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The Bible's Message

Updated on September 28, 2017
The0NatureBoy profile image

Dead Biblically is a mind unable to understand, alive are minds able to comprehend all, a New Birth gives understanding to spiritual things.


Maybe everyone sees the Bible’s stories are mostly written with few details, that allows assuming based on the individual’s understanding. The misunderstanding is for most man until time for the manifesting messenger to reveal it. Written is “no Jot nor tittle”; about the same as English’s diacritical marks, “shall pass away until the whole is fulfilled” and without them one cannot recognize some concepts and by ignoring others cause their misunderstanding. Also, there is a conspiracy by today’s church and governments to keep man-en-mass ignorant of word meanings for distorting the book’s message so many terms have been changed from the original texts to something giving an altered version of it. That is why we are told we “must be born again” to comprehend things of the spirit for guidance around man’s altering.

“The Rebirth” demands realizing what a “new birth” consists of. The assumption that on the Day of Pentecost the Disciples were spiritually born is only that, everything in the book has some physical manifestation to give proof of it including the new birth. The term implies an already living being will be changed into something different and the self-reproducing environment’s metamorphosis is a symbol/type for it. The specie - using frogs – lays it eggs in water to hatch into water breathing tadpoles, after living a full tadpole’s life their tails began to shorten and knobs appear where legs with feet will form. Once the transition is completed the frog can’t breathe water and lives on land breathing air.

Applied to a living man suggests the covering of our bodies with hats, shoes and clothes, processing most of our food with fire, use many enslaved animals and manmade things for transportation, remaining in dwellings all year while conditioning the air into the opposite of the seasons and our creation of family and territory attachments would change. Genesis 2:4 through the great flood shows “the knowledge of good and evil” made man into the above incomplete “woman” that the Christ’s saying “you must be born again” means go through the “flaming” to purify our minds from judging and “sword” to cut away our attachments for returning to ecology living, Genesis 3:24. So a reborn man will take time and practice to live ecologically for eliminating dependency on economical living.

Being the trailblazing “first fruit of the gospel” my new birth process was extended. The conception took about an hour, the gestation almost three years and it has been over forty years since my birth and I am still only an adolescent. The reason is I was required to learn the keys to surviving in all weather conditions with an uncovered body to communicate the process to the “called out of the world” who will experience the transition presented here. The “called out,” after seeing what is required, will need less time to ripen like fruit on a tree, once the first fruit ripens the others ripen at an increasingly faster pace and more at a time until all are ripe.

Finding The Earth’s Plight

The short of the plight is no lives are ever lost since life is not of the flesh but of the spirit or life-force that gives bodies the ability to function and both the spiritual death [unable to comprehend all things] and physical discarnating [death] has a purpose [note: all interpretations are in brackets and “man” is used for the “mind able to comprehend all things”, as defined, “human and woman” are civilized man].

To understand the message one must find the instructions by studying the books [not necessarily the Bible since similar instructions are in other books]. A very important one is to make oneself available for constant meditation (Psalm 1). The two I call most important are Genesis 2:24 I am paraphrasing to read “therefore for woman to become man again they shall leave their father’s and mother‘s teachings, and shall cleave unto their woven from spouses: and the feminine and masculine attributes shall become one in each flesh;” and Isaiah 28:9-10 with verse nine telling us the same thing. “Whom shall [God] teach knowledge? And whom shall [God] make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from [parents, religious and schooled dogma] milk and drawn from the [parents, religions and school’s teachers] breast”. Verse 10 goes on to say “for precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little” but we need to realize the “precepts, lines and little” do not always come from the Bible being other sources have similar concepts to be used as proof (Hebrews 11:1) of interpretation.

The first concept of a cycle is Genesis 1:14 telling us the heavenly bodies were placed as “signs [of the earth’s plight as], seasons, days and years” in endless cycles. “Seasons” are the four major sections of a year with Spring beginning it, Summer, Fall and Winter as the forth terminator representing the four primary ethnics of man. We call Asians “Orientals” meaning beginners make them Spring the Natives of the Americans are considered “Redman” representing the fruit and grains ripening in Summer while Fall’s darkening of leaves and fruit represents man of African descent. Europeans consider themselves white, Winter has white frost and snow destroying all life except evergreens as their representation; thus, the seasons are the ethnics order to govern the material civilization. All other man are a mixing of those four.

Days also have four parts, “evening [the time which precedes] and morning [the time of light]” as two major and “sunset to dark and first light to sunrise” as two minor parts. Romans 1:20 indicates the things made reveal the unseen things of “creation” and I’ve found it necessary include the 12 hour clock to find the length of the two civilizations, this material one that became world wide with the flood and Revelation 21’s spiritual one to take place after the seven thousand years of transition in reverse of Genesis’ seven thousand year creating days (2 Peter 3:8).

