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...The Archetype, Blodeuwedd...

Updated on November 1, 2011

What is an archetype?

As I am being redirected to other projects, editing and creating, I am noticing the subtle energies of the influences around me. Several months ago I started a new panel canvas and a woman with blonde hair appeared on its surface. The unmistaken images of birds began to appear to me. Hawks, cardinals, ravens and an owl. I love birds, of all kinds. So it is completely typical that I would have added one or two or more to a new piece of art.

Just about two weeks ago, I subtly began to notice one of my parchment pieces of art staring back at me from my computer files. Blodeuwedd, the Welsh Goddess, whose name means "Flower Face" began to draw my attention to her and her story. She was created out of flowers by two magicians who constructed her to be the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod. She was indeed his wife until one day when he was away and a hunter appeared to her and their feelings were intoxicating for each other. They planned to destroy Lleu when a year had passed. The murder came to pass but Blodeuwedd was caught and for her punishment, the magicians turned her into an owl forevermore.

Why is this goddess trying to get my attention? I have been reading a book called Sacred Contracts which discusses the idea of archetypes and their place in our lives. No matter what you believe in, the spirits are around us. Whether they be angels, ancestors or archetypes - these energies are around us, so subtly that they just may not appear to be there at all, unless you are looking and unless you believe.

The Murderer, Blodeuwedd

Yes, it is true that this beautiful lady planned the murder of her husband in order to be with a new love, one that she fell smitten with at first sight. She made the mistake of betraying herself by not mentioning this to him and therefore leading herself into her own demise. Had she done so, perhaps the murder could have been somewhat justified...but wait...wasn't she just a maiden made out of flowers? How did she get so powerful and smart?

What the two magicians did when they summoned her remains a secret but what is clear to see is that she was a force (of nature) to be reckoned with, much like those who refer to the weather as directed by Mother Nature...yes, she CAN wreak havoc on our lives but there is no way that it is personal. Or perhaps it is...could She be punishing the humans of the earth for poisoning her and creating such dastardly and destructive acts upon Her face? Humans tend to take Her body for granted and it really is She that is in control in the end.

Now, the spirits that Be...what of them? Those archetypes again - Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mary the Virgin Mother of God, Isis the Great Egyptian Mother Queen, Apollo the Sun God...what do they have to offer us today as their stories are known all around the world? Each of these people, each of these entities, each of these stories have great value to us today no matter old they are and no matter what origin or religion they stem from. They all seem to align with specific traits within us, as well.

Today I am called to align with the story of Blodeuwedd. Once I understand why, I am sure that I will find what it is that She is trying to tell me from a new perspective. Why has she required my attention? I have just skimmed the surface of realizing that I have betrayed myself. I have continued to do some things that I said that I would not do. This self betrayal has been realized with the help of her story. I am a better person now and closer to certain goals because of it. And I am grateful.

Have a wonderful night friends.

Until We Meet Again



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