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The Dead In Christ

Updated on July 31, 2018
The0NatureBoy profile image

Elijah's scriptural life has shown him he is the last prophet, churches control man but he wants truth to be give us freedom and life.


Christianity’s scriptures are called The Holy [whole] Bible [book] that’s supposed to reveal man’s plight on earth. In Paul’s “Rapture” dialogs (I The. 4:16-17) he talks about the dead in Christ so who are they? are there things in the scripture pointing to them? when did they die? and they are to rise before what? Those questions come to mind because Isaiah 28:18 says, your covenant with death shall be disannulled (JKV) and Revelation 20:14 say, Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of fire to make those questions valid and their answers necessary if we are to comprehend the book’s revelation. But before answering those questions we must determine what death is.

What Is Death

The first mention of death announced the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as the tree of death that by only touching produces it although nothing has ever been found growing from the ground to say it’s a fruit or tree so we must first determine what is death.

According to the garden metaphor man were naked without shame but as soon as Adam ate the SAID fruit he and Eve became ashamed yet Adam lived in excess of 900 more years. However, Peter said one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day that can interpret Adam’s life ending the day he ate it as a thousand years. But we must remember man of both genders were made on the sixth day for replenishing the earth after everything else was provided while only the earth was there when Adam was formed, so why did their children live less than a day? How can a fruit eaten by a couple curse their seed for multitudes of generations including the daughters of men and everyone who intermarried with them at the flood died except Noah and family the sons of god they symbolize reveals it was sexually transmitted? Why wasn’t it eliminated earlier since written is the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation? Then death has to be something else since the Christ said let the dead bury their dead when corpses can’t bury another corpse.

We do find some words in the Adam and Eve metaphor when defined explains it. We have a man being renamed woman because another was taken out of man, man’s meaning is mind able to comprehend all things that makes woman mean mind unable to understand all things. That would mean death is defined as becoming ignorant. We also have unashamed naked woman [woven from or incomplete man] who became ashamed of their nakedness after eating the fruit implying naked means ignorant or not knowing instead of nude. Thus we have the death of human [human meaning cut out of man] and woman having the inability to comprehend all things. That explains Christ's dead burying their dead, the mentally dead bury their corps, but not Paul’s dead in Christ.

Christ’s saying you must be born again suggests woman has to be reborn into man or sons of god making woman be to man what tadpoles are to frogs, a pre-stage of man who enters the early stage of comprehending all things and have a physical death while those in the advanced stage remain in theirs without resurrecting it like Christ did. That would explain the dead in Christ as discarnated life-forces so where do we find any reference to many who discarnated in the early stage of Christ?

Who Are They

Searching for that answer let’s begin with the parable of theTen Virgins [meaning virtuous] where half enters with the Bridegroom, a small number of human and the ten meaning 10% of world ending's population. Believing these are the last days of between seven and ten billion human, ten percent equals seven hundred million to one billion with half going in with the Bridegroom. That makes the 5% not surviving the termination be the dead in Christ because they were baby sons of god unable to enter with the Bridegroom and dies during the tribulation.

Another scripture pointing to them is the messiah's saying he that endure until the end, the same shall be saved meaning during the world’s termination. That means every place we see endure or endures in scripture is prophetic of those surviving the end of the world and also Israel since it means to endure. In turn, the dead in Christ are people who were living like Christ but are no longer in their bodies and reveals reincarnation is biblical.

When Do/Did They Discarnate

That answer requires determining who the prophet like unto Moses is (Deut. 18:15 & 18) Israel was told will rise up from among them (?) as the latter sign following the first sign (Exo. 4:6-8) that demands knowing when Judah of prophecy will be in place. So allow me to begin with the last where two Judahs of prophecy is revealed, Genesis 49:1 and 8-12 and Micah 5:2 then work back to the prophet like Moses.