The year has 13 moons and 11 days changed into twelve 30 and 31 days months, still defined as moons, allowing the twelve-month calendar. So make the seven “thousand-year” days (1 Peter 3:8) an hour of transition to the Adam begun civilization’s sunrise gives us 52 seven-hour-weeks or 84 thousand years of civilization then add another “7 thousand-year” transition and 84 thousand year civilization for a 182 thousand-year-cycle. Ecclesiastes 1:9 found in many Bibles suggests everything on earth happens repetitiously makes prophecies accurate because everything repeats itself exactly the same way with the only differences being the life-force of each manifestation has evolved and continue to until they have evolve through every attribute of every life type on earth and all of existence. Those are the keys to finding the earth’s plight.

What Is The Earth

The earth is a living body and every life-force has and will become its and all bodies within and including the “Zeroverse’s” [universe] life-force without exception. Although there was never a beginning man’s minds require a starting point and the Bible has two, Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 20:5. Genesis’ reads, “In the beginning god created heaven and earth…” but according to the Hebrew it should read “In beginning…” suggesting this is a starting point to where the full cannoned writings will return. Revelation’s reads in part “… this is the first resurrection” suggesting there’s something to be considered as a first taking place then.

As a living entity, like all physical manifestations, earth, including the atmosphere where birds fly above it, consists of a multitude of life-types consuming one another to maintain themselves and their specie. Accordingly, each life type consumes another or parts of another but only as required in times of need with man an exception. Because man likes, dislikes and have a creative mind we make things for sustaining likes or rejecting our dislikes and force our children to do the same. Thus, man over consumes to a point that after a time we are stopped by what is called “the end of the world” [world and civilization means man’s creations on earth]. Therefore this material world and following spiritual one enters an extreme imbalance because of our creative minds produces the cycle so earth will never be destroyed, eliminating a beginning or end and leaving only the transitions from one civilization to the other.

The Message Concludes

Simply put, the message is everything in the Zeroverse throughout existence operates in a simple cycle easily understood when man transcends judging half of every category as devil/god, evil/good, pretty/ugly, right/wrong, negative/positive and many others. The Bible’s masculine god’s name is I AM THAT I AM and Khemit’s feminine god’s name is ISIS, both are saying “god is doing everything that is or will ever be done [in the present tenses] through the various entities within them as them” (Isaiah 45:7 paraphrased).

Evolution, using the process known as reincarnation, causes every life-force to enter the earth as what I call “the first specie” eating and being eaten along with interacting with other species for creating “karma” or reaping and sowing in the process. As the first specie every act done to its manifested life-force and all it will do when interacting with others throughout its earthen sojourn must be imbedding in its life-force before qualifying to evolve to the second for follows the same process with each succeeding specie, including man. Those incarnations require imbedding every attribute of each species into its life-force allowing a man in its last incarnation that fulfills its earthen sojourn to remember (John 14:14 & 26) every specie’s attributes which make man able to manifest physically, spiritually or both as any or any part of every specie providing them with dominion over earth and everything hereon (Genesis 1:26 & 28).

Revelation 20:5 reveals a “first resurrection” which is life-forces-en-mass evolved from one specie to the next who, along with man who did not survive the world’s end, together incarnates and replenish the earth for Revelation 21’s spiritual civilization. It begin at the second millennium and lasts through the seventh. So the “first resurrection” relates to the life-forces becoming man from the specie just before them.

A “first resurrection” requires a second which is Genesis 1:6-8’s “waters above the firmament” [since Revelation 17:15 suggests water with an “s” signifies man] that is an all at once “rapture” still imbedded in man’s life-forces causing today’s believing the coming one will be all at once although the paymaster parable (Matthew 20:1-16) suggest it will be one at a time beginning with the last entering worker to be paid first. The number raptured will equal those migrating from another specie [the ten in the virgins parable (Matthew 25:1-16) suggests is 10% of the end time’s population; between 7 & 8 billion] replacing those rapturing doing the sixth thousand years in Revelation and at the end of the sixth day and during the day of rest (Genesis 1:26-2:3). The difference between the first and second replenishing’s is Revelation’s first replenishers has only 7 or 8 hundred million doing the replenishing of 7 or 8 billon, once some have reproduced they will be raptured until only the “Omega” is left. In Genesis’ the reproducers are 7 or 8 billion replacing 7 or 8 hundred millon. That is why there appears to be so much chaos today many each of woman's attributes of are now present for magnifying them during this world’s ending.

Also, once a life-force has incarnated as every internal and external aspect of what is called god, Zeroverse and “Phoenix” [in the story it sits for 500 years] has integrated ISIS and I AM THAT I AM in a single life-force [suggested in Cathy Cash Spellman’s “Bless the Child”], it becomes the life-force for the Zeroverse's incarnation. . The law of cycles require it to have transitions so the Phoenix’s nest building and burning into ashes is its first then, after 500 years as ashes, its ashes becoming an egg and hatching is the second.

