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The Birth of Vampire

Updated on January 7, 2018

As per the novels, stories, fictitious books we read, a vampire can only be the creator of another vampire. This leads us to believe that there must be an existing vampire who made other vampires. Who was he? Where was he born? Was he born vampire? Did he drink blood for living? How did people found out about him?


According to the history of Greek Mythology, there was an adventurer known as Ambrogio, born in Italy. He was so enthusiast in understanding and getting know his future, he sailed to the city of Delphi, Greece. This city is assumed to be home of Sun God, Apollo and Pythia, widely known as Oracles. When Ambrogia arrived to hear his fate from Pythia in the temple, he just heard eight mind-straining words…The Curse…The Moon…The Blood Will Run.

Delphi, Greece

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Delphi, Greece
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Ambrogia was bewildered. He could not think of anything else but those words. He thought of this over the night until the Sun pondered on the Earth. He realized he did not sleep for the whole night just because of those eight scary words. His thoughts came to a standstill when he saw a beautiful woman walking past him to the temple. She was the sister of the Oracle and was called Selene, maiden of the holy place. Ambrogia rushed to get him introduced to her. They started meeting every morning in similar way and soon fell in love. Ambrogia got so obsessed with her that he asked Selene for marriage. Selene agreed. Apollo, the Sun God himself liked Selene. He did not like Ambrogia getting involved with her. Hence, the rage pulled Apollo to Ambrogia the same night and Apollo cursed Ambrogia. As Apollo was the Sun God, he cursed Ambrogia stating that a mere sun ray can burn him to death. This disallowed Ambrogia to walk in the sun. so, he ran to get shelter in caves. There he came across the Underworld God, Hades. Ambrogia narrated the complete story about Selene and Apollo to Hades. Hades easily listened to it and made a deal with Ambrogia. The deal was that Ambrogia would have to steal the silver bow of Artemis with the help of 11 arrows with a wooden magical bow bestowed upon with magic. If he brings it to Hades, he will be provided shelter underworld along with Selene. However, if he fails, he will have to return and stay in the caves without Selene. Ambrogia had to agree as he had to leave his soul in the caves as collateral with Hades.


Ambrogia had no way to contact Selene. Hence, he killed a swan and used its feather as notepaper and blood as ink to write a note to Selene describing the entire situation. He kept the note at the place where they usually used to meet. Completely in love, he thought of writing a love poem to Selene and hence, killed the swan, took a feather out of it and drain its blood to write. He thought of paying a tribute to Artemis, sister of Apollo and the Goddess of the moon and hunting. This tribute will give Ambrogia a chance to plead Artemis to ask Apollo for taking back the curse instead of stealing the bow from her, which Hades has asked him to do. However, Ambrogia missed the chance to kill the swan with the last bow remaining with him. He was shocked to see what has happened and what had happened. He kept weeping until finally Artemis arrived to him after seeing his dedication. Ambrogia asked Artemis to borrow the silver bow and arrow so that he can kill the swan and sacrifice it to her. Artemis believed in him and offered him. However, Ambrogia took it and ran off to Hades. Artemis could see whatever was going on. Hence she cursed him that he will be burnt if he touches silver.


Ambrogia fell down to ground and asked for forgiveness to Artemis. He explained his reasons of making such a fool of him. When Artemis understood the real reason behind all of Ambrogia’s deeds, she felt pity on him and offered him to be the best hunter like her. He would carry speed and accuracy like the hunter. He was also offered with strength measured to that of God and fangs to drain blood of the hunted beasts. He would be provided all of this with immortality, however, he will have to flee off with Selene without letting Apollo know and worship Artemis forever his life. As Artemis was a virgin and her followers cannot get into the part of lust ever in their lives, Ambrogia had to even agree the part that he can never touch or kiss Selene. Ambrogia agreed to all of this.


The other night, he killed a swan and left a note to Selene to meet him on the ship-dock without letting Apollo notice. Selene did what exactly was written on the note. She went to the ship and found a coffin with a note written on it. It was a note from Ambrogia. The words asked Selene to ask the captain of the ship to sail the ship to Ephesus and open the coffin only after the Sun goes down. After reaching Ephesus, the couple lived happily in a cave and worshipped Artemis every night as per the deal. Though Ambrogia was immortal, Selena was still mortal. She was getting aged everyday whereas Ambrogia looked still the same. Selene got old enough to lie on bed and count her last days with illness. Ambrogia could not live with her afterlife as his soul was with Hades. Hence, he made a sacrifice of swan to Artemis and Artemis came down to listen to his plead. He asked her to make Selene immortal. As Ambrogia was a dedicated worshipper, Artemis believed in him and allowed Ambrogia to touch her only once to drain her blood by drinking. Ambrogia did not accept the order right away. He went to Selene and narrated everything. Selene begged him to follow Artemis and Ambrogia, out of sheer love for her agreed.

Ambrogia lifted her and inserted his fangs in Selene’s neck and drained her off blood. The moment he put her limp body at rest, he could see her body radiating light and getting lifted at the moon to meet Artemis. She, then, became the Goddess of the Moon and would return every night to meet Ambrogia and their children who had the blood of Selene and Ambrogia together.

These children were the newly created vampires and thus, making the existence of vampires in the real world.

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