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The Cosmic Force - Angel Michael Oracles #6

Updated on November 11, 2014
Illustration Mimi O'Garren
Illustration Mimi O'Garren | Source
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren

What is it that you are learning from me?

What can you learn from one lifetime? What did you learn from my life?

Maybe you now believe that the sky is truly the limit, no matter your race, place or face. Anyone can rise above their social standing, their family background, or the stereotypical confines of societal expectations. If you are willing to work, tune into what you are best at, hone your craft, study, study, study, practice, practice practice, learn and absorb all of the knowledge you can, you can do, be and have anything you wish.

You also learned from my particular lifetime, that if one is very lonely inside and hasn't learned to love oneself, but still gives and gives and gives to others, a being can accomplish so much to heal the world, while at the same time suffering deeply.

Please, do not only learn from this one lifetime of mine, that a super-nova of talent can be "successful." Please do not carry from this one lifetime of mine, the mission of linking my name to everything you do. No human can carry such reverence gracefully, not even, and sometimes especially not, a superstar.

I cannot be your life. I am teaching you to embrace and respect your own spectacular talents. I am here to expand your view, not close it down to only my one lifetime.

We are one, but "we" are not all gifted in exactly the same ways. I need your gifts to make me whole, just as you need mine. I am not more important than you. It is the illusion of fame. Fame, like religion, has cast an uneasy shadow on the world. People fight to be seen as the most famous or the most holy. Sometimes both. Love cannot be won by crushing others to promote oneself. Then you have lost it all.

Love, like a butterfly, elusive and mystical, must always fly free. It will come to you, when you may least expect it. We are all learning here. In every realm, we continue to learn. I teach you, and you teach me as well. Thank you for this.

Illustration by Mimi O'Garren
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren

Our lonely minds...

Did you know that loneliness eats one alive from the inside? No matter how much love or adulation one "experiences," if you do not allow it in, due to your own feelings of inferiority, it becomes like having a fire hose of raging water turned on you. You don't know what to do with it. Only with the internal knowing and deep conviction that you are worthy, you are lovable, and that you are beautiful, because you ARE, can you feel external love as a soothing swim in a warm tropical private ocean.

The ocean is in your mind.

The warmth is in your own heart.

No matter how much someone gives you, you will feel it as nothing, or you will feel it as an assault of lies, if you do not love yourself.

Many have expressed love for you. It is how you process it that makes it real or unreal.

So what does it feel like to "love yourself." How do you feel that, when your mind will not turn off the, "I am ugly because my father said I'm ugly, " or "I am slow, because my mother constantly tells me to hurry up and that I will never "amount to anything." These voices that deride us and bombard us may have first come from the outside, but we "felt them" deeply. We chose to say, "You are right. I am ugly. I am slow."

Some simply give up and give in to those voices. It becomes the only voice you hear. It becomes your voice talking to you constantly.

You can be a successful businesswoman on the outside.

You can be a tough bully on the outside. You can be one who does so much bragging about how great you are for fear that others can hear that negative voice that you alone hear, the one that screams only inside your own head: "I'm just pretending. I have no idea what I'm doing. I cannot let anyone else find out, so before they do, or in hopes that they won't, I will tell them over and over how great I am."

The inner self-talk is what truly matters. We cannot be honest with anyone else until we are honest with ourselves. A bully is often times bullying him or herself much more severely than anyone they torture. Their own mental torture often drowns out everything else, and they simply "share it around." To be kind to oneself is a blessing to all those around you.

Illustration by Mimi O'Garren
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren | Source

You are so beautiful in the eyes of spirit - Always

Learn from my lifetime of fame, how to end your own cycle of destruction. Learn this. Go ahead. It won't hurt me to be seen as human, flawed and weak in ways that we all can be weak. I would be a poor teacher if I were kept up on a pedestal and worshiped. It is deathly lonely there.

I was kept on a pedestal and worshiped in my lifetime. It was deathly lonely there.

