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The Debate on Morality and Ethics in the Religion Forum

Updated on May 14, 2012
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

Very provocative thread in the hubpages religion forum undertakes the defence of atheistic ethics.

The title of the thread is wrong. Morality is about the good way, whereas ethics discusses the standard. So I have suggested there that the question should be: Do you think Christians have no regard for the moral ethics of atheists?

For it is a reality that we can arrive at ethical standards without religion, but an ethical system which derives authority from overarching religious principles will have the highest standard of all since the final appeal is not to ego or comparative ethics but the ethics of holiness and love.

Guess what? In the heart of that discussion I see that the infamous, the notorious, the el numero uno atheist himself is back.

On a more analytical note, we Christians make the mistake every day of thinking that we are the only people with a moral compass. True we have the best in the form of the Holy Bible but you don't have to be a person of faith to have moral ethics.

What we can say without a doubt is that the ethics of Christ is a wonderful example of love, of humility, of courage, and of the great nobility of service above all.


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