Genesis’ first verse has Jacob telling his sons what will happen in the last days then at 8 he goes on to say Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren [Europeans] shall praise [praise defines Judah]: thy hands shall be in the neck of thine enemies [economic sanctions preventing their consuming]; thy father’s children [all other nations] shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion’s whelp [young nation, offspring of Great Britain]: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he crouched as a lion, and as an old lion [when becoming a nation acted as a seasoned lion]; who shall rouse him up [oppose his Atomic bombs] ? The sceptre [law giving right] shall not depart from Judah, nor the lawgiver from between his feet [walking on his own Constitution and laws imposed on other nations], until Shiloh [the second messiah] come; unto him shall the gathering of the people be [Spiritual Israel]. Binding his fold unto the vine [traveling by his own power Isaiah 63:1-7], and his ass’s colt unto the choice vine; he wash his garments in wine and his clothes in the blood of grapes: his eyes shall be red with wine [bloodshot], and his teeth white with milk [no vain pearly white teeth].

With Judah the name written in Micah 5:2 reading; But thou, Bethlehem [house of bread] Ephratah [plentiful], though thou be the least among the thousands of Judah [praised nations], yet out of thee shall come forth unto me [the messiah] that is to be ruler in [by living like everyone else as Moses did] Israel, [those who will survive] whose going forth [way of living] has been from old [ecologically or as it was in civilization's beginning], from everlasting [and always intended].

The foregoing clearly reveals the United States of America is the nation the second messiah will be born in because:

1) As far as I know, it is the first modern nation to use economic sanctions against its enemies;

2) From its foundation she acted old and deceiving by treading on this land’s Natives’ treaties they never intended to keep;

3) Is the only nation with Atomic weapons;

4) Has never implemented the Constitution nor followed it while attempting to dictate how other nations govern themselves

5) Is the nation Micah say boasts of being [Bethlehem] Land of Plenty everything;

6) So when the Messiah’s sudden appearance in the White House (Malachi 3:1) not being worshipped but an equal Trustee of the people we will know the last days are here beginning in the praised USA. Thus, Judah of Prophecy is in place but who is the prophet like unto Moses and latter sign since we know Yashua or Jesus the Christ was the first sign?

Throughout the New Testament in the name ofJesus and in Jesus’ name is written but not in the name Jesus.To say of means it belonging to but without of it is the name so Jesus can’t be the name. Christ’s words in Matthew’s writing says both I the son of man (16:13-16) and the son of man (12:39-40 & 17:11-12). What’s said in the sixteenth chapter ensures us he was talking about only himself while the other two can be deceptive revealing him and someone else. Here is why.

Matthew 27:45-28:1 shows Jesus died and was in the earth before sunset Friday and out before dawn Sunday whereas Matthew 12:40 reads for as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. From pre-sunset Friday until pre-dawn Sunday is only two nights and one day, so in Matthew 17:11-12 he didn’t want people to know for certain Elijah is to be the second messiah because Revelation 19:12C reads he had a name written that no man knew but he himself makes it intends to deceive. Thus Jesus is a pseudonym for the first and latter signs making the voice’s this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him be about Moses, Yoshua and Elijah who were on the mountain as a New Testament representation of Ex. 4:6-8.

Then there is Daniel’s (2:41-45) stone [teacher, second stone Moses smote in the wilderness, Elijah] to fall on the last ruling nation supporting both prophecies and others throughout the Bible. Therefore, these are the last days. However, because Isaiah (2:2-4) predicted converting war equipment into farming equipment and Revelation (7:1-10) shows the sealing of the ten virgins it WILL NOT happen prior to Judah’s destruction but after the messiah ceases governing. That open the way for Revelation’s (17:16) ten horns to lay her to waste followed by 16:14’s Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty where the five foolish virgins are killed. Rev. 6:9-11 also shows the dead in Christ are already discarnated that 14:13 shows discarnated during the last destruction of this civilization. Thus, they discarnates during the days of World War 1 when each of the three groups (16:13) units everyone into them except the five foolish virgins then kills them all except those in Armageddon.

Our Answer to when did the Dead in Christ DISCARNATE is during The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Lord, The Great Tribulation and Battle Of That Great Day Of God Almighty with them all being the same event.

