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Light is the Broadcast of Creator God

Updated on April 27, 2016

The opening drama of human life begins with the Creator God creating the heavens and the earth. Our biblical account informs us that the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:1)

The Hebrew word for form in this verse is tohuw and it is pronounced to-hoo and some of the meanings are: to lie waste, a desolation, a worthless thing, empty place, thing of nought. The Hebrew word for void is bohuw, and it is pronounced bo-hoo and it means to be empty, an indistinguishable ruin, and emptiness. The next episode is the Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters. This description in Genesis 1:2, gives us an idea of what the Creator was working with as He progressively began to change nothing into something. The picture of darkness below gives us a physical idea of what things looked like and we can interpret it with the help of the Spirit of God who moved upon the face of the waters prior to and before Creator God commanded, let there be light. These words resonated everywhere throughout the world broadcasting light to emerge and come forth. His words were spoken specifically to light. Light obeyed the command and lit up the world. Hallelujah!

And God said, the word said in this verse is the Hebrew word amar, pronounced aw-mar, it means answer, appoint, call, certify, command, declare, intend, publish, report, speak, utter, and tell. This is the first biblical recorded broadcast by God, His first words are "Let there be light" (Genesis 1:2). What prohibited the light? Darkness was upon the face of the deep. The word let simply implies, and suggests that there were prohibiting forces preventing light from providing illumination, and that this force was suppressing the light from materializing. The prohibiting factor was darkness. The Hebrew word for light is owr and it is pronounced ore, it means to make , break of day, glorious, kindle, set on fire, shine, bright, clear, day, morning, sun.

Every word that God has broadcasted is alive and makes us alive. Jesus said, that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word the proceeds out of the mouth of God. We should be feeding on these words of God, and every word which proceeds out of His mouth.

The broadcast by God paved the way to the publishing of His words, verbally and in writing. Men that believed and followed God, learned how to speak the same things He spoke and told them to speak. We have this published word in Hebrew and Greek and now in many diverse translations; in different languages; we have concordances, bible dictionaries; expositions and writings which assist us in understanding what we hear and read. We have men and women led by the Holy Spirit to proclaim and declare the words of God.

There is a massive broadcasting going on in our world and society today which impacts the spirit, and soul, as God publishes His word worldwide. The world system has made a choice to broadcast and publish from a non-scriptural position and to leave God out of their reports, however, we have an obligation to go into every nation and teach the gospel. We have a biblical report of which we are being informed by and broadcasting takes place as we hear from God to do so.

There are those sovereign pronouncements that are of the utmost importance which we are told God alone spoke, and there are reporters and broadcasters of those words who range from Moses to Jesus and all those in before, between and after. The earth was without form and void until God said, let there be light, the broadcast of those words covered the whole earth with light. Now that's a sovereign pronouncement, what do you say?

The manifestation and materialization of light spoken into existence through and by the sovereign pronouncement of God is incredibly awesome. The Bible opens up with this account of the earth being without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of waters, and God said, let there be light and there was light. The first words spoken in Genesis' account are the words of God. All other words spoken through, and by man are secondary to the words of God.

The Word of God reports all news concerning God, from history to prophecy; from beginning to end; from the framework of an unobstructed and wide view of all extensive information in all directions; in other words a panoramic view of Scripture moving from the divine announcement of God beginning in Genesis 1, right up to the consummation of the ages in the Book of Revelation. It is indeed full of good news for the hungry and thirty soul. Moreover, God's sovereign pronouncements came first and should be for the whole universe to observe and heed first and foremost.

Logos is a principle originating in classical Greek thought which refers to a universal divine reason, immanent in nature, yet transcending all oppositions and imperfections in the cosmos and humanity. An eternal and unchanging truth present from the time of creation, available to every individual who seeks it. A unifying and liberating revelatory force which reconciles the human with the divine; manifested in the world as an act of God's love in the form of the Christ.

Logos - Longer definition: The Greek word logos (traditionally meaning word, thought, principle, or speech) has been used among both philosophers and theologians. In most of its usages, logos is marked by two main distinctions - the first dealing with human reason (the rationality in the human mind which seeks to attain universal understanding and harmony), the second with universal intelligence (the universal ruling force governing and revealing through the cosmos to humankind, i.e., the Divine).

