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The CRIME of being SILENT

Updated on May 30, 2016
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Aryan has been a philosopher with philanthropist views. life has been hard yet coming out loud and strong has been one of his habits

being NON-VEGEtarian

The very first time i heard this concept of vegetarian and non-vegetarian I didn't actually grab the whole of it.the only thing came to me was chickens , eggs , fishes and other meat are barred for vegetarians and open to the rest. Climbing age do turn a human mind more philosophical and truth seeking. Now after almost 2 decades of the thought I finally came to a conclusion about it. It's not about the meat that makes it untouchable for more than a quarter of the world but it is the voices that they make.

the whole concept of vegetarianism is a blunder in itself. people I mean great people who have divided the tables of the two claim animal product such as eggs , meat etc. as non-veg but the same old guy put milk on the other side. people often come to me (the vegans) and say " how could you just kill a living being and eat it up as if it was nothing?" and i would say "Plants are living beings too." the plants are slowly and steadily being removed from the prestigious living being group just because if they get their way to the non-veg group a lot of people wound end up dying starving.

actually it's not the green color of the plants or the blood coming out of the lamb that makes the difference , it's the voice. the plants suffer coz they can,t scream out loud to ask for help or they can't show their body shivering with pain whereas the animals do. some people skin the lamb or chicken some skin potatoes , jack fruit and onions. the difference is the silence that makes one a CRIMINAL and other a SAINT.

Recently a research was taken up by some scientists who finally declared that EGG is a vegetarian dish . A huge scramble of primitive beliefs that created a robust among the vegans. though many of them decided not to accept it as a fact some went forward and even defied the great researchers and created a new group of connoisseur who called themselves 'eggitarians' A word not even listed in the dictionary yet. but let me tell you, it wasn't any specific quality of the eggs that made them shift sides but it was their inability to response to pain or in short inability to shout that brought hte conclusion. Just like the plants.


I am not much of a researcher nor any philosopher but being a philanthropist I would certainly say that such ill-treatment of any living being is not the right of any human being. the eco-system of the universe is so diverse and complicated that a common human mind is too far from cracking it. the earth's eco-system is the true example of interdependence of living creatures. the silence of one should not be taken as it's weakness. from my prospect the true classification of any living being over their diet structure can be justified by the use of the herbivorous , carnivorous and omnivorous theory as it is more relevant and authentic.

I mean no offense to anyone . for any further contact you can put your msgs in the comment box or find me on my facebook page by searching for amonu2 , or text me on whatsaap my whatsaap contact - +917277891442


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