They Rise Before What

Paul’s words: For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead shall rise first; Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Thus the discarnated in Christ rise before the rapture to assist replenishing earth. Matthew’s (20:1-16) Paymaster Parable indicates it is not until after the world’s end that Israel shall be caught up not all at once but one at a time. Paul’s revelation must have come from the all at once rapture disguised in Genesis 1:7 as the waters above the firmament represent since Rev. 17:15’s reveals waters are people that gave him and us that impression.


The dead in Christ are the five foolish virgin who don’t enter Armageddon with Elijah the prophet like Moses when he relinquished his governing the world with his Rod of Iron. They were discarnated for a complete cycle of earth and die this time after the Bridegroom and wise virgins are closed up in Armageddon. They go to what Catholics call Purgatory to remain until this civilization's end's first millennium to reincarnate and are raptured one at a time by Yashua the paymaster who leaves Elijah as the Alpha and Omega after replenishing earth through the seventh millennium the reverse of Genesis' week between the morning and evening civilizations.

Even disputing comments are welcome!

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      13 months ago from Washington DC

      Thanks for your visit and comment, Doris, that proved my statement "intercessory prayer doesn't do anything" to be in error. That example and explanation I don't think I had EVER heard and am pleased to know it does work although against the one interceded for. However, that is still karma.

      It is a means of imposing selfish control over others' will. Just think, everyone interceding against his will he was in that many different civilization's cycles or will in that many future cycles be each one of those people. That means each one was or will become him and each other for the reaping of what was sown.

      Again I thank you, now I know what to say to people asking me to do it, I don't want that karma on me unless it benefits the person I do it for like Jesus did in raising the dead, healing the blind and other disorders he had been in previous lives.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      13 months ago from Beautiful South

      Elijah, I heard an interesting story when I was in metaphysical school. The message was that sometimes praying for someone (interceding on their behalf) is just a matter of exercising control. A couple wanted their son to be a preacher, but he wanted to have a career as a professional (blank, I forgot what). The parents got their preacher and their friends at church to pray that the son would be a preacher. They all prayed long and hard that he would change his major in college to theology and be the preacher his parents desired. He eventually did, but the young man was so bombarded by this psychic attack from all the selfish "helpful" prayers that he had a nervous breakdown. I don't remember the rest of the story, including whether or not he survived or committed suicide. However, it was told to us during a lesson on psychic attacks. Our teacher was a minister of the Spiritualist Church by the way.

      The only real helpful "intercessions" are prayers that send energy to the situation but still leave room for the exercise of free will.

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      13 months ago from Washington DC

      Tamara, The understanding I have concerning "coming to Christ" is it is not in our hands but in the hand of "destiny" by way Karma. That means every life-force has to have fulfilled living every possible earthen action as the giver of and receiver of each experience before they are qualified "become Christ".

      The word "Christ" means to be anointed with the complete comprehension of life on earth and is the actual definition of "man", "mind able to comprehend all things." Thus, we become "Christ" and not "come to Christ" especially since Jesus said "if you believe on me you will do the works that I do and greater works because I go to the father."

      Thus, "intercessory prayer" doesn't do anything as I see it.

    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky 

      13 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Interesting article, Elijah. I have found that praying for others thru intercession is a great calling in order to help the unsaved find Christ. ♥️

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      20 months ago from Washington DC

      You really caused me to LOL in the librar, Doris, I approve of your honesty. The explanation there is for "messengers of the gospel" not seekers of it. That is what the Bible calls "strong meat" for those who have gone through the "metamorphosis" the Bible calls "Born Again" and not for none-confessing believers or seekers of life's understanding.

      Simply said, to "be saved" is something the individuals have no control over, it happens because those who are to be have completed their "world classroom" studies by incarnating as every attribute available to all forms of microbes, matter, chemicals, plants and animals which include man - meaning "mind able to comprehend all things" and not a gender. Once one has incarnated to enter "everlasting life" memory of all of their incarnations will emerge into their memories allowing us to "exceed the ability of" earth and everything hereon - dominion's definition.


      Elijah NatureBoy

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      20 months ago from Beautiful South

      Elijah, if I had to understand all this in order to "be saved...."


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