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The Christian Corner : Depression Breaking and Christianity

Updated on November 25, 2019
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Christian Fighting Depression
Christian Fighting Depression

Christians Fighting Depression

It is written that the joy of goodness is in the Lord they God. Once a man or a woman has given their lives to righteousness and have accepted that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, then all the promises of his father’s Kingdom is theirs. But what happens to those Christians who are still living on Earth as regular people with just as much emotions and feelings as any other human being? Well, it is of most certainly that they face the same challenges of that of any other man. They have to live in a good, but often time’s difficult world plagued with man made stress. This stress that the Christian is faced with day in and day out can and often times leads to Christians sinking into deep depression. But for those on the outside looking in, they may wonder. Why should a Christian be depressed when Jesus is his or her savior? What would cause a Christian to be depressed? Who can take a Christian out of Depression if prayer does not work? Well, the answers to these questions can be simple as well as they can be complex. The reason is that everyone is different and faces different challenges. Some Christians as bad as it may sound have a stronger belief in prayer and their faith is unmovable. While some will need local intervention to get them out of Depression.

Why Would a Christian Get Depressed If Jesus Christ Is Their Savior?

Jesus died on the cross for the world sins. He did not die for us to not face the challenges of life as human beings. We all have to be born as fleshly man and go through this world journey until it is time for us to move along to another phase of our existence. This new phase is what is called the spiritual phase. It is at this phase where the Christian will be free from everything worldly and enjoy the promise of Jesus Christ in his father’s Kingdom. So until the Earthly journey is completed, A Christian is just as susceptible to everything the world has put in front of them to tackle, whether it be good or bad. And all these challenges of life plays a strong role on the minds and Physics of everyone who encounters them. Being a Christian is no exception.

What Would Cause A Christian To Become Depressed?

This is like asking what would cause a person to be depressed. Christian depression is not a term. It is simply depression. Being a Christian does not mean your depression is different, you just may be depressed over things which impact your Christian way of life as well as things that impact anyone’s regular way of life. Christians have friends, they work, they play, they worship, they go out to eat and do things normal people do. They are faced with the same challenges just like any normal individual. They have to pay bills, some are in debt, their kids have addiction problems, etc. The most difficult stress for some Christians is that they have to resist temptation each and every day. Many who have decided to take up the faith have been ridiculed as Jesus Christ fanatics and have lost very close longtime friends. For some Christians, the pain of seeing the world in a dismal state depresses them and they take a deep emotional burden on their backs doing things to fix that. So what about illness? Being ill or having someone facing terminal illness can cause anyone to become stressed and fall in depression.

Christianity Breaking Depression
Christianity Breaking Depression

How Christians Beat Depression

Go pray. Well, that is easy to do. But words without work can be quite dismal. Remember when God commanded Noah to go build the ark? Do you believe that that ark could have been built without Noah and his family doing some real hard work along with God helping them? God would not come down and take up a hammer and saw and cut wood and ties them. But he will give you the means of doing so. As a Christian facing depression, you have to revisits the power of faith and hope. You have to pray and pray hard with belief and conviction. Even when things are just going Topsy Turvy. But the thing is this, you cannot just pray and sit and wait on the clouds to split open and God sends an angel to lift you up and take you out of Depression. You have to also do the work. God works through you the Christian as well as he will work through your doctor, your banker, your psychiatrist or your Pastor. That foreclosure you are facing on your home could take one more prayer as well as approaching a different financial institute to see if your chances of saving your home as turned around. The tumor you have could use one more prayer as well as God guiding the hand of the surgeon for you to be healed.

Speak To Someone of Christian Authority or Christian Faith First

If you are facing deep depression and you are at the brink of just collapsing. Speak to someone of Christian faith or Christian Authority. What I mean is that the church should be your first run to point for any kind of help. Whether it be mental, emotional, physical or financial. The church has many members who have different skill sets and are often times very qualified to help anyone facing any situation. If the church does not have the power to help, they are often connected to other churches which may have the resources to help. Don’t shy away from the house of God because of pride. The Church belongs to the Lord and all are welcome in his house, broken or unbroken, rich or poor, strong or weak. Christians facing depression must know that they are not alone in the fight and just as though they are their brothers keepers, so will others be there to keep you in your weakest times.

Lift up your head, say prayers of encouragement. Talk to your Christian friend or Pastor. Seek help where help is given or directed. The Lord works in mysterious ways and no right way for braking free should ever be neglected or rejected.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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