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The 9th House in Astrology

Updated on April 11, 2014

The ninth house is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius. The themes of this house include expansion, publishing, reading, religion, philosophy, seeking, journeying, foreign travel, adventure, quest, learning and travel.


This house defines the search for the expansion of horizons. It is here that you will get an insight into what keeps you going in life. As you know by now, each house in the zodiac has a ruling planet and a sun sign that corresponds as its influence cosmically. Your desires and interest to learn about various things comes from the 9th house. The zest and expansion of Jupiter, the planet, is apparent here as well as the desire to understand other religions, experience other culture and travel to foreign land. It is here where being inquisitive or not is established. Your desire for learning as well as your ability to learn comes into play in this house. This includes your educational background and how far in college you had gone. If you will return to university or college, it is seen through the ruler or the house.

Professional License

Any professional license forms are seen here as well. This includes all aspects of mandates, laws, ceremonies, official sanctions and every other lawful aspect. This house has to do with the law’s inner workings and the way governing bodies operate. The government and the law as well as the way they work and influence a larger scale community is part of this house. While the third house rules influence and rules towards others on a 1 to 1 basis, this house influences the community and society as a whole. The pursuit of knowledge as well as knowledge is also within this house.

Your Principles

Also ruled by this house are your religious outlooks, principles and beliefs as well as personal ethics and philosophies. These are found in your chart’s 9th house sector including destiny, fate, karma and how much faith you have in God. Your abilities of influencing people in large groups through publishing and writing are all within this house as well. Your ability to draw fortune to yourself and good fortune through positive attitudes and thinking are under this house. Any 9th house planets may weaken or strengthen it, making it less or more significant according to your own particular natal birth cart or your birthday.

The Philosophy House

Commonly referred to as the Philosophy House, the 9th House in astrology has to do with the search for life’s meaning and this is the focus. As people explore their world, they begin grasping every available thing, and this results in understanding. The comprehension of what you feel and see as well as further probing is involved with the hope of realizing what is real and what is not in the world

Higher Education

Through education that is higher, people have the hope of being able to comprehend theories and concepts that will be an enhancement to the world. Whether it is psychology or philosophy, this house is a reminder to each and every person that we are on a discovery voyage. On this path, people face the ideas that shape their ethic even further. One other approach to a more clear understanding of life and of its hidden mysteries is through being spiritual. Accepting and understanding that which is more great than us and the surrounding world is the 9th House Key.

Core Tenets

The sad part is that in the face of what we have, we may not always be humble. A solid comprehension of life’s possibilities might just lead to greed and ruthless ambition, as well as the self’s over expansion. To most effectively face these demons in the world that we live in, laws have to be made and followed. These are for the positive and orderly growth of society in the same way that religion and philosophy help in adding purpose and focus to a society that is productive. This involves the way in which society members relate and respecting as well as knowing the laws involved. These are the 9th House’s core tenets.


The ways in which outer and inner lives are expanded are also answered by this house. Interaction with other people as well as travel and discovering other cultures is a means to this end. Your dreams which illustrate and speak of future as well as past events help in molding relationships and beings. In the same light, it also helps relationships. One this is taken a step forward, those that bear important information and psychics are also involved.

This House also address multinational and publishing ventures such as businesses that involve export and import. The ninth house has a view which is multi-generational, taking into account in laws as well as grandchildren. At the day’s end, this house is described as inclined to philosophy to search for truth and meaning.

Expanded Horizons

The quest for expanding horizons is what the ninth house is about. Here you will find an insight into your fellow adventurers, higher education, spiritual seeking and travel scrapbook. This house is Jupiter’s and shows us what keeps us curious and growing in our lives. It involves what is leading each person into knowledge of broader circles, the kind that alters the view of the world. Synchronicity and signs show up in this house as well, sending signals about destiny’s paths. It is related to long transformative travel, higher education and longing to comprehend cross cultural spiritual experiences.

Evolutionary Experience

The ninth house determines how people absorb new ways of living, philosophies and new experiences. It also determines how people shape these into a perspective that is always evolving. Experiential knowledge is emphasized and the thrill of actively venturing forth. This house guides travels across every boundary type, lifting out the essentials of what has vitality and separating this from what does not. The mind skips out into fresh zones out of old grooves where there is a living landscape. The 9th house can also be considered to be a guide to what fascinates, especially the kind that brings new opportunities and broadens horizons.

Restored Faith

It is in this particular house where it is shown how your faith in living becomes restored. The little dramas and clues of this house are part of the quest for spirituality. It is a definition of what offers you that sense that you are on the right path in your life, following your spiritual growth path using clues. A 9th house that is strong gives you an awareness that it is rewarding to live, with the opportunities of new views to see around each corner. It shows how connected the dots are to makes sense of life’s journey.

Higher Concepts

This house is the realm of faraway travel, higher ideals, philosophy and spirituality. When it comes to the travel aspect, in this house this refers to both inner travels and outer travels on the physical plane. Unlike the third zodiac house, the ninth house is a representative of higher universities and education as well as being able to comprehend or understands topics that are abstract in nature. It is also related to religions, legalities and laws.

Think Big

Of all the houses in the zodiac, this one encourages you to think boldly and to think big. Thoughts of the future should be in the biggest terms. There seems to always be preparation of specific amounts needed before one is able to take advantage fully of the offerings of this house. International communications and relationships with people from abroad are covered by this house as well.


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    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 4 years ago from New York

      Interesting hub. I'm not familiar with the various houses and curious about learning more about them. Voted up!