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The Age of Aquarius is Here Now!

Updated on December 28, 2012

Full Moon Rising


Full Moon in Cancer

Today there is a Full Moon in Cancer December 28, 2012, with the Sun in Capricorn as full moons are always in the opposite sign of the sun, and it’s also the 13th full moon of the year going into 2013. Wow, pretty auspicious. And, the Solstice on December 21st did not end the World as we know it, or did it? Nothing physical seemed to happen, we are all in our bodies, continents did not fall into the sea, the earth did not go into a polar shift, yet! I am one of the millions on the planet that have been watching the approach to this cosmic event for over 10 years. Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, then the Harmonic Concordance in 2004 (see this site for more info) the 12/21/12 date has loomed large as the professed end of time according to the Mayan Calendar. We’ve seen so many films, books, websites, blogs, and media saturation concerning the date and lo and behold, we are still here – what a relief.

The Pleides


There was a shift.

With that said, there was a tremendous shift in our consciousness as the earth aligned with the sun and moon to the galactic equator, we completed a full precession of the equinoxes going through the twelve signs of the zodiac over a period of 25,625 years, and we’ve entered the huge photon belt that will take us 2000 years to traverse. If this sounds profound and amazing, it is. There is a great video that explains all of this in a very entertaining and scientific way – view that here. Or watch it below.

The Great Galactic Alignment

Solutions for our New Age

We have reached a turning point in our evolution and have officially entered the Age of Aquarius as of 12/21/12 and the galactic alignment, etc etc. It’s been a very reflective time for many, thousands, millions of us on the planet, and new innovative ways to do things and approach our numerous problems are in the works. We hear of paradigm shifts, new types of energy evolving, peacemakers on the rise and lots of positive thoughts circulating our environment. This New Year 2013 is truly a remarkable time in our history offering tremendous hope for the future while we also face tumultuous financial times that threaten to shake the World economy and plunge us into a devastating depression. It is my belief we will avoid this. I’m not sure how just yet, but there are solutions if our leaders would open their minds and hearts and listen to them. Greed, hate and ignorance do not have to prevail, we can change our fear to love and compassion with a little help from the new enlightened forces that have entered our awareness. I know this sounds very idealistic and “new agey” but that’s what we are in now, a New Age! There are lots of movements generating real solutions to our global mess.

The Shift Movie

More Solutions

The Money Masters has an excellent proposition to get us out of our financial conundrum, visit their site at The Money Masters. Just google global solutions, new paradigms, things like that, to find many such organizations. Fact is we can make a difference, each and every one of us, by living a more mindful life, being grateful for every moment we breathe, by sharing goodness with others, by knowing positive energy is stronger than negative and by practicing random acts of kindness. I’ve never had a lot of money, I don’t have a pension or job security now, but I do have a healthy body and a mindful brain that continues to keep me going finding ways to make enough dollars to survive and thrive. This brings me to one of my favorite movements,The Thrive Movement. You can watch that movie and gain tons of information and new ideas for a better world.

Give Peace a Chance!

Bottom line is that the doom and gloom forecast for 12/21/12 has transformed into the end of a cycle and the birth of a new chance to bring our consciousness up a notch and stop waging war and begin creating peaceful productive societies. It’s not going to be easy, but the alternative is to carry on with the killing and fighting and wasting of lives, resources and nations. We are all human with the same basic needs and wants. The love of power has to be transmuted into the Power of Love – and because of the recent cosmic events we really do have a paradigm shift in the making. Let’s give Peace a Chance!


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    • ruminator profile image

      ruminator 5 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      I agree totally, the feminine energy is finally emerging and will have a positive, peaceful force upon our physical reality. War has to be subdued or we will not survive as a race. The Divine Feminine will help advance this necessary change.

      Who are you? I can't click on your name, not a member here at HubPages?

    • profile image

      One time fo yo mind 5 years ago

      This hub is commendable.

      We are - as you eloquently portrayed by this hub - in a New Age.

      The Age of Pisces has passed us by and the masculine energies that dominated the last age will begin to diminish which ultimately mean that egotistical mindset which prevailed for the last two thousand years is in decline. All traits of this masculine energy have no place when the new energy of equilibrium balances the divine mind among humanity.

      We have for thousands of years been suppressed of feminine energy and as a result lost connection with spirit. This has happened because of the dominate power of masculine energy which has built a world around us of order out of chaos where the human race have lived in confusion. For this imbalance within the mind we have created a father figure in the psyche which has played out in reality. We have become master and slaves and established institutions to govern us both physically and spiritually where the physical has taken a front seat in our awareness of truth for the masculine energy that has held us back thrives on restriction and illusion. This was the birth of the ego and all fear based ideologies within mankind which has become our governmental, educational, religious and parental control systems that limits truth which in actuality is the suppression of feminine energies and spiritual understanding of awareness.

      Enjoyed the hub.