In the New Testament, the phrase "Word (Logos) of God," found in John 1:1 and elsewhere, shows God's desire and ability to "speak" to the human. The Christian expression of this communication is evidenced in the Christ, who is the "Word become flesh." In these three biblical words, Christianity points to the possibility of union between the human and the divine, or the personal and the absolute. God's logos, which the Christ represents, acts as a bridge between the human's inner spiritual needs and the answer proclaimed by the Christian message.

For every word God broadcasts, and speaks is for the purpose of publishing to teach us His statues, precepts, principles and ways. We must also learn how to listen as we read. As Jesus put it, take heed how you hear. God wrote on tablets the Ten commandments which can be spoken and read aloud. Reading is a way our soul hears, it is something we do with our eyes, as words pass before them outwardly, yet the act of reading is how we nourish our souls inwardly.

Have you ever paused to consider the discipline it takes to be silent. Silence is the only place where we pause to hear. The psalmist put it this way, Selah; which means pause to consider what you have just read. Silence is the place of being still, and acknowledging that He is God.

Reading the Bible is the only place I know where my entire being quiets down and not a sound comes out of my mouth. Reading teaches silence is a necessary quality to hear, and it also takes discipline. It means that questions are not omitted as being a part of the equation, it means that the discipline of hearing to learn should be our main objective and that we need to take notes and develop a methodical way of hearing as we are reading. The approach to hearing we as believers have come to know, is to be taught and to be teachable. We've gone through schooling and the appointed teachers who were the ones who taught us and unless we asked a question, we were learning the art of being silent and listening and taking the notes we needed for the lesson to be a success. How is it that we loose this discipline? The only time the teacher is interrupted would be due to an unruly student who disregards learning.

I thought of all the slaves who were denied the right to even read or to be able to write their own name. It is something to think about, how those in authority over them could forbid them to read, knowing that if they were able to read, what a mighty force they would be. Reading would envelope them, the words that passed before their eyes would fortify their souls. It is no wonder they didn't want them to ever be able to open their Bibles and have the ability to read it. The spiritual darkness that led those in authority to keep the slaves from reading and comprehension were more malevolent than the person being used. They were not wrestling with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Darkness was everywhere for the slaves. The slave masters were only instruments used to promote the soul not getting the light that reading gives.

Take a lesson from this era in time and history and learn from their struggles, that reading your Bible is one of the greatest privileges you will ever be afforded. Please do not take it for granted, let your memory be a light to you and serve you to recall all the sufferings and death that took place for Jesus and the Apostles to make the Scriptures available to us. Some crucified, stoned, boiled in hot liquid, and so such more. They were forbidden to read in public or to speak the name of Jesus aloud, we can speak His name aloud, we have the privilege of reading wherever we want.

The library taught us that silence was the quality needed to occupy a space therein. There was a time when because of the color of your skin you weren't even allowed to occupy a seat in the library. Why? It wasn't really because of the color of the skin, it was because reading is the paramount to learning. Some just never will place any value on the intellect which resides within the souls of those who are not like them.

Reading the Bible is a crucial aspect of the discipline needed for successful restoration and the power we need to live. Hearing and listening for the purpose of all that we read to register and to activate our souls towards renewal is an emphatic. The imperatives we read influence and renew and change our thinking. What we naturally read grants us hearing ability. If you don't read the Word you will be hearing impaired. Jesus admonitioned quite often, he that hath an ear, let him hear. We are hearing internally when we read, yet our natural eyes are being used in harmony with our inner ears. Reading is power for the soul. The inner ears are opened and unblocked when we who hath an ear hears and the portals are cleared to saturate us with transforming information. Take heed how you hear, by feeding your soul by reading the Word of God.

In the account in Genesis 1:2, the earth was without form and void. We too were without form and void, we are in the process of restoration, when we repented and embraced Christ as Lord and Savior and received the forgiveness of God and forgave ourselves along with the forgiveness of God, the process of spiritual light and restoration began. This process of restoration goes through several stages such as formation, we were without form, but now we are being fashioned from within out, we are growing towards completion. The process of formation is not something we do, it is the work of the Holy Spirit in us. He is doing all of the forming, being the gentle spirit that He is will never violate our wills. We in turn can cooperate with Him alongside the Word of God, or we can choose not to cooperate. Not to cooperate at whatever level or place you are at is choosing to abide in darkness.

