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The A Field The Akashic Connection

Updated on April 4, 2012
From Quantum non-locality to Universal strands of matter stretching off into infinity; the connection of all things in our universal experience.
From Quantum non-locality to Universal strands of matter stretching off into infinity; the connection of all things in our universal experience.
quantum entanglement or paired particles, nonlocality
quantum entanglement or paired particles, nonlocality


The Akashic Record or A Field

By: Cow Flipper

What is the Akashic Record? What is the A field? These are the names given to the matrix of information that is shared by all matter through something quantum scientists call action at a distance. All matter is connected at the very basic level of existence.Check out my hub (Reality Thought and Matter the Quantum Connection) Matter is connected by particle coupling and this has been proven in tests by quantum physicists in the lab. Matter shares information through a yet unknown or misunderstood medium, we call this the A field. This information is shared at about a billion times the speed of light. A particle of matter on one side of the universe coupled to its pair particle on the other side of the universe reacts at the exact same time to any change in its condition or state at that time.This is instantaneous information transference and totally boggles the minds of even our greatest scientists. This means that matter is sharing information all the time no matter how far away something is or at what time in the history of our universe that it is in at that time. Yes time is relative (check out my hub The True Nature of TIme) and is different at velocity and in mass. But that does not effect the instant information transference between particles.

Imagine every particle in existence all being on the phone with another particle talking all at once, all those conversations are happening all at the same time and every particle in the universe is conscious of all the other particles and their pairings. Though the particles are in their own states of existence they are all still sharing information all the time. In this way all things in the universe no matter what state they are in are sharing information all the time. This is the very essence of the A Field theory that states that matter is the seat of consciousness in the sense that matter is constantly and will always be and has always been connected.

This argument makes perfect sense if you prescribe to the idea that there was a big bang. If at the beginning of the universe everything was squeezed into a singularity a million times smaller than an atom then all the matter in the universe was at one time connected. This connection though now spread out over the eons is still in cohesion, it is still all part of the singularity it once occupied. This is the basis for the A field.

What Does This Mean?

Conscious beings such as ourselves (human beings) aware of our existence in the universe are also connected to this field. The principle parts of our bodies are all made of the same particles that everything else is made of. All the particles in the universe are connected within the A field. This means that we being in cohesive connectivity with the field are able to access the information that is being transferred within its matrix. This matrix of information exchange between the nonlocal particles outside ourselves (the particles we are made of) could give us an accounting for certain aspects of experience we don't yet understand. Experiences such as ESP, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis... the psychic experience in and of itself could be explained through the A field's connectivity. The field is the quantum entanglement of particles and since these particles share information you are the conscious acting living receiver of the said information. This is the A field or akashic record.


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      focus on living 5 years ago from United States

      Awesome post.