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The Cancer of Extremism in Islam is Spreading

Updated on October 13, 2014

It seems to be spreading. Being imported and exported by the few. This extremism in Islam that is capturing headlines around the world are building a general consensus that there is a "war" against it. The extremists are causing it for their own twisted reasons and then cite that Allah or the Prophet told them that it is okay, that the Koran they study tells them okay to declare war against anyone who is non-Muslim. It is a cancer that is spreading. ISIS is carving out its own caliphate under Sharia law that uses extortion, bribes, women as sex slaves to create terrorist babies and scare tactics before they actually try to seize a town or city. The population flees leaving very little to deed with. They are within a miles of Haditha Dam, the water source for Baghdad and only 8 miles from its International Airport. Anbar province has requested US troops, yet, Obama simply will not do it, so ISIS takes advantage of the situation. Taking Baghdad might occur if ISIS have sufficiently psych-out the Shiite population and Iraqi Army. They did this with Mosul, a city of two million.

Despite all this, a new Pew study has revealed that even though few voices from the moderate Muslim world speak out loudly about against the Islamic extremism because they, themselves, are scared, most in all parts of the world are against them. This is where there is a public relations problem with the world, if moderate believers are afraid to be heard and form groups to oppose the extremists within their own religion, how can the expect all non-Muslims to accept Islam as a faith from God? Where are they in the Middle East? The study showed that in all the conflicts across the globe, all are tied to Islam extremism.

The Pew study interviewed 38,000 Muslims in over 39 countries where 10 million live. American Muslims and those outside the USA have differences. In the USA, Muslims agree that Islam is not the only way to heaven, while those outside overwhelmingly believe that it IS the only way. American Muslims have many friends that are from different faiths, while those outside state they have only Muslim friends. Nearly 80% of the Muslim countries favor Sharia Law and in Afghanistan, it is over 90%. Sharia law is the strict law that ISIS and other extremist groups use. Most of the world's Muslims believe that mingling faith and politics is 100% correct with faith guiding political policy, this is quite opposite of Western societies. The poll showed that over 90% favored free religion worship in their countries. So, Muslims state practice your faith as you please BUT don't expect other Muslims to be your friends. Nearly all Muslims polled were against the extremist groups and their methods and only a few indicated that their tactics were justified

I suppose some Christians believe that all of the turmoil and Islamic chaos being created is part of God's plan in the End Times, according to the Book of Revelations. There, the nations of the world will gather in a "rumor of war" to battle against the forces aligned with the Antichrist. This ISIS thing is probably not it but maybe its purpose is to make America look weak and inept or unwilling to those they always counted on it. Because, some think America in the End TImes, will be reduced to a former world power, much like Britain is now.

So far, it has worked.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      PEW Research is well done and something the Ivy League State Department should be using our tax dollars to do. Do they contract PEW? If what ISIL has implemented is not a jihad, I need someone to give me a different definition. I presume we are going to avoid using the term except in the derogatory usage of calling some "radical jihadists"?


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