they never discovers through out their life. There are various evidences found in the world where people are found capable of doing extraordinary things and breaking the laws of science for example Sri Guru Rambau Swami of Tanjore is able to unify with fire without harming himself.A documentary by the name "The Fire Yogi Of Tanjore" explaining his powers can be found on youtube.There are many such people in the world possessing such powers but many less come forward to show their powers to the world. Some people are even born with such special abilities or powers and mostly use them to make money. But it is not that only these people can enjoy such powers rather every human has the potential to achieve them through certain special techniques. Such techniques includes meditation,mudras ,chakra opening etc.These powers can be called as the byproducts of these techniques as the ultimate aim of these techniques is to lead the practitioner to enlightenment. I have covered all these techniques in my hub Opening The Chakras - Technique To Higher Meditation .With years of practice of these techniques one can gradually awake these powers .These powers are called siddhis in Sanskrit.

Description About Siddhis Found In Various Sacred Litreatures

1.The "Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali " contains in depth information about these siddhis and how to achieve them.

2.Lord Krishna has given description about various siddhis in "Bhagvada Purana".

3."Samkhyakari", one of the earliest surviving text of Samkhya school of Indian philosophy describes about various types of siddhis.

4."Markandeya Purana" also give description about various siddhis."Bhramhavaivarta purana " describes about 17 types of siddhis.

5."Riga Veda",one of the 4 vedas in Hinduism describes about 8 major siddhis.

6..Mantra and Tantra shastra describes various methods to obtain these siddhi.

7.These 8 siddhis and 9 nidhis also have their description in " Hanuman Chalisa" . One of the line in Hanuman chalisa reads " Asthsiddhi navnidhi ke datta" which means granter of the 8 siddhis and 9 nidhis. It is said that gaining full perfection or siddhi over hanuman chalisa can grant one all these siddhis and nidhis.This is achieved by regular chanting of Hanuman chalisa.Most of the mantras(spells),chalisa,stotra begin showing the results after a minumum chanting of 1,25,000 times.

In Hinduism the main gods worshiped for obtaining these siddhis are lord Ganesha,lord Hanuman,lord Bhairava and goddess Kali.There are 8 types of major sidhhis and 21 types of secondary sidhhis . Apart from siddhis there are 9 types of nidhis or divine treasures.These treasure are said to belong to the Hindu god of wealth i.e "Kuber". As the person advances in the above told techniques they begin discovering these siddhis and niddhis. Although these powers or siddhis are said to be gained by years of practice but it ultimately depends on one's dedication , regularity and faith on how long it actually takes to achieve them .

The 8 Major Siddhis or Asthsiddhi:

The 8 major siddhis according to Rigveda are as following:

1. Anima: The person with this ability can become smaller than the smallest.

2. Mahima: The person with this ability can become as big as possible or ability to gain massive size is mahima.

3. Garima:The person with this ability can become as heavy as possible or the ability to gain massive weight is called garima.

4.Laghima: This sidhhi can make one as light as possible.This siddhi enables one to fly in air.

5.Prapti: With this siddhi all the restrictions are removed ,the person can achieve any goal without any obstacle.

6.Prakamya: With this siddhi a person can fulfill their any wish.

7.Vashita : This siddhi grants one with the ability to control others and make them do anything.

8. Isthva: This is highest of all siddhis and grants one with the absolute lordship .

Secondary Siddhis

In Bhagvada purana lord Krishna describes about 10 secondary siddhis which are as follows:

1.Anurmimattvam: Control over hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites

2.Durasravans: Hearing distant things without the need to go there.

3.Duradarsanam: Seeing distant things without the need to go there.

4.Manojavah: With this siddhi a person can reach instantly anywhere that they desire .

5.Kamarupam: With this siddhi one can take any form thaat they desire.

6.Parakaya pravesanam: The siddhi to enter in the body of others.

7.Svachanda mrtyuh:The siddhi of dying when one desires.

8.Devanam saha krida anudarsanam: Witnessing and participating in the past aesthetic plays of the gods

9.Yatha sankalpa samsiddhih: The siddhi of accomplishment of anything that one determines for.

10.Ajnapratihata gatih: Orders or commands being not obstructed.

The 9 Navnidhis

The 9 navnidhis or treasures belongs to the Hindu deity of wealth i.e Kubera. The various types of navnidhis belonging to god Kubera are are as follows:

1.Padma: A lake in Himalaya with minerals and jewels.

2. Mahapadma: A in Himalaya double the size of padma with minerals and jewels.

3.Makara:Black antimony.

4. Nila: Antimony.

5.Mukunda: cinnabar or quicksilver.

6. Kunda: Arsenic.

7. Kharva: Cups or vessels baked in fire.

8.Kachchhapa :Tortoise or turtle shell.

9.Sankha :Conch shell

The book "Amarakosha" written by the ancient Indian scholar Amarasimh also descrubes about various types of 9 nidhis.According to "Amarakosha" the nine nidhis are:

1.Mahapadma: "Great lotus flower"

2.Padma :"Lotus flower"

3.Shankha :"Conch"

4.Makara :"Dolphin or crocodile"

5. Kachchhapa: "Tortoise"

6.Mukunda :"A particular precious stone"

7. Kunda: "Jasmine"

8.Nila :"Sapphire"

9. Kharva :"Dwarf"

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