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The Ceaseless Sea and Divine Dream Theories of Reality

Updated on August 4, 2019

Section I - The Sea

Reality is but a ceaseless sea, and we are but the waves that roll within it.

This is the truth that every spiritual system is based off of.

The nature of existence, both in its tiniest and most monstrous forms, both within you and in the farthest reaches of the universe, is the nature of vibrations.

Some call these vibrations energy. Others call them strings. Here, they are called droplets. All these terms describe the same things.

These buildings blocks of all existence are mysterious in essence. The exact happenings that made and maintain them are enigmas, and they may remain so for some time, if not forever.

The question of their origin matters little, however, when they provide for us so many answers already.

Both us and everything around us are built up of droplets and the waves the droplets make up.

But not one of these systems can be understood without that which lies outside it. What is outside determines what is inside; what is determines what is not.

Everything in existence is dependent on everything else. That is to say, no droplets or waves exist without all the others.

Everything is intrinsically interconnected, and thus, all the droplets and waves are really parts of one united, ceaseless sea.

And this sea, for lack of a better word, we can call God.

This God is the entirety of water which is in the ceaseless sea. And, since the sea is ceaseless, if it lacked even a single drop, it would not be itself anymore.

You are fundamental, for if God is everything, and you are something, then God is nothing without you. If God is all that exists, and you exist, then without you, God is not all that exists, and is not God.

artwork by Sally Seago
artwork by Sally Seago

Section II - The Dream

In this view, you are, as was stated, a wave. This wave is, itself, made up of smaller waves; vibrations on vibrations, all working together to make something bigger than themselves.

The systems of waves that make up you are indispensable to you. Without the system of the atom, there can be no cells. Without the system of the cell, there can be no organs. Without the system of the organ, there can be no you.

In the same way, without the system of you, there can be no Earth. Without the system of Earth, there can be no Milky Way. Without the system of the Milky Way, there can be no Universe. Without the system of the Universe, there can be no God.

Thus, it may be said that you are a needed piece of the puzzle of existence.

Every wave in the ceaseless sea builds upon those below it and lends itself to those above it.

You are, thus, not something strange and foreign to the world. You are part of it like a thread is part of a cloth. A single thread is insignificant, indeed, at first sight, but without it, the entire cloth soon falls apart.

You are indispensable to God. And, in a sense, you are a snapshot of God.

You are a system of waves, built of systems of waves, within systems of waves.

God is the amalgamation of all the systems that are, have been, and ever will be; a macrocosm of you, extended out into and through infinity.

And God is a dreaming being.

If God is a macrocosm of you, and you are a conscious being, then God is also a conscious being. Or, more accurately, God is consciousness itself; the totality of all that is both conscious and unconscious; the highest kind of consciousness possible.

But, alas, God does not think the way you do. God simply does. God, the highest consciousness, is one with the lowest consciousness in that God does not question things or mull over possibilities.

Unconscious beings do not think. They exist, and their existence can only be described in and of itself. The same can be said for God.

A rock does not do anything. A rock simply “is”. As God simply “is”.

Thus, it may be extrapolated that the highest achievement of a conscious being is to simply be. You are. You are not this or that. You simply are.

But you do not feel this way, despite the fact that you’re a fundamental part of this simply existing God.

This is because God is sleeping, as are all conscious beings drifting in an unconscious sea, and in that sleep, God is dreaming.

God is dreaming, and as God is eternal, God is dreaming for eternity.

And, over the course of an eternity, all things will be dreamed into being. All possibilities and dimensions. All galaxies and planets. All little bugs and chirping birds.

You, as well, are a part of this dream. Your entire life is an illusion. All the separation, all the conflict, all the loss and sorrow. The only truth is God; the only truth “is that it is”.

You are part of a dream of God. You are part of a cosmic game – a dance, if you will – and the only object is to realize it. When you do, you are delivered from illusion, and become united with God as God really is.

artwork by Tui Sada
artwork by Tui Sada

Section III - The Truth

The two views above, that of the sea and that of the dream, may seem contradictory at first.

This, though, is but another part of the illusion to which we all belong.

They are both just wordy lenses through which we may see the wordless truth.

They are complementary. They examine the same nameless truth that everything in existence emanates from.

They just do so in different ways, for no one way can ever fit into our meager languages what is beyond language and humanity itself.

Every time the truth is uncovered, it is interpreted in different ways. This is the reason we have so many paths that lead to the same place.

Many of our ancestors already knew the truth long before we came along. They all then forged a path for others to follow in their footsteps.

Along the way, they and their successors made new words and terminologies to describe the same basic truth. This was their way of passing the truth on to others.

Once upon a time, these terminologies were useful. Now, however, they only get in the way of the truth that they sought to communicate.

Here, the aim is called desirelessness, and the unity that desirelessness achieves is called God. Elsewhere, this same aim and this same unity are called many different things.

In the end, however, they are all the same, for they all give names to the nameless truth which creates and permeates all of reality.

It is well-established, then, that the truth cannot be revealed to us in words, for words are our constructs, and the truth lies far beyond us.

This does not, however, make the search for meaning meaningless. It simply makes the search for meaning through the medium of language meaningless.

Silent attainment, then, is the key to the grasping of the truth. But simply to stay silent is a petty guide for such a lofty attainment.

It is direct experience that results in truth. It is going alone into the unknown. It is accepting that only when you return will any of it make a grain of sense.

It is plunging into the waters of the ceaseless sea. It is letting yourself be swept away within the cosmic dream.

There, as mentioned, are a multitude of ways through which one may do this, and every one of them is just as valid as the next.

There is but a single catch to all of this. The catch is that, within the many paths the past has paved for us, we must choose one and stick to it.

If one is walking on a road en route to a destination, one would want to take the road that heads most directly to that destination.

If the road that one is on then splinters off into a hundred others, the goal would still be the same; take the one that is most direct.

But, without a map, one cannot know which road is the most direct. Thus, one must simply use their best judgment and choose the one they think will be the most direct.

To decide halfway through committing to a road that it is not the most direct, and then to backtrack and take a different one instead, is foolishness.

Even worse, to try to traverse multiple roads at once is impossible. One can only really travel one road at a time. Thus, it would be wisest for them to do so.

If the road one is on ends up not to go where one thought it went, then by all means, one should turn around and seek a different one.

If this is not the case, however, then one should take a road and traverse it to its end. This is the shortest route to the destination, and thus, the most favorable.

And this is all, of course, an analogy for the many practices one can devote oneself to in the seeking of the truth.

These paths and practices are all obviously different. As long as they lead to the same truth, though, then to decide on one and stick to it is the wisest thing to do.

Use whatever vocabulary suits you best, then, and traverse whatever path to the truth calls to you the loudest.

All that matters, in the end, is that this path is truly taking you to the desireless union that you seek.

If it does, then continue down it, no matter what life throws at you in the process. And if it does not, then abandon it and find another path to take its place.

Just always remember, whatever path you choose to take, that the answer lies not in blindly following others’ practices, for even the greatest of men were, in the end, only men.

The answer lies in you, and in you alone. You are your own microcosm of the divine. You are your own chauffeur to the house of God.

To seek the truth is to seek yourself. Only by seeking will you ever progress. But only by ceasing to seek will you ever discover.

So go out. Seek the truth. Dive into the ceaseless sea. Let yourself be swept away within the dream. But whichever path you take to do so, never forget your destination. And, when you arrive, always remember that you cannot communicate your truth in words. You can only communicate the path to truth in words. You can only encourage others to experience the truth for themselves.

artwork by John Kuehn
artwork by John Kuehn

© 2019 JW Barlament


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