Formation is the process of establishing relational order in our lives, because what sin brought was chaos and disorder and darkness. Formation is forming the right foundation for which we base our faith, it is establishing right priorities by the Holy Spirit. He does it through the agency of our conscience. Our conscience is the judicial aspect of our being. Conscience does not make you do right or wrong, it judges your actions, thoughts, motives, intentions and attitude. The conscience will either accuse you or excuse you, it needs the light to be successful.

Conscience is one of the faculties or board members of the soul which is dependent on us to provide the obedience necessary for light to expose the darkness of our thoughts and deeds. it is to the saving and prosperity of the soul that the Holy Spirit is engaged in our lives right now on a daily basis. Along with the conscience are the intellect, imagination, reasoning, will, emotions, and memory. All of these aspects of our souls are under formation by the Holy Spirit who is forming Christ in us. We are encouraged by the Apostle Paul to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, our minds are in our souls. As the formation of Christ takes place in us we are ushered across, beyond, in crossing over to the other side where light is preeminent and prevalent.

"The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light" (Luke 11:34-36).

With which part of our body do we read the Word? Our eyes. There is either good or evil that can pass through our eyes gate. When we read the Word of God we open the portals of our eyes to light, because the Word brings, gives, and is light for our eyes and having two eyes they operate as one single eye. Letting this light in by reading the Word allows the Word to fill our entire being with light. But if we take in through our eyes gate those things which are harmful those things open up our bodies to evil, instead of the good that reading God centered words will bring. Remember that to read God's Word we need our physical eyes and we can either promote the influence of light or darkness.

Light is powerful on every level, even though there is a division between light and darkness; we know the journey from darkness to light. Light expels and cancels darkness as long as light appears, meaning the darkness is silenced by the greater power of light. Darkness can't stop the light, but light can surely stop the darkness. Light brings seeing, whereas as darkness makes it difficult to see. When Creator God created the light, He then saw that it was good. We should always be enabled to see a little clearer than we did before the light or revelation knowledge came through the Word. God judged the light and decided that it was to His satisfaction and good. Is your conscience awakened to judge good and evil so that you know what is passing illegally through the soul. Darkness is a trespasser and all evil thoughts are as well, because Jesus is the light the soul needs, the Word of God is the light the soul needs and the Holy Spirit is the light the soul needs. Let there be light!

When you desire light in your home what steps do you take? More than likely, you turn of the light switch which enables the light to come on. This principle is also applicable for getting light into our souls. we must take the necessary steps to turn on the light the soul so desperately needs. We should pray and ask for guidance, so that when we pick up our Bibles and open them to where we are led the light does shine in our souls. We have just turned on the light switch and darkness has to flee. Let there be light spoken by Creator God brought forth light, prior to the light being spoken, the Spirit of God moved, He was instrumental in the light coming forth.

There is a spiritual and soul light switch that you click on every time you decide to study and read the Bible. What you are saying is "let there be light" and when you understand and see the light of what you are reading, you say it is good. We follow Creator God oftentimes without realizing it. Powerful are His words, pay close attention and take notes, arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Follow Jesus into resurrection life.

While we are reading, we also quiet ourselves and we have the capacity to be still and know that He is God, right there at that moment. Reading the Word not only fills your eye with light to transmit to and through your inner self, it is also how we hear. Jesus said in Luke 8:18, Take heed therefore how ye hear: When we read the Word, we are hearing and extraordinary things are taking place because it is quick and powerful.

The soul that knows the value of quiet time in the Word goes into lockdown, it is like being in a different zone. The whole soul is listening to the Word for further instructions for renewal. It becomes an inner venue, that the eyes are taking in the information by you reading it, but channels that information to inner hearing, that opens the portal to the soul. Reading is a key which opens the soul to understanding, knowledge and wisdom. It is amazing that with the physical eyes we read, but we are not physically hearing anything audible with our natural ears, but we are hearing within. Reading is done quietly and is transferrable to the benefit of the soul and what we are quietly hearing.