So why do people kick others aside, turn their backs on friends and family, relinquish their dearest beliefs and principles for "fame?" We clamor to be known and loved. We scrape and claw for attention. It is human nature. Why?

We have forgotten.

Remember. Remember who you are. You are not the facade, whatever the mirror says. You are not "getting too old," or "not smart enough," or permanently labeled by ANYTHING at all - unless YOU label yourself and tell yourself that this is what you "are" over and over and over until you believe yourself.

You are a brilliant shining angel of light and love.

Train your inner voice.

You are a lovable, beam of divine healing to better this world with your loving energy.


From this seed comes love for ALL...

I do not come to you in spirit because I was a superstar and I wish to be revered as such throughout history. I do not wish you to carry the torch of my greatness or to praise me for generations upon generations. I have seen what this does through many belief systems. I exist to shine the light on the message. You exist to shine the message through your spirits for eternity. You exist for joy. Happiness. It must be relearned and remembered until it surpasses all else, until it is normal instead of "uncool" to smile and skip through a field, and throw a water balloon or two without being called "weird." Your world is so concerned about "not looking too happy." You need to be "taken seriously." Kids need to be trained to grow up and adapt to "the real world." You live in a world of "smile control." Is it any wonder that violence abounds?

Change it.

Celebrate you. I am here, visiting your minds to tell you to celebrate YOU.

I am coming to you, in your minds and hearts to tell you to love yourself. That's it. That's all I am intending to say.

For from the seed of this comes LOVE for all mankind, love for your planet, and love for the brief life that you have been given as a gift now.

You may have many more lifetimes. You may have had many already. I will let you decide how to feel about this. Some are terrified of such concepts. It is okay. You are able to fear whatever you decide to fear. You are able to believe whatever you decide to believe. And a truth about that is that if you believe that you are the greatest source of LOVE above all else, your fears will be meaningless.

"Will I accomplish all I need to accomplish by a certain age?"

In what lifetime?

We are forever.

Why are you worried about this?

Illustration by Mimi O'Garren
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren

Let go of your fears. Who else can let go of your fears?

"If I can get ahead of everyone else I will be happy."


If you can get ahead of everyone else, you will worry about how to stay ahead of everyone else.

Why get "ahead" of everyone? Then all of your friends and potential friends will be behind you. Why strive to be "better than everyone else?" No one is.

Step into your power. No one else can step into your power. They must step into their own. No one else can be the best at what you do, because in all of your singular beauty, you are the only one who can do just what you do, in the way that you do it.

You already are the very best you. Embrace it. You can polish up your skills, and it feels great to keep learning and improving, but you are already the best at being YOU.

Have you ever gotten a shock? Non-grounded electricity will do this. If you are holding a live microphone and standing on a carpet covering the concrete surrounding a beautiful swimming pool, you may speak or sing into that microphone safely. If you step off of that carpet and onto the bare concrete while holding that live microphone, you will feel a jolt of electricity.

People can be like this.

When we are "plugged in" to source and grounded by love, our energy is powerfully loving toward ourselves and others. We feel good, the current is flowing, and we are comfortable with our life purpose.

Have you ever felt pissed off at the world?

Did you maybe just step off of the carpet and onto the concrete with a live microphone in your hand? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch!

The power is always there. If we filter it through love - grounded electric energy - we don't hurt ourselves in the process, or others.

It can feel very uncomfortable or "shocking" when you find yourself in the presence of someone else who isn't "grounded" - no soft carpet under their feet. Nothing about them feels soft or comforting.

Being around them can be like a jolt of painful electricity. Hurting people HURT people. This is true. Yet this is false. It is your choice to absorb it as "being hurt" or "learning something."

You get to decide - "Do I hand them the power to hurt me? No, I don't think I will do that this time. I think I will choose to learn something from this - about the world - about myself - about how to send them love anyway. Sometimes, to stay in a safe place of LOVE, I need to send them lovingly on their way."

