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The "All Seeing Eye" an Evil Symbol?

Updated on September 10, 2011

For years we have seen countless hubs and websites created by ill-informed conspiracy theorists advising that the All Seeing Eye is some sort of evil symbol indicating that the Devil himself is watching over us... wanting to control us and destroy the Earth with his New World Order.

Though I have always viewed these comments as horsefeathers and poppycock, with the lack of any credible information to say otherwise I could only argue back in unsupported commentary against their unsupported claim.

Today, however, I can confirm, without a doubt, that the "All Seeing Eye" is - in fact - a truly Holy symbol of God Almighty and not of His nemesis: Satan.

Having recently undertaken a pilgramage to the Holy Land and to see Pope Benedict, I toured through the Vatican and viewed the many works of art and Holy Symbols of God. In my travels I note that this "eye" is the "Eye of God" to which He looks down upon all of His creation and watches over us.

Herein is a photograph of one of many paintings of the Angels of God and that which is Holy. If you look closely, you will notice that the "eye" is clearly displayed between the Angels.

Most interesting is that it is exactly the same as the image used by the Freemasons and quite similar to that which can be found on back of the American one dollar note.

The theory that the All Seeing Eye of God is evil, is hereby proven false.


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  • profile image

    rdunn1224 4 years ago

    Well brother you know your stuff and you do one good job of making sure you get the facts to prove your fights.

  • profile image

    theskepticalsheep 4 years ago

    I just made an account to tell you this. you have just made a protestant know their place

  • CatholicMason profile image

    CatholicMason 6 years ago


    I'm afraid, my friend, that it is you who have been deceived by the Protestant church. A denomination born of sin that preaches the false belief that by faith alone will you be saved. Have you not read the Holy Bible? Do ye know not the true origins of the Protestant church?

    For not everyone who claims to believe in Christ will be saved; particularly those who claim belief but do no good works (Matt 7:22-23). To what benefit do you believe will befall you if you believe without good works (James 2:14) as "Faith, if it have not works, is dead" (James 2:17-20) you may have faith and I have works: show me your faith and I will show you my faith by works.

    And there are no idols in the Holy Catholic Church. Careful ye who calleth the eye of God to be that of His adversary; Satan.

  • Oscar Marin profile image

    Oscar Marin 6 years ago

    The Roman Catholic Church promotes false doctrines and misleads many. For broad the road that leads to destruction, many will go on it. The Roman Catholic Church promotes idolatry! And other abominations! You are deceived friend, works don't get you to heaven, only faith in Christ and you will be saved by grace. It's the gift from God. Faith is justified by works. Works without faith are vain. God is love.

    The all seeing eye is luciferian and it will usher in a one world religion. All religion combined.