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The Book of Confucius ideology Chapter Seven

Updated on November 26, 2015

Passage One Hundred and Fifty


English Translation

Confucius said: Choosing to be a teacher rather than having a career. Believe in the wisdom of previous generations and love the classic. I would say I am like Peng.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty One


English Translation

Confucius said: Remember knowledge when you are learning. You hope to learn more. When you are teaching, you don't feel exhausted by it. For me, it is not a problem.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Two


English Translation

Confucius said: Not improving on your manners, not improving on your knowledge, not follow the action of the good, not changing your flaws, these are stuff that one should worry about.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Three


English Translation

When Confucius is at home with nothing to do, he dresses in a clean manner and remain in a relaxing manner.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Four


English Translation

Confucius said: I have aged greatly. I have not met Mr. Jhou for a long time.

Note: The god that bring dream, in East Asia Culture, is named, Mr. Jhou.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: Set a good principle, practice good manners, have a kind heart, create a high sentiment.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Six


English Translation

Confucius said: Only need a greeting gift, there are no people, I won't teach.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: Until he is in a situation where he wants to understand, but can't understand it, don't go and teach him. Until he is in a situation where he doesn’t know how to say it, don't go and help him. If he cannot understand three answers, with one example, then don't worry about teaching him.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Eight


English Translation

Confucius never eats a full meal, when there is a funeral close by. If Confucius cried that day, he will not sing that day.

Passage One Hundred and Fifty Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: When people want to use you, then you should do what you can, to make your dream come true. When people don't want to use you, keep a low profile, I guess only we are like this!

Zihlu said: When you led troops into battle, who assisted you?

Confucius said: I don't need lieutenants that would fight a tiger with his bare hands, go through a deep river with no shoe and rather die than surrender. I need lieutenants whom are careful and have the brain require for winning.

Note: Although Confucius is a famous politician, philosopher and professor, he is also once a successful General.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty


English Translation

Confucius said: If riches are something that can be gain, then I am willing to work hard for it. If we cannot get it, then let me do things I like.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty One


English Translation

Three things Confucius care about: Been a vegetarian when necessary, war, sickness.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Two


English Translation

Confucius heard Ci nation's music, after haven't eaten meat for three months and said: never though good music can be so seducing.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Three


English Translation

Ranyou said: Would master, advice the King of Wai nation?

Zihgong said: I would ask him.

After entering, Zihgong said: What sort of people are Boyi and Shuci?

The respond said: Intelligence people of ancient days.

Zihgong said: Do they have any regrade?

The response said: Those who ask for humanity would get humanity, what regrade would there be?

After he exited the room Zihgong said: Master won't go.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Four~


English Translation

Confucius said: Even if you eat rough food, drinking cold water and use your arm as a pillow, you can still be happy. Using a method that is not just to gain wealth and respect, it is like a cloud at an edge of a sky, for me.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: If I can live a few more years, study Zouyi in my fifties, I would no longer make big mistakes.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Six


English Translation

Whenever Confucius read poems and books and give speeches, he would use the state language.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Seven


English translation

Mr. Ye asked Zihlu about Confucius. Zihlu made no answers.

Confucius said: Why won't you answer? Zihlu is the type of person, when he is studying, he forgets to eat, when he is happy, he forgets about the sad things, he don't even know he is getting old.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Eight


English translation

Confucius said: I am not born educated. It is because I like to learn and is keen to gain new knowledge.

Passage One Hundred and Sixty Nine


English Translation

Confucius doesn’t speak about the super nature, violence, treason and gods and demons.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy


English Translation

Confucius said: When there are three people walking together, there is definitely somebody I can learn from, they would either have pros for me to learn from, otherwise they have cons, which I can use to remind myself not to make the same mistakes.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy One


English Translation

Confucius said: The gods give me good moral, what can the assassins who are trying to kill me do about it?

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Two


English Translation

Confucius said: My students when I teach, do you think there is anything, I reserve, not teaching you? I teach everything I know that is the type of person I am.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Three


English Translation

Confucius teach four things, literature, behaviour, loyalty, honesty

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Four


English Translation

Confucius said: A holy person, I won't have the chance to see one. Been able to meet a gentleman would be good enough.

Confucius said: A kind person, I probably won't meet one, meeting a person with a kind heart, would be good enough. A person who is a have not, but pretend to be a have, is poor but pretend to be rich, is hard to have a kind heart.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Five


English Translation

When Confucius fish, he doesn’t use a net, when he goes hunting, he doesn’t shoot a bird that is asleep.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Six


English Translation

Confucius said: There is a type of person that act before knowing the situation. I won't do this. Listen more, learn more, see more, remember all the detail, it is the best way to get hold of information. ”

Note: Selective Representation is a situation where you mislead people to a false view, via presenting them only a fraction of the information. For example, if a person tries to rape your daughter and you drove him away by hitting him with a baseball bat, your action qualifies as Self Defence. But if this person went to the cops and only tells the cops, you hit him with a baseball bat, he is misleading the police to believe your action is physical assault. Thus, here, we see why is it important to get all the information, before making an inform decision.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Seven


English Translation

There is a place, full of gangsters, you cannot reason with them. Yet, Confucius was willing to meet a youth from there. His students very confused about why. Confucius said: Recognizing he is willing to change, doesn't mean I am in denial, of him, making mistakes in the past, why hang on, to people's past and not let it go? Now that he have changed, prove he have improved, don't go back to mention his past.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: Is humanity far away from us? If we want it to come, it would come.

Passage One Hundred and Seventy Nine


English Translation

Chensihbai asked Confucius whether Mr. Jhao knows of been polite.

Confucius said: He does.

After Confucius left, Chensihbai said: I heard true gentlemen don't cover for people. Do true gentlemen cover for people? I heard Mr. Jhao married a woman from Wu nation, she has the same last name as him, so he told people her last name is Wu. Does Mr. Jhao know of been polite?

Wumaci told Confucius about it.

Confucius said: I am so lucky, people would know about it, the second I make a mistake.

Note: Unlike in the west, replacing your madam name with your husband's last name is an uncommon practice in East Asia custom. After marriage, Asian women usually kept their own last name some hyphen their own last name with their husband's. Western women who married Asian men usually volunteering choose to replace their own last name with their husband's according to western custom. The article doesn't know about the common practice amount Asian women who married western men.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty


English Translation

When Confucius sing with people, if somebody else sing better, he would let him sing first and he would follow later.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty One


English translation

Confucius said: In the arena of knowledge, I am doing alright. In the arena of polite, I still haven't done well enough.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Two


English Translation

Confucius said: I don't dare to call me a saint or a humane person. But I would dare to call me, someone, who is always trying to improve my moral status and is never tire from teaching my students.

Gongsihua said: This is something we cannot do.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Three


English Translation

Zihlu prays for Confucius when he was sick.

Confucius asked: Is that true

Zihlu said: Yes, I pray to the gods, for your safety.

Confucius said: I've done that already.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Four


English Translation

Confucius said: Living in luxury would lead to arrogant. Living cheaply could lead to shabbiness. It is better to be shabby, then arrogant.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: A gentleman's heart is wide open, a savage's heart, is always sad.

Passage One Hundred and Eight Six


English Translation

Confucius is gentle but serious, mighty but not violent, serious but quiet.





禮=polite, manner


義=justice, just

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar









儉=cheap, economical

讓=make way

信=honest, true to one's word, keep one's word, faith, believe

德=moral, kindness, ethnic

道=just, justice, principle, thinking, road


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