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The Basic Building Blocks of Life & The Universe

Updated on February 9, 2013
Cranberries growing wild in the swamp
Cranberries growing wild in the swamp | Source

All the building blocks of the Universe exist, have always existed and will always exist. How we put those blocks together shapes how we create our world, our lives and our experiences. We group together our own unique blocks in our own unique style!

Just like a toybox filled with Lego bricks, the Universe has building blocks for every sense, every dimension, time, movement, thought, feeling etc. A list of unique components beyond the scope of any mind.

We experience our own unique experience of ourselves through inhabiting the blocks we choose with our conscious awareness. If we inhabit all the blocks that ever were, are or will be then we are the Universe. Then We Are One.

Some of us have done that, albeit fleetingly. We are each of us ever changing as our conscious awareness ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs, expands and contracts throughout our own unique pattern of building blocks.

Sometimes when my conscious awareness is inhabiting the building blocks of my heart i.e. I am connected and in touch with my experiences via a medium beyond the physical, emotional or mental, then I have a very real connection to my sweetheart, even though his physical body has died.

Other times my conscious awareness flows only in my physical, emotional and mental bodies. In those times I experience a loss of my sweetheart because he is no longer occupying a body or mind.

So you see we don't change our building blocks to change our life, we don't have to change our past, we don't even need hard work to build a future. We use our conscious awareness to occupy the areas we choose to experience as our reality. If we are not used to doing this it can be hard at first but just like going to the gym, as we practice exercising this particular muscle it will grow and become easier and stronger.

If we are not used to flowing our conscious awareness through certain areas then the way feels unfamiliar as we step into the unknown.It takes more focus until we create a well trodden path so to speak. We create these conscious awareness pathways much like we create neural pathways in our brain when we repeat behaviours.

Sunlight through autumn forest fern
Sunlight through autumn forest fern | Source

Of course old pathways into destructive groupings of building blocks are well worn paths that are easy to slide down when we are not actively focusing our conscious awareness. If we don't even believe we are sentient beings capable of choosing our existence then we don't even acknowledge the possibility of changing or shaping our own world.

By refusing to believe there may be more and thereby never even entertaining the thought to flow forth we perpetually recreate a self fulfilling prophecy of our own personal hell.

It really is a hard place to be stuck in from the perspective of the person stuck in it! When you feel stuck in a hole and all you can see is the walls of the hole it takes something mind shattering to cause you to imagine that you could climb out of the hole and there might be something different beyond the hole, beyond your sight and beyond your experiences thus far.

I was stuck in that loop for a long time until I eventually created such mental torture and 7 cancerous tumours that my rigid logic and mind structures had to crumble. They couldn't make sense anymore and I began to allow myself to recognise more. I began to let my conscious awareness flow into new areas, occupying new building blocks and creating different experiences which broadened my perspectives.

Ural Owl
Ural Owl | Source

The first steps always resemble stumbling around in the wouldn't be the new unknown if you knew where you were going and what it would look or feel like!

Recently I've spoken to many people who have experienced a wider experience after the death of a loved one. They feel connections, they have communications beyond the physical, emotional or mental. Yet they don't take the possibilities of those connections further into their own lives.

To my mind (and I don't pretend to be anything so rigid as absolutely right about this!) if we are able to experience a strong awareness of someone no longer residing in a physical, emotional or mental body there must be a realm or dimension beyond those.

We experience this realm most readily as Love. I use the capital to distinguish it from the use of the word love in such sentences as "I love pizza" or "I love you". Any time we use "I" or "you" we are inevitably limiting our scope or perspective.

When occupying the realm of Love we experience how we cross borders and disregard old restrictions to bring peace into our lives. All the old drama falls away.

Sara Gardner
Sara Gardner | Source

If we could live the rest of our life knowing we can focus our conscious awareness (and thereby our existence and experience) into a group of building blocks whereby all the dramas and traumas of our lives fall away leaving us with strength, poise and peace, why don't we do it?

Actually some of us do. Having recognised that the drama and trauma isn't absolutely real and I can flow within it and beyond it simultaneously it no longer brings me down, I'm no longer sucked into it, it no longer has physical effects of dis-ease on my body or mental torture in my mind.....unless I choose it to.

Now I can dive into my drama just because I choose to! What can I say....I'm a Leo!


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