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The Creator is hidden behind the Creation!

Updated on December 10, 2011

Creator and Creation.

That is full; this is full, if something is taken out of the ‘full’, even then, full only remains. This is the meaning of a stanza from the Upanishads. Though the meaning may not be perceptible in the first reading, when read in connection with Divinity, it acquires a new meaning. We all know that God is FULL means that he fills every bit of the Universe and Cosmos and transcends it. In short, there is no place where God is not.

I will give a small example for the above statement. There is an oil lamp lit in the altar. We can light any number of oil lamps from the flame of the lamp at the altar. Even if you lit hundreds of oil lamps from the first lamp, the flame never diminishes. If this is the case with the creation itself, what to talk about the Creator? In Sanskrit language, there is a word, “Poornam” which literally means ‘Full”. But there is a deeper meaning to the term “Poornam”. The meaning is ‘this never diminishes however much is removed from this”. Here also I will give one more example. We are all aware of the Ocean which gets inflow from all the rivers in the region. All rivers discharge finally in Ocean. Have we noticed any increase in level of the Ocean in the normal sense? Also we know that the Sun evaporates the surface water of the Ocean periodically to produce rainfall. Is there any reduction in level of the Ocean? NO! God is the creator of the Universe and all that is contained in it. When the creation itself never diminishes, what to talk about God, who is the creator of all this.

Hence we should never apply logic to spirituality. It is beyond rational thoughts and judgment. Hence, all that pertains to God and spirituality is termed as “metaphysics”. It cannot be contained within the laws of physics which pertains to physical Universe only. God is beyond the laws of the physical Universe though He pervades the Universe. His pervasive nature is not affected by the changing Universe. He is unaffected by the illusory universal phenomena. He weaved the Universe from Him as a ‘projection of his will’. The validity of the projected universe is like the validity of the cinema show that is projected on the pure white screen on the cinema hall. The screen remains the same, whether there is a picture on it or not. The scenes of fire or flood or earthquakes or destruction of properties and lives do not matter to the screen and it is not affected the least by the various scenes that falls on it, projected through light from the projector. In a way God created the Universe in a similar fashion. They are all mere projections of his will and they have no reality behind them. It is a passing show. We have seen that clouds gather on the sky and hide the very Sun which is the cause of the clouds. The clouds do not remain there forever. They are wafted away by the wind and we see the Sun once again though hidden behind the clouds for some time. In the same fashion, the creator (God) is hidden by the creation and hides him. Hence we have to perceive the creator behind the creation.

In a drama or cinema, usually the Director is not shown. Only the actors and actress along with other characters fill the show. The Director is the one who directs the entire show but he is not seen in the show. Likewise, God is the Director of the show of creation but he is hidden and not seen in the creation. But the creation is his idea!

showering blessings.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you once again for the nice comments.

    • raakachi profile image


      6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      One more fantastic hub from you in your own style of presenting it to the hub world. Your word 'Full' or 'poornam' is always remaining as it is, however there may be any impact on it. Awesome!


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