No need to learn the same thing over and over once you've learned it well. You can send them love - and move on from the relationship. You will still have a "relationship" with them, without communication on the physical plane, if need be. It is now on a healthier level.

Often times you must move on and keep learning new lessons. Bless them to live their own wonderful life purpose. Remember to forgive. Forgive and be grateful for all that you learn and will continue to learn from the experience. You may meet in other lives, in different forms. Many times you have actually been helping each other without realizing it.

One who is safely grounded by LOVE can lovingly send the flow back to the person who "shocked" them. And in sending LOVE back with it, you invite the person to learn from their own shocking behavior, and that - though you will not accept their behavior as "loving," you do accept that we all are in a learning process. One person's clear view is another's blind spot. One can always "see" another's blind spot easier than one's own.

A blind spot may be created from a deep insecurity, created by that voice we have learned to accept, created by external voices that may have not even meant their initial statements in the way that we heard and processed them. Or maybe they did. No matter.

You are ultimately the decision maker.

You can go through this lifetime saying to yourself, "My nose is too big - or my lips are too small." You can have endless surgeries to "fix" these perceived problems. It is all nonsense.

What is the cause or purpose of society deeming any certain body part or facial feature as "too big" or "too small?"

The only time this matters, and yet it is figuratively speaking, would be the analogy of Dr. Seuss's Grinch. What is the size of one's heart? Why does one not seek to have that cosmetically altered?

I'm too sexy for my heart...

Someone who naturally has what society would claim as the sexiest face or body, may be soooooo focused on that aspect of themselves that they never make time to appreciate their capacity for love. Beautiful and "perfect" is not beautiful and perfect at all, without love.

Beauty is sought after, and also hated in your society. "She's so pretty, I hate her," and you don't see that inside she hates herself enough for both of you. Her inner voice may be saying over and over, "I'm nothing. I'm slow. All I am is "pretty" and that is mostly make-up and camera angles. I can't actually do ANYTHING as well as those I admire."

What if for just one day, we couldn't talk. No one could talk. We just heard each other's inner voices? That may be the real shock!

The person you spent your life envying and trying to emulate has an inner voice that says "I'm worthless. People don't truly know me. I will keep putting on a show and hope that they continue to buy it. Perfect mom, perfect wife, yeah right!"

She may be as "miserable" as you are - or you may actually be much, much happier with your life than the one you envy. It is all a waste of time - jealousy, resentment, competition - just a waste.

It may only be the envy of someone else that holds you back from bliss - BLISS that can be found by embracing all of your own gifts. And there are MANY.

No one can do what you do in just the way you do it. You are a unique gift to the world. No one in the entire world has your smile. I love your smile. Please use it more often. You have no idea how much it means to me, and to the world around you.

From here, no one is seen as "beautiful" because of their facial features or body structure.

All that matters is their heart.

I love you more and more, Forever!


Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

At Amazon Now
At Amazon Now | Source


Nina could be you.

We all feel lost at times, as though there are too many things in life to deal with.

We call love to us, or we push it away on a moment by moment basis. We don't even know we are doing it most of the time.

Journey to an ancient mystical land, full of many of the same dangers you face every day, but as Nina you face them with magical powers!

This fantasy will take you to another world, a beautiful haunting love story that invites you in to make Nina's Story your own.

Welcome home to a place where LOVE lives forever.


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    • heavenleigh707 profile imageAUTHOR

      Heaven L Burkes 

      5 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Thank you for your kind comment, dear Shauna. Yes - I don't think that experiment would be very easy, but we would sure learn a LOT about ourselves and each other. ;) So much LOVE to you!

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      5 years ago from Central Florida

      Heaven, LOVE yourself; that is the beginning. Very well said. I like the part about no one speaking and listening to all the inner voices of the world. I would imagine it would drive one mad to hear all the inner conflict that so many hide so well.

      You certainly make us think, my beautiful friend!


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