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The Coming War with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran

Updated on February 23, 2019

Foreign relations between America and the rest of the world seem to be evolving into a confrontation on some scale. Trump's foreign policy has generally been absent as America is taken out of the role of the world's "saving grace under God". The ambitious Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans all are foes of varying degrees wanting nothing more to take America on and down. In 2010, a Chinese launched missile from a submarine had been spotted off California. It was just a just test for them. Just this year, Putin has put America on notice regarding Venezuela about U.S. interference there (both China and Russia have invested heavily there) and threatened to create another 1962 Cuban missile crisis with their new supersonic, long range missiles, if NATO deploys missiles along the Russian border. China already owns the South China Sea and can limit access to any ship with their anti-ship missiles should they have the will. Taiwan continues to be threatened by China in various ways, but one day, China will repossess this runaway region. China influence and investments have made much of Africa indebted to them through bank loans. Iran continues to build their weapons and threaten Israel with proxy military forces in Syria and Lebanon. Russia and Syria are united and Russian S-400 missiles provide a viable shield to enemy attacks. Despite the rhetoric from Trump about denuclearizing North Korea, we all know, that will never happen.

As America leaves Syria except for a symbolic token force of 200 men, the stage seems to being set exactly how Bible prophecy predicted in the Book of Revelations. Some, who have studied this, think that with America leaving Syria, this does open the door for more conflict against Israel despite any overtures of peace.

With President Assad still ruling Syria under the protection of Russia and Iran, at some point, an attack will fall upon Israel with devastating effect. Some feel that at the same time Israel is attacked, Russia and China will attack America with their missiles from nearby submarines. Guam, Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines, all could be attacked by China. Even a few missiles hitting America or our allies would send shock waves. This type of attack would stretch American military forces and responses to their limits and could delay or stop any support to Israel, which would be fighting for its survival.

Russian and Chinese forces have been working together lately on military exercises, so this type of concerted attack is plausible. The missiles would create a panic and so much chaos, it could make America ineffective in the Middle East or Europe.

The next war will begin in the Middle East because of the religious tensions. Bible prophecy clearly names Russia, China and Iran, as the main forces that will eventually attack Israel. The only country willing to defend Israel is America, so it is plausible that in order to negate any American support to Israel when they are under attack would be to attack America simultaneously.

If you are in doubt, why is Russia in Syria with their S-400 missiles? Why are China, Iran and Russia, pursuing so many missile systems unless they plan to use them at some time? America has not been pursuing this and now must catch up with Russia and China. If America was attacked as stated, would we have the will to fire back at Moscow? Beijing? Tehran? America is very hesitant in using their nuclear missiles in fear of escalation, which we know would occur and make matters worse.

The coming war will be nothing like we have seen in the past.


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