The Word then examines and convinces the conscience to judge righteous judgment, the reasoning to consider what you are reading to make better decisions, the will to be determined in and towards God's will being done, and not our will, the emotions don't take every offense to heart, but immediately is in a state of forgiveness towards those who trespass against us, the imagination is filling up with light to cast down every thought and high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge we have about God, and the new light we are receiving by reading assists our creativity in the gifts and talents we have; the light we are taking in by reading the Word organizes memories in the light and helps us not to dwell on bad and painful or dark memories but to put them under the blood of Jesus.

Reading is powerful! Reading the Word is empowering our mind and intellects to leap every bound and conditions us how to change our thinking, when to change our thinking and be renewed by those changed thoughts which represent God in our minds. The Spirit of the Lord searches all things, yea, the deep things of God, the spirit of man and woman is the candle of the Lord searching the inward parts of the belly. The search team shows up when we set a time for study and the light of revelation knowledge flows just like running waters, refreshing our souls.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by reading the Word. God was not always going to speak or write as He did at first, but would appoint and anoint who He would have speak for Him. The things He would want us to know would be recorded in the Bible as Logos and when spoken become Rhema. Yet the spoken Word would have to be read first before it could be spoken. Whether it be spoken or read, it still must be heard in order to apply its truths.

We refer to the Bible as the Word of God. Which is literally, spiritually and figuratively true. It is only when we head on back to Genesis 1 for reinforcement that it is crystal clear and evident as to who is speaking. We are at the biblical point of beginnings. The opening drama begins with the Creator God creating the heavens and the earth. Who is the first voice to utter a word? The Creator God. What are His Words? Let there be light broadcasted through atmospheres, stratospheres, environments, plains, realms, and dimensions, making light transcendent. Scripture tells us that God's Word is established forever in heaven, the Lord's prayer leads us to declare that God's kingdom come and that His will be done in the earth as it is in heaven. I believe heaven is full of light. Spiritual light so powerful that the presence of God shrinks darkness to nought.

Look at the picture to your right. Can you really imagine being a resident of such darkness? You and I were residents of spiritual darkness before we accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and He translated and transported us out of the dark into His marvelous light. Take a good look at the picture of the darkness covering the waters provided to the right, it looks darker than midnight or twilight. Thank you Creator God for the light. It is only when you can imagine or see this magnitude of darkness that you can truly appreciate the light, and its manifestation because of the words of our Creator God.

Contrast this picture to the spiritual darkness we were in as a result of the sin because of the garden dwellers disobedience, that act brought forth spiritual darkness and death. This picture depicts a nasty and spooky darkness that I have never seen before in my entire life. It is a very dark image. Yet that's the darkness the Creator spoke light into and over and the light He spoke cancelled that ugly darkness introducing and making light superior, granting it the capacity to cancel darkness. He didn't say let there be darkness because it was already here, and He wanted light to cancel its total presence and when He saw the light that it was good, He divided the light from the darkness. Light is good it provides the possibility and potential for seeing clearly. We all want revelation knowledge, Why? Because it frees us, and it is light.

We appreciate the light in many ways. At home we cut on the light and darkness disappears as long as the light is on because electrical light is temporal. It is a type of dividing the light from the darkness. While we are awake, we choose the light. The body has to be sleep to tolerate darkness when light is an actual choice we can make. Electricity has no longevity, it is temporal and not eternal. Thank God for electricity and how man was used to provide us with this form of light. Now we get to see the light that it is good.

Spiritually we appreciate revelation knowledge and the illuminating effects it provides us with. We can see as a result of this kind of light. Our souls are granted the light to understand the things of God. To establish and organize our minds with new thoughts that the Word of God counsels us by renewing our minds, which the light of revelation knowledge affords us. We need this light just as we need natural sunlight, only we are aware of our need for natural light to see where we are going. We must also be aware of the spiritual light needed to discern and know where we are going. Darkness on no level affords us the courtesy of seeing, where we are or where we are going. Only light has the power to direct us in a clear path, we can see our way. Light gets its power from God.

It was a dark place where sin held us captive, that same darkness was where the devil and his demons hung out waiting to deceive the two garden dwellers; they could hear him, but they could not physically see him, but in the form of a serpent. He didn't show up in a true physical form; in the dark is where these missionaries of evil hang out now waiting to deceive human beings, neither do they show up today in a true form because their form has no expression in the natural realm, but only through fallen flesh and sinners and operates from the sphere of spiritual darkness and death, which is sin.

