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The Counterfeit Worship of God in Christianity

Updated on December 11, 2018
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My goal is to write about certain subjects to pique interest and hopefully help to connect some dots.

The Churches of Men

Christianity has become a media driven entity meant to stimulate and entertain the masses. To focus on one particular thing is almost impossible as people's attention spans are often short-lived where they desire the different types of feel-goods on a constant basis. The sophists sell their wares that consist of gimmicks created for their special ministries of healing, prophecy, miracles, self-help, money management, word-faith, etc. Most people believe that truth of God comes from the latest best-sellers as they are too lazy to search the Tanach to see if what they are consuming is true. Unfortunately, they rely solely on ordained mediators to attain God for them.

Have you ever wondered if maybe all that you have been accepting as 'truth' is a sham?

Most people rely on man to give them understanding, enlightenment and revelation. Most rely on their esteemed church leaders to fill their hearts and minds with God’s plan for them. The problem is that Christianity is full of spoon-fed notions and preconceived ideas that come from the imaginations of men. As a result, they have closed their hearts and minds to God for the bombardment of conflicting and contradictory religious ideologies.


Many do not realize that we are in an age of deception that will have serious consequences for those who have been lulled into pew-warming complacency. Many are content with the way things are going and believe the supposed truths that they hear from the pulpit is infallible. The biggest deception is that the way of God falls to the traditions of man where the rites, rituals and denominational templates equates to salvation. They will tell you directly, or indirectly that your relationship with God is proportional to the social standing of your membership and the amount you tithe.

Many fail to understand that the salvation of God consists of none of these things. Turning to the one true God is about stripping away our fleshly nature through humility, repentance and obedience.

Christianity is a dire condition because they have been indoctrinated in man’s ideas. Most are interested in the latest religious celebrities and their best-sellers or parroting what their Pastor has told them rather than turning to God's truth.

Backward Beliefs

Why is it that so many have it backwards?

They believe that whatever they decide to do in the name of God somehow equates to Him accepting their forms of worship.

What happened to letting go of man's devised plans and and accepting what God has said?

Salaried to serve.
Salaried to serve.

How can these people call themselves servants of God when they demand a salary and benefits package?

Their goal is the accumulation of the monetary because they are always asking for it. They gloat in their wealth, but what they deem as blessing is not from God, but greed. They make lavish living off the backs of the people. They peddle their 'gospel' to accumulate mammon.

So many are caught up in their own religious plans and what the world has to offer them. They are blind to the ways of God and giving Him control, not what seems right to man.

The traditions of man have replaced God's commands to a crafted religion of sophistry that tickles people’s ears and gives them quick-fixes. What is deemed 'revival' is just another money grab. They think that when they ring their little dinner bells, God will supposedly cater to their every need. You can be assured it is all a scam because nothing is ever mentioned about sacrifice, obedience and commitment to the ways of God.


The time is urgent to give God all the glory by worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. This means putting away the false worship that man is promoting in the mainstream church system. We must separate and contend against the false doctrines and new-age teachings that are spewed off of the pulpits.

It is a requirement that we worship God in spirit and truth. Many neglect the truth part. God rejected Cain’s offering because he rejected truth for what he thought was acceptable. Those in tChristianity are doing the same by offering worship to God in a manner that He will not accept. God is calling those to come out of their spiritual adultery and repent and turn back to Him. This is the only way to reconciling and coming into right standing with our Father in heaven. It is time to return to the true worship of our Creator and throw out our selfish desires and behaviours.

Have you fallen for the the false worship of God in Christianity?

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