After the Phoenix’s cycle, ending when the ashes becomes the egg, its discarnating life-force forgets everything it had ever learned except to incarnate, and joins others waiting to become a 7 or 8 hundred million to incarnate as a first life type. Then another completely united life-force replaces it for the cycle to continue as if no transition of life-forces transpired. Thus, the ashes represent the evening and the Phoenix the morning of the Bible’s story and, thereby, the Zeroverse’s and every life-forces within it follow the law of Karma via evolution.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      2 years ago from Washington DC

      Thank you Manatita, you are the second person I've receive a similar message from this morning. I can only suppose that I'm being spiritually held to the prophecy in Isaiah 28:11, "For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people." Often times I am, to me, too wordy that could be the "stammering lips" and the inability to simplify it more is the "another tongue". I am now over 40 years "spiritually born" and yet without becoming an adult. For now, I am held to revealing my understanding to those who are supposed to receive it, later, I will began the process of bring the first peace to the earth since Cain killed Abel.

      According to Bible prophecy only some 10% of the world's population of human/woman - man "[un]able to comprehend all things" as man is defined - are to comprehend life enough to go through the metamorphosis called new birth and only half of them will survive the world's termination, the message of the 10 virgins parable of Matthew 25:1-16.

      Genesis 1's man are destined to follow judging all things in order to imprint on their individual life-force each human emotion and life-style of both genders, as was done while incarnating as all other gendered species before becoming human, so during the termination of civilization that 10% becomes man. 50% of them will be empowered with the abilities the one called Christ (John 14:12 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.") demonstrated and more while the other 50% will be spiritual adolescents, children, babies or fetuses to discarnate (Revelation 14:13) to replace the dead in christ (Rev. 6:9-11) who will be born during the first of the 7 millenniums (Rev. 20:4-5) and replenishing the earth for, what I call, the spiritual civilization.

      Again, thanks and peace be within you.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      Noble and worthy effort. Your Heart is good and your spirit strong. Also, nothing is wrong with your English or grammar, but simplify it a little more. Perhaps I should say, use the Heart more.

      Try to serve and not to please or tell. Simplicity is a great virtue and you show this in your stories. Not so in your explanations. Break it down. I do not question your Heart. I feel that you are in a great place! Watch the mind.

      About being born again, for me it was a real experience... a spiritual one. I picked up a book in 1982 and could not put it down. The force of Love, Peace, Delight was too strong inwardly and I awoke a transformed soul.

      Straight away, Christianity conveyed a new meaning and I knew who I was and what I had to do. That was 35 years ago. I met my spiritual mentor about two weeks after the event and I have had many inner experiences since.

      Keep on with what you are doing. We need this, the world need this and America needs it, but just break it down. Om Shanti!!

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      2 years ago from Washington DC

      Yes, Catherine, I saw, after it had cooled off, that it didn't say exactly what I wanted and today I have edited it.

      I think I read your hub, spotlight hubs rotates so at different times they changes, but post it's name so I can be sure.

      I don't know if the Zeroverse is a ball, donut shaped or what but my concept of it fits any shape. I call it Zeroverse because "uni" means 1 which is half of zero the only whole number, it doesn't suggest what shape it is because it can become any at will.

      That definition of karma does not negate what I call karma unless you are suggesting one incarnates one time and remains disembodied for ever thereafter. Why you chose to incarnate isn't revealed, especially since you imply this is the only one.

      I have put and am still putting study into my understanding of "cause and effects", not only study but practicing what I preach as far as civilization will allow until I manifest "dominion powers" where man can't touch me without my allowing them.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 

      2 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Well, I got through this but it was hard to read. It seems like one long sentence. I will admit that you and many others who believe like you; have your explanations about this world (or Earth or whatever you think it should be referred to as) all wrapped up in a neat little package.

      You might try reading my 1st spotlight hub, as I have tried to get you to do... For one thing, the Universe is an eternally-rotating, expanding 'donut' shape. While civilizations have come and gone over & over & over again - expansion is eternal; and there will be no end to it.

      Also, here is a splash from my hub regarding Karma. It has absolutely nothing to do with reincarnation or past lives:

      "This is what Karma is all about... Our eternal soul-self maintains the 'intentions' that we established before we were born; and doesn't swerve from them - no matter how far from our intentions we manage to get.

      Karma stubbornly holds onto things important for our intentions (and often reminds us of them) - no matter how confused or buried in the realities of this world we happen to become. (That is why emotions work the way they do - to let us know how close or far away we are from the life we intended to create while 'being' here.)"

      You've obviously put a lot of research into this stuff - years, no doubt. I've read most of this stuff, too. It took years. But, I didn't stop - I have always continued my spiritual journey. You would learn even MORE if you did the same.


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