Light is triumphant on every level, spirit, soul and natural. God's broadcast penetrated darkness on every sphere and in every atmosphere. Here we have the Creator God making a broadcast and speaking into the darkness and calling forth light. This was and still is an universal broadcast that brought forth light so powerful and absolute and still unfolds spiritual light today, as it translates souls from darkness. Spiritual light is an aspect of illumination God called forth or we would only know darkness.

There are reports broadcasted every second of the day in this world, some good and some bad, nevertheless these are reports about what is transpiring in the earth without God and according to the world system. These reports inform us of what is happening around the world, in other nations and countries, as well as on the old home front. The modern method differs from the old. Today reports are broadcasted and transmitted every second of the day to keep the news current.

Come away from the world system and let's contrast the broadcasting of Creator God's Word. First words ever recorded are the sovereign words of God making Him the paramount of broadcasting and Creator of the original paramount pictures throughout all of the terrestrial and nature. Next in line are all those who the Bible indicate to be the broadcasters of His words? To broadcast there has to be a declaration and news of importance that one desires to transmit and send. Creator God's Words are the pronouncement of the news of importance which He desires to be known, reported, broadcasted and proclaimed throughout the world. There isn't any news more important that what God pronounces.

A report is a newscast, newsflash, bulletin, update and summary. A reporter generally broadcasts these events. We don't call them reporters by biblical definition. We call them prophets, priests, kings, apostles, disciples, pastors, evangelists and teachers. They broadcast aloud what God speaks in silence to them and instructs them to proclaim. It is not the tone of their voices that speaks the loudest, but rather the words they speak and have unction to broadcast, and tell it, the God news. It is truly Creator Gods' news, nevertheless it is the Good News and Gospel for us.

What about the spirit realm. God has already spoken light into existence and declared it to be good. Was He just referring to the natural realm? Wouldn't there be a drastic need for spiritual light as well? There was a pull in the spirit when Adam and Eve chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tugged them into spiritual darkness, but because God divided light from darkness, the choice of light over darkness became evident and experiential for humanity. Free will gives us the opportunity to choose light and good; and to turn that choice into the right to choose that which is good, and to shun that which is evil.

There is prevalent darkness still on the planet which appeals to the unregenerate human spirit because it appealed to the demonic hosts who reside in and under the darkness. Un-repentance is darkness. Committing sin which is an offense to God places one in separation from Him and it operationally places one in darkness by default. The creatures that kept not their first estate think they control the darkness, but darkness really controls them. Sin controls the devil and his demons, they do not control sin or they wouldn't have committed sin and allowed sin to commit them to darkness. Who controls who?

In the spirit realm all sin is the equivalent of darkness. Sin is what originally turned the light out in the spirit realm making it a kingdom covered with darkness, The devil and demons are unrepentant sinners, we were once unrepentant sinners and on the same team. God extended to us grace and we received it. Our spirits are the only aspect of our beings that do not know and are not subject to darkness any more, we are seated in heavenly places with Christ, and there is no darkness in Jesus Christ. Our souls are being taught how not to dwell in or engage in darkness through the transformation process. Our souls need light to conform into the image of God, we were being taught by sin how to be everything God despised. Now we are learning how to let there be light and how to allow it to expel all darkness and how to do of His good pleasure.

We must not forget who the source of all light on every level really is for our spirit, soul and flesh, Creator God. The light or revelation knowledge can never become more important to us than He is who the first words ever recorded were spoken by. It may entail a journey back to Genesis the Book of beginnings to understand there are no words spoken or broadcasted greater than the sovereign pronouncements by Creator God. "Let there be Light. This light is transcendent unto eternal absoluteness. Grace and peace be unto you.


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      7 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Very nicely done, thank you so much for inviting me to read this hub. I can honestly say that I can only find solace in my bible when I spend time with the Lord studying and meditating on His word. And you are right it does take being quiet and still in order to hear from God thank you so much for sharing. Voted up!

    • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      All praises to Creator God!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      7 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Nicely done, thank you


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